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I'm back in Charlotte now! xD I've been back since yesterday actually.
The train ride up was enjoyable other than the unrelenting AC that seemed to blow my way on full blast. omg, I froze my butt off. They provide nothing but pillows on a train. No blankets. It's what they need. o.o.

So I'm staying at Tisha's house again like I did last year. She and her family have helped me out alot. xD And her little son Xavier's seriously the brightest boy I've ever known! The kid just shouldn't know or say the things he does at his age. It's amazing. I want a son like him. :D

I've been chillin for most of today. I woke up late(nothing new there) and took my time getting dressed to go out. I went to an auto place to replace the windshield wiper blades on my car. The guy who helped me pick them out was gay, and it's nothing new these days, but I just thought it was interesting that a gay guy worked at an auto parts store. >.> Maybe it's just me. lol He was super sweet. :)

Yesterday, after I went to Mrs. Sonia's house to get my car, I drove downtown to City View to visit Cyril(the only one I know whose moved in), and was glomped in the hall by another guy friend (who disappeared somewhere soon after). Cyril was on the phone with Yaz, standing out in the balcony, and when he let me through the slide door, I coulda fallen off the balcony. The view was AMAZING! I'm soooooo jealous! I told him I'd be at his balcony so much, they can pretty much just call it mine. :p I want itttt! ! ! ! ! ! You can see the whole freaking city! ughhhhhhhh it's delicioussssss.

We talked to Yaz on speaker phone for a while about how we're gonna cook up a storm at our apartment. Cyril and Ten said they'd be there to eat our food, and blah blah. It was a good time. xDD Cyril walked me back to the parking deck down the block, because I can't park in City View as a visitor, and because it was dark and late and I sure as heck am not walking alone. :T

Parking in City View is full. It filled up as fast as a dbsk concert would. I was too late, so I'm thinking about paying for monthly parking in the public parking lot across the street instead of paying the same price for the parking deck a whole block down. Way inconvenient.

But that's all for now. I got sidetracked while writing this, big time. I should have been finished with this thing like 3 hours ago. I even had photoshop open to make more icons. But now I just want to turn off my laptop and go to sleep. lol I got epically distracted. haha.

Saturday's gonna be hectic. I'll tell you about it tomorrow. :D

peace! <3

- Raeven

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Look at this! I haven't even posted on my birthday! Which was on May 30th, btw. Now THAT'S lazy. >.< And so much stuff to talk about!.

My b-day was last week and now I'm 19. woahz! Again, I'm REALLY not ready to call myself 19, but whatever. It has been a year. Just feels like it's gone by so fast. hmmm, I got a laptop! It's a Dell Studio 1537 I believe, and it's veddy awesome. Super fast. And purple! My dad's amazing. I wasn't expecting much from him this year simply because him paying for my college tuition is plenty enough, but on the day before my birthday, a Fed-Ex guy was at the door with a Dell box in hand. xDDD I love the mail! The fed-ex guy had a british accent too. :3 SQUEE!

So I scored a laptop, a new monitor screen (that I haven't gotten yet, but will), $100 from my papa (that I worked for, so it wasn't a bday present), and the SIMS 3!!!! (which I bought for myself on the day it came out)

It was a laid back birthday though. No cake and no screaming and singing. And I totally don't mind. It was more than enough. I woke up late that day, did alot of cleaning that I'd wanted to accomplish for months, and babysat later that night, earning an extra $20. I conclude that when I get my teeth taken care of, I'm buying myself Walmart cake yet again! xD Oh, I can't wait, man, you don't even KNOW!

Other than that major event in life, I've mostly just been at home. It's been a hassle trying to get my sound system into my Hyundia, because it's a Hyundia. Apparently, they're complicated. All of my speakers were blown, so that's why they always farted whenever the volume was too loud. lol Sonya, a family friend, got her son to put it in for me. His name's Cedric, and he's only 17, and he does this every summer. It' s his specialty. So it took us a whole day after figuring out the wiring and how to get to the speakers. Then, the next morning, I picked him up and took the car to Mom's house and John helped us get to the back speakers. A whole day later and he had succeeded in getting the back speakers and the face unit in. But I need a frame for the new face and two new speakers for the front speakers because the ones that came with the combo doesn't fit. >.< It's only 30 dollars at Walmart, so now all I have to do is get in touch with Cedric again. He's been out of town, so I couldn't get it done when I wanted, but that's alright. I'm enjoying the ones I do have because they're so much better than the old ones. SO MUCH BETTER.

Hopefully, most likely, this weekend, I'll have it all set and fixed. And it'll be amazing. xD

For about two days straight, I've been playing Sims 3. I have mixed feelings about it, but overall, it's a really fun game. I'm pretty glad it's really different from the second one because I can go back to it and still enjoy it. It's equally addicting and I love the facial expressions the sims give. They're funny. I even brought it to Gwyn's house yesterday when I came over and she made a vamp. He was smokin! I used a cheat so he was a millionaire and we played around for a good while. It was really fun.

I also watched some SHINee and F.T. Island stuff while I was there. And I can't get enough! *sigh* So fun to watch. I really love FT Island; they're all so cute! And SHINee's the shizz as usual. heehee!! Jonghun!!!! OMO. Talented fellas. <333 I really want them to do banjuns again. They were so fun to watch when it was like a fad in kpop celebs. Man, I just want to see them in dramas period! I know Key, Hognki, Onew, and Jognhyun would do awesome in dramas. Intense ones.

I went to Lowes today after picking up Dede from school to apply for a job there. They're hiring for cashiers there. I applied for a seasonal job, so hopefully, even though I won't be there for long, I can get it. I'm gonna apply at Walmart tomorrow, reluctantly.

Well, now that I've gotten you up to speed, I'm gonna go read stuff. Peace! <3

be blessed.

- Raeven
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Yeah, it's still not in yet, but it will be hopefully tomorrow. HOPEFULLY. I WANT TO JAM ALREADY MAN!!! GAH!

I will post tomorrow. xDD <33

be blessed.

- Raeven


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