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I don't understand why I can't wake up when I need to anymore. If I had class today, I'd be up 2 hours early. Now, when I set the alarm on my cell phone (which is the only alarm I rely on), I MAY wake up to that, but then I go back to sleep and wake up 2 hours later! *SIGH* I'm glad I don't have anything to wake up for right now, but I still want to get up early so I'm not starting things late, ya know??

Sleep is addictive, making waking up from it the devil. :/

Yesterday, I made a red velvet cake all from scratch! I'm so proud! I was worried it wouldn't come out right and the batter wouldn't be as red as it was supposed to. I followed everything from Paula Dean's Grandma's recipe from Foodnetwork.com, so I was a little comforted by that. The cake smelled good when it was cooling, so I was convinced that it would taste good too.


: cocoa powder
: vinegar
: buttermilk

Yeahp, I didn't know that. Now I know what I'm tasting when I eat it! lol Ever since I first tasted red velvet cake, I didn't like it. I couldn't understand the taste, so I shyed away from it. To me, the cake was just some plain cake with red dye in it, and something else that I couldn't put a finger on. But now I can! I like it a little. The taste is growing on me, but I nibble mostly. ^_^

I was paid 10 bucks to make it for Aaron's mom. Aaron was a kid I knew from both of my previous math classes while in BCC. We text each other about random things. (I went to his house to play video games once, but I didn't tell anyone because I was too embarrassed. AND I didn't want to get scolded because I knew that if I told any of my friends, they'd think it sounded shady) But I don't know how to explain it. When you know someone's not going to come onto you, your guard goes down. I was confident that he wasn't the dangerous type, so I didn't think much of it, and he's kinda scrawny, so I could beat him up if he DID try to attack me. But we're just friends. He hasn't texted me any flirtatious things since I met him, so I'm not worried about it. I'm still cautious, just not paranoid about it. And I'm most definitely not gonna do stupid things like that while I'm away for college. I'll most likely be with family then. ^_^

But anyway, I found out that the cake tasted good, so I'm at ease. I didn't want to get paid for a yucky cake. So it was a success! xD

After I dropped the cake off, Stasha and I headed to Gwyn's house cuz we were going to the movies together to see Star Trek. <3 It was reallllly good. OMG, the characters were super awesome. I knew nothing about the story, but now I want to know more. Makes me want to read the books and junk. Almost. Gwyn had already seent the movie, but she wanted to see it with us. I REALLY enjoyed it. I always look for corniness, but this one had none, which is excellent. And Gwyn got me liking Spock, though I think I would've liked him anyway. hehee! hmm, the main character was hot too. And omo, Tyler Perry was even in there!!! That was unexpected but cool. haha!

Okay, well I better go now. I have a deadline to make by Sunday, but I haven't started on it yet, so yeah. . . >.<;; I better get to it.

And hey! I got the Plus account! It's a free upgrade that I was totally late on lol, but it allows me to have 15 userpics, so I'm very happy! It SO beats the meazly 6 I had before. xDDD


be blessed. <3

- Raeven
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So I haven't posted in what, four days? >.< I know. And they've been preety eventful, I just can't remember all the details. And the thing is each time I update, I wait until the end of the day when I should be in bed and don't have time to make a long post, and I say I'm going to post a longer one the next day and then I forget what I want to say. You see the cycle here?? It's a BAD HABIT! Well, I've been pretty busy also. I've never been so busy this past year for my entire life. This year has been the busiest year for me evar! Some ways bad, most ways good. It's good to be busy, but it can also be hectic. I think I have too many priorities at hand right now. I'm serious, as soon as I think I'm able to go home and do nothing--just do what raeven wants, someone texts me and I forget a plan I made with them. It's been this same pattern for a few months straight now! I think I seriously need a planner that's actually not for homework.

This post isn't gonna be long. I just wanted to say that I feel a week hiatus coming. Tomorrow is final exams for me and I'm looking forward to it, but I'm also not prepared. The weekend swings by like a baseball bat and I feel I haven't done anything important schoolwise. I babysat this weekend and made $25. Spent it all on gas and a book and food. I was supposed to get tutored with Allison on our math exam, but that didn't work out and got pushed up to tomorrow, which will be the last day to study for it. So I'll be in the Learning Lab for most of the day after class with Allison. Then, I also have to totally revise my Comm 2 essay because it was "all over the place" and yadda. I got a 25/100 and I won't pass the course if I don't get a 70 or higher. That's really scary, especially if you thought the paper you turned in was going to be a real good one. I also don't know the exam schedule for tomorrow's exams so I don't know if I'm supposed to be taking two exams or just one. *siggggghhhhhhh*

Omo, my awesome friend Kara Parsons is back from uni for the summer!!!! xD <3 She goes to the university of West Florida, which is in Pensecola. She's officially completed one year and I'm so proud! She really loves it and I'm happy she is. We plan to hang out--Maria, Allison, Kara, and I-- some time next weekend. I can't wait! xD

I went to Maria's today and other than working on chapters 5, 6, and 7, we searched the net for very handsome celebrity guys and watched smosh on Youtube. hehe, Maria think's Anthony Padilla is gorgeous. He is hot, but I'm not crazy for him. We both agree that the Teleporting Fat Guy is one amazing dude. He's so funny!

Well, until next time. I gotta get some sleep. I'm getting up super early tomorrow so I'm not late for class. It's in M-town. :p My tooth's bothering me again. Perfect timing. >__<;;;;

P.S. Daniel Henney was AMAZING in X-Men Origins!!!!! I went to see it on Thursday at Midnight with Gwyn, Stasha, Kriss, Kriss' friend Jamie, and Gwyn's online friend (can't remember her name, sry!), and it was a really good movie. I really liked the beginning and the middle, but I wasn't too fond of the ending, but whatevs. Alot of people I know liked it alot, so. . . but Daniel *.* He was GREAT. Oh, he makes me soooo happy. Don't you love the feeling of seeing someone you really adore show up in a movie, especially when it's a very rare ocurrence?? -o- My heart leapt dangerously! xD It was great, man. <33
be blessed.

-Raeven <3
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Since I'm here in the computer lab waiting for Crystal to show up so we can get our Power Point presentation/lesson plan over and done with, I figured I should do my dream log because I had three very interesting dreams over the course of last week lol. xD One, the lastest one, is hiding in my head somewhere, so I don't know if I can tell you that one. I had a hobo-dream and a . . . somethin'-dream. The first one was the hobo-dream. keke


Okay, so I was home alone, which makes sense because I have been all week last week for most of the night, and I could've sworn I had the doors locked in the house. And if the doors weren't locked, I wouldn't be so worried about it because Boogie was with me and he'll eat the enemy! So I was just chillin' at meh house. This was at night, btw. THEN, out of the blue, a pack of hobos, like a cult of them or something, comes straight into my house without invitation. And I was super-mad and annoyed. I was all, "Yo, get otta my house! Who do you guys think you are?!" And they just looked at me like I was in the wrong and ignored me, goin in my bathroom and such like this was there place. But they wouldn't be hobos if they had a house now would they?! >.< I have no idea why I was so annoyed, but I'm pretty sure that's a natural reaction right?

Anyway, I really didn't like myself in that dream because of the looks the hobos gave me lol. I was annoying myself. THEN, a group of women come into the house with this lady I know, Mrs. Dozier. They were all wearing something like prom dresses and were taking formal pictures and such and I'm still wondering why this is all happening in my own house. Then, for some reason, I'm assigned a group to lead and I think I was supposed to encourage them or coach them for something, but I wasn't sure what. And I had just got finished yelling at the hobo dudes to get out of my house, so I wasn't in the mood to say happy things, and I hated myself even more! lol Eh, I didn't like my attitude in that one at all, but I find it very funny. It was an odd one.

*sigh* I think when I get home, I'll edit this and explain my other dream; my hands are gettin' stiff from typing. >.< Be back soon! <3

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My term paper for World Religions on the topic of Judaism and its impact on Christianity IS DONE! Took me a day and a half of sitting on my butt, flailing in agony over my darneded stoopid fractured tooth, taking frequent lazy naps, and yelling at Boogie (because I've been home alone for most of the late afternoons and nights till midnight and it's with Boogie, who whines like Choobakka whenever he wants something, which is like every hour. He's such a baby!!!! :|). So it actually could have taken me about two or three hours actually focusing on the paper and writing it, but because of my extreme procastinacis, I was unable to do so. xD

So my WR (World Religions) teacher emphasized that Aprill 22nd was the day the term paper was due. There's a drop-off box on the site called Angel where you can check your grades and yadda for a certain class, and he put a drop box in there for the papers to be turned in. And so at 11:59pm on the day it's due, the drop-off box WILL CLOSE and you will be doomed if you don't have it in by then because he warned us. Haha, I finished at 11:30. >.< Not gonna happen again. I was literally freaking out. But I'm relieved now. And my tooth isn't causing my face to hurt, and all is well right now. I'M SO . . . HAPPY! The end of this semester is killing me! I have so much still to accomplish like:

+ make a more detailed lesson plan for Comm. 2 AND a powerpoint presentation for the lesson that Crystal and I have to teach next Tuesday.

+ get ready for Algebra, and all the other exams. >.< (NO!)

It'll all be over soon enough. Jaio, Raeven!

Okay, so I got up a little late this morning because I couln't sleep for most of the night (cuz of my teeth, nothing new) and iced the cupcakes I made for WR. When I got to class, I brought them in and said I did them for no reason and everyone thought it was funny. lol I said the cupcakes were to celebrate me finishing my term paper, but I ended up with only a paragraph completed of the minimum 8 page paper. Raphael cracked up. He stole two of them. Raphael's a funny guy, but I've observed that he doesn't take well to people who annoy him. He acts immaturely whenever they do. The two girls in front of him voice annoy him apparently and he'll show his annoyance aloud, which can be embarassing at times because it also sounds like he's trying to be funny.

But anyway, everyone liked the cupcakes; well, everyone who got one, so I was satisfied. I really wanted to tell this dream I had the other day, but I never got around to it. I'll tell it tomorrow. I didn't even write this one down and it's still etched in my head; just shows ya how much it's affected me. lol Just be prepared for a random one.

While I was taking an hour break from my paper earlier, I went on Asianfanatics.net and . . . LOOK AT THIS MAN!


Look at those gloves! Look at that coat! Look at those eyes!

They call him Dennis. Dennis Oh. Oh, Dennis. <3
He's just like Daniel Henney; he's American and Korean. LOVE! Speaks perfect English, of course. Man, he's another hot old guy. I wonder if Daniel and Dennis are brothers or something, seriously.


Look at his fiery hairs! Look at his dorb face! Look at his blue/purple bandanna cutely tied around his neck. LOOK AT HIM! <33
Who is this, may you ask? He's mine, that's who he is. *growls*


Look at his five o' clock shadow. Look at the holes/rips/things on his sleeves. Look at that cheap shirt. Look at those parted lips!
-_- It's just Stasha's man, lookin' stoned. *sniff* As usual. What a shame.

Yeahp. . . That's Yunho. :P

Hehe, I want to see how long it'll take Stasha to respond to this. If she does, I'll have to say, she really does love Yunho alot. xD Stasha, I challenge you to a sister-bashes-sister's-man duel!

This should be great fun. hehe. kekekeke bwar hwar hwar!

Well, I'm gonna go watch Prince Princess 2 now. Peace!

be blessed. <3

- Raeven
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Yeah, Comm. 2 class starts right now and I'm in the library finishing up last minute touches on my assignment. Actually, both me and Crystal are touching up. She's making copies so I'm waiting for her. Oh, what stress. I hate being late for this class because she actually marks us for it. Oh well, this is important. I really think I'm supposed to be doing something other than this but I'm lingering. GOTTA GO!


I was in a total rush. Spur of the moment entry right there. I saw Crystal coming back from the copy machine and chickened out because I know she wouldn't want me doing something unproductive when we were supposed to be in class! lol So I finished my sentence and posted it quickly.

Now I'm off to write my term paper for World Religions class. Then I gotta make cupcakes. xDD Semester's almost over, THANK GOD! <3


- Raeven


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