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I just DLed a butt-load of Krap albums and I'm gonna have a BALL listening to them all. OMO, I found Dok2, Jungiggo, and Fana's albums! I couldn't find their stuff anywhere. Well, Fana's album link was dead, so I still have to find an active one, but still. I can listen to the other goodies to keep me at bay till I find it.

<-------------------------- See meh icon? See Jonghun's moneyz? That's GANGSTA CASH! >.> I was trying to make the icon match the theme of my topic, but it's not really happenin'. Jonghun's too cute for gangsta moods. And my TOP icon has been replaced with Eli, and I use Eli too much, so. . . .

What the crazz, I have two more weeks of home until I'm in uni. 0.o I'm not literally prepared yet! I have to get all my immunization records sent off to the school, a dentist appointment that's taking forever to be put into motion, and I still need more clothes!

I got this dorm package in the mail from this catalog, which comes with "everything" and the comforter set that came with it is total trash. It's got worst material in it than a sleeping bag. >.< So I'm getting one from Target or something. Also, the pastel/lavender sheets that came with it looks like it's been sitting somewhere for years; the colors are all bold and out of place, nasty orange, NOT PASTEL nastiness! I'm getting other sheets too, thank God. I'm sorry, but my bed has to be pretty and comfy, or I can't sleep on it.

Other than that, I'm peachy! Gwyn and I made a cake yesterday and I brought it to her lunch at school. Her second day of school. From what I got, her first two days, other than its workload, has been blissness! WANNA KNOW WHY? One thing (and maybe others) *whisper* Korean foreign exchange student whose a boy and tall and very cute and his name's Yujae.

Korean foreign exchange student. keke. <3

Now I wish I was a Seniorrrrrr again. In CCS, so I can be friends with him toooo! There BETTER be Koreans in JWU, and I better meet one lots.

Anyways, I had very nice day today. Got oodles of love at Gwyn's table from all the peeps I went to school with. And it was just nice. I can't wait to go to restaurants with them again, like the good ol' times.

Sim pic of the day:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This is obviously Bennet and Stasha's sim AhRin. They're together. keke. AhRin looks like she's scared, but she's not. lawlz xD

WHOA, I just Youtubed this beatboxing guy that does kpop songs and he's SOOOO good at it! He even has links to his songs so we can download them! He wants to be put on Star King, and I'm soooo for that! He's REALLY good. xD He's called the beatboxhitman2. http://www.youtube.com/user/TheBeatboxHitman2     <------------Good stuff right there.

How could I forget to acknowledge the fact that Gwyn and Stasha SURPRISED Kriss and me at Kriss' house last weekend. Totally had me fooled. And I can't believe I actually got mad when they were trying to get me to come over that day (my rant from recently was because of that. lol) I feel so darnded stoopeed. >.<;;;; Sorry for getting angry!

They made a SHUPA awesome SNNN'ap cake with sparkles and stuff and they made me a collage of pics of our friendness and a card that said "WHat's Up w w w what's up!" from SS501's Kyujong's song. *sigh* LOVE. It was great. My mind was jumbled that day. With happiness and love. I am loved. <3

I shall upload pics of it and edit this post again. They're on my phone, but I gotta size them and junk. So laterz.

Talk to you soon!

be blessed. <3

- Raeven

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One thing I cannot understand about Dede is the fact that she picks my room out of all rooms to sleep in. First of all, she needs to be at home IN HER OWN BED sleeping. Four or five or maybe even more days out of seven, she's at the grandparent's house playing at a friend's in the neighborhood, then she decides she wants to sleepover, and ALWAYS sleeps in my bed. Look, I just want to be by myself sometimes. When I'm at home, Dede's either calling me to pick her up, Stasha's wanting my attention, or their both wanting me to pick them up. When I'm actually alone, I usually get called to run some errands, then I get home, thinking I have the rest of the day all to myself, when lo-and-behold, Mom brings them over.

Of course, most times I'm fine with it, but when I want to get things done, or when I just don't feel like talking/responding, I don't want to be bothered. Just hear me out! Everyone needs space, including me! If I want the bed to myself, shouldn't I be able to have that happen? It's my bed after all. If there were no free beds in the house, I'd understand, but that's not even the case. If there's a prob with sleeping on the air mattress, then you wouldn't be sleeping over, now would you?

I don't know. I'm calling my mom tomorrow, and I'm gonna tell her I don't want to be going back and forth to pick someone up, especially Dede. I'll take time out to take her somewhere, because I enjoy that. But I don't need to be wasting gas. And it's not like Mom's giving me gas money, so really, if mom can't drive them over, then why do I have to do it? I don't have a job--I don't have money to easily spend on gas. I'm gonna tell her that Dede needs to stay home more often, cuz it's true, and she shouldn't just be able to come over whenever she wants just because she can. >.<;;;

It's just frustrating. I don't like to sleep with other people in the bed; I never get a good night's sleep that way. And for a while, I haven't been getting that. So I'm a little fed up.

But that's alright. I shouldn't complain too much because I may end up regretting it later when I'm away in school, missing family and crap. So I'll shut up.

I feel better now. :3

I'm gonna go to bed now. Be back soon.

be blessed. <3

- Raeven

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Today, I went to the beach with Maria, Thalia, Abby, Gabby, Liah, Maria's cousin and his baby, Kara, and Liah's friend. I picked up Abby and Kara and we headed to the beach to meet up with the others. We got there at around 1 something. The water was VERY nice. I don't go to the beach much (well, I haven't for years, but this year's different) and I was surprised at the clearness of the water. It may have smelled like it's usual fishy smell, but it was actually inviting. Too bad I didn't plan to swim, or get my hair wet and messed up, so I just let my legs get wet. I had on some pretty short shorts.

The sand burned my feet, so I sat under Abby's umbrella for most of the time, watched people, watched my friends swim, then tried not to act lonely so I roamed my phone and raided the snack bag Thalia brought. I wasn't lonely, and though I was the only one sitting out on the sand and not swimming, the others felt bad and kept asking me if I wanted to borrow a bathing suit and swim with them. They felt bad, but I was fine with just sitting alone. I can do those things without needing attention. Gosh, sometimes I wish I didn't make people think I'm being anti-social. I don't know, I like company, but I'm also totally fine with being by myself.

Anyways, we were having a good ol' time at the beach until the lifeguard started blowin his whistle, bringing out the yellow flag and warning people of the storm that was rolling in. It was then that we started to notice the thunder and the lightning ahead. I was ready to hop in the car (lightning freaks me out), but everyone was taking their time getting out of the water.

But soon enough, everyone made left the water and packed up. It was around 3 when we left to Maria's house. We were gonna go to Toys-r-us, just because we were bored, and play with the toys they had out on the aisles. I was following Maria, and she passed the place, so me and Kara were like, "what the crazz", and just followed her some more before calling her. Instead, we went to papa john's. Liah's friend's mom worked there, so we got a good discount on two pizzas. Then we went to Maria's house, eat the pizza(of course), then played two or three rounds of "Have You Ever" or whatever they call that game. I've never played it, but I won the first round keke. That was nice.

After that, I took Kara, Abby, and Thalia home.

Played the sims when I got home after lazing around the house. Then I went to Walmart in Chris' Hummer to get some cookie dough. I thought I'd make something for Kriss' friend and us to much on while we ride. xD Kriss, Stasha, and I are picking up Kriss' friend tomorrow. I'm super excited!! Stasha and I are going to go to her house at around noon to watch stuff before we head to Orlando's airport. I'm taking my car, which is in desperate need of a tune-up, but I pray it'll be good and take us where we need to go without any issues.

On another note, I learned a few uplifting things from Kara and Abby about college an dorm life. Though they didn't know about their roommates, they didn't have too much issues with them, and ultimately became friends. Kara said the roomate she became good friends with had moved out because she was staying with her boyfriend. Kara was disappointed, but she had the dorm room to herself for the rest of the semester. xD Now, I'm not saying I want this to happen, but if it did, I'd be pretty happeh.

ALright, it's 2:43am right now and I can't keep  my eyes open. Peace! <3 Tomorrow.

be blessed.

- Raeven


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