Jan. 11th, 2010

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 They're the most advanced looking things we've made in this class in my opinion. Practical's tomorrow. I have to do a fruit pie, 3 mini specialty pies (turtle pie), and 3 tartlettes. I shall show you them! They're so preety! 

The tart on the left's called Swiss Apple Flan. I didn't taste it, but it sure smelled good! I didn't really have time to have a piece (I was too concerned with getting stuff done). It's mainly just custard, apple slices, and crust, all baked together in a tart. The crust for all of these is called Short dough, and it's pretty much a cookie recipe. Tastes like a butter cookie, and omgah, those tartlettes are yummy! Well, I know what I want to do for meh besties when I come back home. ;D <3 

The ones in the middle with the fruits on top are lemon tartlettes. A thin line of raspberry was piped on the bottom in the middle of the crust, and lemon curd was poured in as the filling. Lemon curd is da bomb! We were aloud to decorate these with any kind of fruit we wanted, so I just picked some strawberries, raspberries, kiwis, and blueberries, sliced them up and made designs out of them. And then brushed with apricot glaze for shine, with chopped almonds dressed on the sides. But in my opinion (and my group's), we could have totally gone without the almonds. Chef Pehoski had a specific request for how he wanted each tartlette to look, so we were still limited. 

The almond tartlettes (on the far right) has a thin piping of apricot marmalade in the center and an almond filling (like a batter) is piped in as the filling. It's baked until the filling is baked, then topped with powdered sugar and garnished with a cute little toasted almond slice. :3 

Today was a pretty relaxed day despite the hectic lab day in class. Dishes were EVERYWHERE in the dishroom, and no one was claiming to wash them because they were all busy themselves, so they piled up at an overwhelming rate at the end of the day. I was the last in my group to get things done for that day, but I'm  confident that I'll have everything finished on time. *sigh* Practical days are crazy. AND there's a written exam before any of that good stuff. This is what I have to expect for all of my classes on the 8th and 9th day. >.<;;;;;

After class, I changed clothes, got my package from nana, which had my Zune in it, and drove to a Best Buy to finally get my two front speakers put in. I only had it done though because nana didn't know I didn't have working heat in my car. When my sound system gets put in the right way, my air's supposed to magically work again, and it does now. It's. . . HEA VEN LY. And so is the sound. But it isn't as magical as Gwyn's of course. haha. Even though hers is beginning to fart sometimes, it doesn't even compare to mine. Hers makes mine look like an ailing chihuahua or something. keke, and hers would be the beast. keke 

I got a great deal on the whole thing too. Best Buy has great service. The guy who serviced my car was extremely patient. He put up with all the crap Cedric did to the system. Screwed it up big time, apparently. haha, this would be the second time I've taken my car to Best Buy and both times they've said, "friends don't let friends install stereo systems," lol. Never again. When I was expecting to pay $200 for the whole thing, I only had to pay $90 and with that he put a deck on my dashboard thing so my cd player doesn't look raggedy, made a temporary fix to my front door handle so I can get in through the driver seat again, fixed my heat! I am one happy gal. <3 He said he could install a new door handle if I bought the part for it. It'd be much cheaper than a regular mechanic would charge. I'm totally doing that, so I'll have to tell my dad about it. 

I've been missing home a little. I really want to go to bn with Gwyn and hang at her house some more, and I wanna laugh with Stasha about all the inside jokes we have, and go to the movies with buds, and go to Denny's, and sleep in my room, and eat nana's food. It's not a homesick feeling, just a . . . I don't know, a reminiscent one. A nostalgic one. A comfort. 

I've made alot of great friends here, but the ones at home are so much more special to me. <33 

be blessed. 

- Raeven


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