Jul. 21st, 2010

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Yeah, that's right. I'm supposed to be sleeping because I have to get up at 6am for a morning flight back home, but I made gifs instead. I just learned and I'm having too much fun. Now I wanna screencap everything I own and make gifs out of it. 

I really have to go to bed though, so I'll just post these five SHINee ones I made. I wanna capture every moment I loved in this mv. These five are just the beginning. xDD I hope you like them. I enjoy them tons. <3 



3 more dood lookit! )


OMG, so it's been rainy for a few days here and I've been sleeping pretty lightly since my visit. I woke up to the light sounds of rain against the shudders of the window right near my bed, but I dozed, so when I woke up a little, half asleep, I was sure it wasn't raining anymore. So you can imagine my sheer horror when thunder cracked right above the guest house, vibrated the whole CONCRETE STONE WHATEVERTHISPLACEISMADEOF building. I LITERALLY rose and flew out of my bed like the living dead, wide eyed and dry-sobbing, fumbling for the locks on my door, failing to open it quickly, and dashing to my dad's door after finally getting it open and knocking frantically. I THOUGHT THERE WAS A FLIPPIN EXPLOSION NOLIEFORSERIOUSWHATTHECRAAAAPPPPP. omg, you don't even know. I've NEVER heard thunder like that before. 

When my dad opened the door, he'd been asleep of course, but he obviously heard it too: 
*knock knock* 
*door opens*
*sleepy dad emerges*
Raeven - "dad, d-did you hear that?" O__O;;;;
Dad - *squints* "Raeven, it's just thunder."
--after he'd said that, thunder hadn't even crossed my mind. Then I realized everything--
Raeven - "oooooohhhhhhhh" *walks backward to my room sheepishly* "I thought it was like, an explosion or something"
*dad laughs* 
Dad - "What'd you do, fly out of bed to knock on my door? The safest place--if there was an explosion--would have been in your room"
Raeven -" well, I thought it was coming toward me. I was just trying to get out. I was half-asleep when I heard it"
*dad laughs*
Dad - *smiles* "go back to sleep" 
Raeven - "k bye" 

I went back to sleep and all I could think about was that god-awful sound. I mean, if it were a real explosion, -__- so scary. 

Anyways!!! I'm going on a plane tomorrow. I'm not excited about it. I go from St. Thomas to Miami, then Miami to Orlando. Two flights. *sigh* I'm praying I'll be home safely. :3 I hate flying, guys. T____________________T I HATE IT.

be blessed. <3

P.S. Does anyone know how to add text to a gif through Photoshop Image Ready? It looked simple, but the animation won't move after I put text on it for some reason. It's no biggie, but it'd be nice to know. 


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