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 Haha, I had an unannounced hiatus, because I'm lazy like that. 

I finished my first year of JWU successfully and it's obviously Summer. I spent most of those days in my room, sleeping in and raiding the internetz, and catching up with my lovely buddies! <3 Alot of stuff happened, but theres too much to talk about, so I'll just bring things up as I go. Lemme just list a few highlights: 

Gwyn found a norebang in Orlando! She went there first with her new buds and then Stasha and I went the next weekend. There were asians; they had the latest Kpop hits; it was amazing. Just like the ones we see in the dramas! I freaked! Very fun, but pretty chaotic after midnight. lol Drunken madness!!! 

I went to ATL to see 2PM! OMG OGM OMG OMG OMG OMGOMG OMG O      M         G      O   M G     O     MG -----> Yeah Oh yasss. Talk about sexyyyyyyyyyyyyy. The concert was THA BOMB. It was incredibly hot and sweaty too. My first ever concert. I really thought I'd faint when I actually saw them, but I didn't. Oh God, imagine how disastrous that would be. I think my body'd just be trampled to the ground if I did. hehe
We were the first in line, somehow became somewhat of homies with Mark, and Gwyn and I actually spotted Chansung and Wooyoung(or maybe it was Junho because I saw orange hair) walking across the street to Centennial Park all incog and snazz. They almost got past us all without us fans knowing, but someone finally gave it away and started running for them. They weren't allowed to take pics, so they came back empty handed. I managed to get a pick of Chansung's back, and  it would've been a better pic if my hands weren't shaking for the camera(lol). But anywayz, it was a moment to remember. Now I need Big Bang and 2NE1 to come to America. I hope S. Korea takes this as an opportunity to spread its wings to the American music industry and show them some thingz. Kpop's gonna be a phenomenon, like, an exposed phenomenon. xD 

Last Friday, I flew up to St. Thomas to see my daddy and the fam. It's great being with him again. To me, no lie, he's the coolest, smartest, most level-headed man in the world. I truly feel like I'm the daughter of a celebrity or something. <333 We're watchin the BET Awards right now. I come back home on the 21st. Tropical island weather's pretty cool, save for the no A/C half the time. I try to make the best of that part. :D

I'm gonna make this entry short simply because I want to watch Bad Guy, this new Kdrama. I'm in love with the ost songs and the lead actors, and the setting, and the mood. I'm intrigued. Others may not like it, Idk. But I'm hooked. keke So far, the story's great. xD There's crazy love shapes: triangle, square, idek. Brown Eyed Soul!!! They sing in it omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So yeah, I'm on ep 4 and I wanna watch more before it's time for me to go to bed. 

Tomorrow! <33 

be blessed. 

- Raeven 

ps. I really need to organize my tags. 

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