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I just changed my layout, and all by myself! haha, I looked up all these tutorials for different things, found a pretty plain layout code on an lj comm and messed around with the css code box. Wasn't as bad as I thought! Now I won't try to pester friends about hacking into my account to change my layout for me.

I feel like I should backtrack on what I've been doing with my life. That'll have to wait yet again, hopefully until only tomorrow. I'm undergoing some revamping of everything. hehe, I'm bored with all my online accounts. I just feel like I've been too mediocre with stuff, so it's time to learn some new skills and be consistent. It's probably going to end up being one of my resolutions for the new year.

I really cherish this journal. Every day that passes, I'm reminded that I'm neglecting to update this thing. It could be so simple, yet I'm too lazy to upload a few pictures and share my thoughts. Most times I need new things to motivate me.

If I get tired of my itunes playlist, I'll avoid using my computer altogether sometimes.
When I get bored with my lj layout, I neglect posting.
When my room's disorganized and messy, it affects my motivation to do homework.
(it's how I roll :/)

It's weird, because I never used to like change much. I loved routine. In some aspects, I still do, but I think alot of it changed because of how I live now. Since college, I don't really have a permanent home. I lived in a dorm last year; live in an apartment owned by the university now; and I plan to get a house with Gwyn next year. My current schedule back in Charlotte's ever-changing and busy, and spontaneous. Never thought I'd like that, but right now I do.

I've put my plans on getting a job in full swing. My work-study job in the library isn't doing much of anything. As a full-time college student with a 20hr/2 wk job, I'm eligible for a max of $200 in food stamps each month. That really comes in handy when living with 3 other roomies who are as short of money as I am.

I actually took my sweet old time on a resume based on my culinary experiences and gave them to a few bakeries. One of them was an authentic French bakery in a hipster part of Charlotte called Amelie's Bakery. I ADORED the place. It was the only original bakery I'd ever physically visited aside from the awesome ones you see in magazines and cookbooks. Unfortunately, the place looked over staffed, and the dress of the staff was very informal and laid back. It was a turn off. I don't really want to work there anymore.

I tried a bread bakery and another ritzy one uptown, but no callback yet. Gave up on the bakeries and applied for a cookware store in South Park mall, where an insanely beautiful creature named James worked. Apparently, they'd already hired two more people just that morning. Uh-huh, yeah, I'm gonna believe that one. >.>

Applied at Best Buy and Target the other day, called and was told to check again after January (*heavy sigh*), and applied for 4 locations at Harris Teeter online. I'm calling them tomorrow. PLEASE GOD LET ME HAVE THIS ONE ;_;

So yeah, uh huh, Gwyn came back with me to Charlotte after Thanksgiving break. Things went well and she's staying with me for the rest of this academic year, I believe xD. We both want to get jobs and save up for the future ahead. Hopefully, by this summer I'll have a job, which'll be just the excuse to stay in Charlotte and put in a deposit for a house for rent. Houses for rent are ridiculously reasonable in NC. It's crazy. A 4-bedroom house split between four people would be as less as $250 a person. And it may include some scrumptious hardwood floors! *0*

So basically, I have big plans, even bigger dreams. Though I've been in my room all day today, even got up super late, I'm very happy with life right now. Maybe it's also because it seems the kpop realm is doing so many boombastic things to me I just want to shake, cry, thrash, and crash.

♦ I mean, dbsk's technically back (with just Changmin and Yunho), but still. I just saw the teasers for their comeback in Jan. 5 and I can't even. . .


(no really, it is, lol)

When I watched the teaser, I heard the familiarity of the dbsk I always loved and miss, and if I think about how all of 5 of them could've been in this, I really could cry. I don't think people understand when I tell them about a Korean pop sensation called Dong Bang Shin Ki. These boys freakin impacted my whole life! I was so proud of them; loved how close they were. Seeing them broken up like this really hurts. Even after things have been kind of resolved between JYJ and Homin, I don't think it's hitting me until now, until after homin's coming back with all these fierce and powerful photoshoots, and all these fierce and powerful teasers, and this fierce and powerful song.

DBSK was my first love ♥ My first boyfriend. The boyfriend who died unexpectedly and left me with alot of questions and bittersweet memories, then came back as a friendly ghost to stay by my side, while in the back of my mind, I'm knowing it won't be the same.

But what bothers me most is not knowing what they're feeling about all of this. If I knew they were all happy, I wouldn't care whether they split or not. That's all I want to know. :3

♦ And then GD&TOP popped up with their jammin album and mv. And Knock Out's gonna be the next mv.

♦ And Big Bang's gonna have an album released soon, whenever that is

♦ And 2PM's still hotsaucing it with everything they do

♦ And I 2NE1's on fire with all their mv releases this year (all of them eyepoppin and bootybumpin)

♦ And I feel like Taeyang's gonna blow up in America soon. That's my prediction. That anticipation has me bubbling up like a heavily carbonated soda, man

Wow, I need to go to bed. It's 4am.
On Monday, Gwyn picked Stasha and me up to stay the night. We watched Inception. I saw it for the first time, and it was crazy. I lived it. SO VERY GREAT. And crazy. <3 We also went to McDonalds for a good hour, talkin it up about everything. Well, mostly boys. And it got on some pretty deep levels, some sexy levels. lol
The next morning, we got up and dressed to go to the mall.

Gwyn chillin on a bench outside the mall before the old creeper sitting across from us
asked for her age and if she had a boyfriend. I mean, really man? Ugh. I'm glad we were there to rescue her!! jk jk, I'm sure she'd have been perfectly fine without us. :p

Rockin' the Pinkage wigs. <333333

Like usual, we had a great time together.
Right after that, Stasha and I were picked up by Kriss to stay the night at her house. She made Curry and rice, which Stasha devoured, and watched music videos, made videos and gifs, watched Maou, talked to her Skype friends, and watched more videos. Funfun times! Nothing like hanging with friends and acting silly. It's really the best.

And Kriss got me a neck pillow for Christmas! A cute one! mermermerrrr!!!! xDDD It's a huge help too. I really needed one. <33333 THANK YOU KRISS!

HE'S ADORABLE!!!! Don't have a name for him yet, but he'll be added to my plush buddy collection.


In return, I'm going to make figure out how to make vegan desserts fluffy and edible and send them to her when I'm back in Charlotte. :D Should be a fun challenge, though I've done plenty of vegan sweets since this year, but not in my own kitchen, soo. . .

P.S. : How could I forget! Christmas was great btw. I got a Sprint Evo from my dad. I was due for an upgrade. Stasha and I are phone twins now, because she got one from our mom. lol Both of them are the new white-backed ones. Scrolls and zooms just like an Itouch. I LOVE ITTTTTTTT.

Also got a few nice business casual tops and bottoms from mom and nana, some socks, bras, and underwear too. The essentials I needed. :DDDD

I made a pound cake and velvet cake for the occasion. The pound cake was gone in half a day. lol xD

Alright, I'm done for today. Peacebeans, loves! <3

be blessed.

- Raeven

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Date: 2010-12-31 02:08 am (UTC)
krissasaur: (◄Big Bang: T.O.P ▬▬▬ Fail.)
From: [personal profile] krissasaur
I LOVE THE LAYOUT. mind if i poke around and see how to move the icons? i wanted to do that but failed XD

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Date: 2010-12-31 07:37 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] blankstare16.livejournal.com
haha thx! And yesh yesh go ahead! xDD

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Date: 2011-01-08 03:22 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] furorpoeticus.livejournal.com
Yo I'm sitting right next to you replying to this comment being awesomely awk, if you happen to look over, har har har.

I love how deep you are in like all your entries. xD I'm only like that every now and then. I love to catalogue my life, but I've fallen back when it comes to analyzing and noticing just what exactly is working in my life to put me in the places I am. You round it up and put it in a simple, brilliant perspective that is really refreshing to read.

Glad I'm living with you, because it basically rounded up my life atm too. xD <3


Pinkage Wig

Date: 2011-01-20 04:26 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Hi. I was searching for Pinkage Wigs and this post was the first link on the list haha. I would like to know, that is if you dont mind sharing, where'd you get your Pinage wig from? My email is yourprettyhues@yahoo.com. Thanks a bunch! :D


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