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So I haven't posted in what, four days? >.< I know. And they've been preety eventful, I just can't remember all the details. And the thing is each time I update, I wait until the end of the day when I should be in bed and don't have time to make a long post, and I say I'm going to post a longer one the next day and then I forget what I want to say. You see the cycle here?? It's a BAD HABIT! Well, I've been pretty busy also. I've never been so busy this past year for my entire life. This year has been the busiest year for me evar! Some ways bad, most ways good. It's good to be busy, but it can also be hectic. I think I have too many priorities at hand right now. I'm serious, as soon as I think I'm able to go home and do nothing--just do what raeven wants, someone texts me and I forget a plan I made with them. It's been this same pattern for a few months straight now! I think I seriously need a planner that's actually not for homework.

This post isn't gonna be long. I just wanted to say that I feel a week hiatus coming. Tomorrow is final exams for me and I'm looking forward to it, but I'm also not prepared. The weekend swings by like a baseball bat and I feel I haven't done anything important schoolwise. I babysat this weekend and made $25. Spent it all on gas and a book and food. I was supposed to get tutored with Allison on our math exam, but that didn't work out and got pushed up to tomorrow, which will be the last day to study for it. So I'll be in the Learning Lab for most of the day after class with Allison. Then, I also have to totally revise my Comm 2 essay because it was "all over the place" and yadda. I got a 25/100 and I won't pass the course if I don't get a 70 or higher. That's really scary, especially if you thought the paper you turned in was going to be a real good one. I also don't know the exam schedule for tomorrow's exams so I don't know if I'm supposed to be taking two exams or just one. *siggggghhhhhhh*

Omo, my awesome friend Kara Parsons is back from uni for the summer!!!! xD <3 She goes to the university of West Florida, which is in Pensecola. She's officially completed one year and I'm so proud! She really loves it and I'm happy she is. We plan to hang out--Maria, Allison, Kara, and I-- some time next weekend. I can't wait! xD

I went to Maria's today and other than working on chapters 5, 6, and 7, we searched the net for very handsome celebrity guys and watched smosh on Youtube. hehe, Maria think's Anthony Padilla is gorgeous. He is hot, but I'm not crazy for him. We both agree that the Teleporting Fat Guy is one amazing dude. He's so funny!

Well, until next time. I gotta get some sleep. I'm getting up super early tomorrow so I'm not late for class. It's in M-town. :p My tooth's bothering me again. Perfect timing. >__<;;;;

P.S. Daniel Henney was AMAZING in X-Men Origins!!!!! I went to see it on Thursday at Midnight with Gwyn, Stasha, Kriss, Kriss' friend Jamie, and Gwyn's online friend (can't remember her name, sry!), and it was a really good movie. I really liked the beginning and the middle, but I wasn't too fond of the ending, but whatevs. Alot of people I know liked it alot, so. . . but Daniel *.* He was GREAT. Oh, he makes me soooo happy. Don't you love the feeling of seeing someone you really adore show up in a movie, especially when it's a very rare ocurrence?? -o- My heart leapt dangerously! xD It was great, man. <33
be blessed.

-Raeven <3
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My term paper for World Religions on the topic of Judaism and its impact on Christianity IS DONE! Took me a day and a half of sitting on my butt, flailing in agony over my darneded stoopid fractured tooth, taking frequent lazy naps, and yelling at Boogie (because I've been home alone for most of the late afternoons and nights till midnight and it's with Boogie, who whines like Choobakka whenever he wants something, which is like every hour. He's such a baby!!!! :|). So it actually could have taken me about two or three hours actually focusing on the paper and writing it, but because of my extreme procastinacis, I was unable to do so. xD

So my WR (World Religions) teacher emphasized that Aprill 22nd was the day the term paper was due. There's a drop-off box on the site called Angel where you can check your grades and yadda for a certain class, and he put a drop box in there for the papers to be turned in. And so at 11:59pm on the day it's due, the drop-off box WILL CLOSE and you will be doomed if you don't have it in by then because he warned us. Haha, I finished at 11:30. >.< Not gonna happen again. I was literally freaking out. But I'm relieved now. And my tooth isn't causing my face to hurt, and all is well right now. I'M SO . . . HAPPY! The end of this semester is killing me! I have so much still to accomplish like:

+ make a more detailed lesson plan for Comm. 2 AND a powerpoint presentation for the lesson that Crystal and I have to teach next Tuesday.

+ get ready for Algebra, and all the other exams. >.< (NO!)

It'll all be over soon enough. Jaio, Raeven!

Okay, so I got up a little late this morning because I couln't sleep for most of the night (cuz of my teeth, nothing new) and iced the cupcakes I made for WR. When I got to class, I brought them in and said I did them for no reason and everyone thought it was funny. lol I said the cupcakes were to celebrate me finishing my term paper, but I ended up with only a paragraph completed of the minimum 8 page paper. Raphael cracked up. He stole two of them. Raphael's a funny guy, but I've observed that he doesn't take well to people who annoy him. He acts immaturely whenever they do. The two girls in front of him voice annoy him apparently and he'll show his annoyance aloud, which can be embarassing at times because it also sounds like he's trying to be funny.

But anyway, everyone liked the cupcakes; well, everyone who got one, so I was satisfied. I really wanted to tell this dream I had the other day, but I never got around to it. I'll tell it tomorrow. I didn't even write this one down and it's still etched in my head; just shows ya how much it's affected me. lol Just be prepared for a random one.

While I was taking an hour break from my paper earlier, I went on Asianfanatics.net and . . . LOOK AT THIS MAN!


Look at those gloves! Look at that coat! Look at those eyes!

They call him Dennis. Dennis Oh. Oh, Dennis. <3
He's just like Daniel Henney; he's American and Korean. LOVE! Speaks perfect English, of course. Man, he's another hot old guy. I wonder if Daniel and Dennis are brothers or something, seriously.


Look at his fiery hairs! Look at his dorb face! Look at his blue/purple bandanna cutely tied around his neck. LOOK AT HIM! <33
Who is this, may you ask? He's mine, that's who he is. *growls*


Look at his five o' clock shadow. Look at the holes/rips/things on his sleeves. Look at that cheap shirt. Look at those parted lips!
-_- It's just Stasha's man, lookin' stoned. *sniff* As usual. What a shame.

Yeahp. . . That's Yunho. :P

Hehe, I want to see how long it'll take Stasha to respond to this. If she does, I'll have to say, she really does love Yunho alot. xD Stasha, I challenge you to a sister-bashes-sister's-man duel!

This should be great fun. hehe. kekekeke bwar hwar hwar!

Well, I'm gonna go watch Prince Princess 2 now. Peace!

be blessed. <3

- Raeven
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Okay. I need to remember this dream because it's the most detailed dream I've had. Because I always wake up and forget everything. lol It was, of course bizarre (because that's just how my brain works.) >.> Anywayz.

+ It all started like this : Some random clip of a teen with black hair was standing alone at a wooden dock, stunned and disappointed as the boat she was supposed to be boarding had left without her. It was a small boat and two or three of her assumed close friends were staring back at her with saddened faces. In my dreaming state, I was mad at the friends, because it wasn't like they were on a boat with a whole bunch of people. It was a small boat with only the three of them. They simply could have waited for the black-haired girl to get to the dock. But no, they left her. I was trying to grasp what was going on by watching because I wasn't in the scene. It flashed to the girl's pale face; she was really pretty. Didn't look mean or anything. So I was wondering why her "friends" had left her! Oh well. Anyway, she was so shocked she dropped something. I don't remember what it was, but I don't think it was that important.

+ It was a pretty seen, but it was still a little scary (only because there was alot of water and I don't like the sight of deep bodies of water). It was like I was beginning to stand at that dock, where the water was a serene greenish-clear tint, moving with little ripples and such. Thin fog patched certain parts of the river? and I watched the "friends" let the boat carry them away while still looking sadly at the girl.

+ Scene flash: I'm on a boat now. Don't know how I got there, but my dreams tend to just make me appear in places. It was some kind of private cruise ship. it wasn't anything fancy, but it didn't matter, because apparently, I didn't care in this dream. I was with friends, but I can't even remember who they were. And we were traveling through the same kind of greenish water. Again, the scene was very serene and pretty. All the things I did on the ship was a blur to me. I talked a bit, but I kept to myself most of the time, leaning over the railing to watch the water. I was so high and it was scary, being up so high and above such deep water. Frightening. It seemed my friends were always in a rush. I hadn't realized the ship had reached its destination because I was so spaced out (spaced out about absolutely nothing). Both of the excited girls grabbed my hands and pulled me to the ship's exit, telling me we were here, wherever that was.

So we're in this place now. It resembles the rain forest. There aren't much buildings where we are, but again, I didn't seem to care. We look around a bit, then we get separated because we're all wandering off.

+ Scene flash: Now I'm in a bathroom. It's dimly lit and pretty big. There's two sinks and a huge mirror in front of me. I see myself, yet I can't remember what outfit I'm wearing. >.<''  But I guess it was nice because I wasn't complaining about it. There's a few candles lit and it gives off a soothing scent. I look around and realize I'm on a cruise ship. It isn't the same one I was on before because this one's much nicer. Everything in the bathroom's expensive-looking. I guess there was a balcony or something right outside of the bathroom because there was a door with a blurred window right next to me.

+ Scene flash: I see a pretty korean woman with short black hair standing out on the balcony. I remember she was being restless in the dream, but it could be for no reason. (or maybe she was locked in. Who knows. I can't control my dreams! T.T)

+ Scene flash: In the same bathroom:

Daniel Henney: Raeven, you gotta help me! You see that girl over there, the one on the balcony? I want her to notice me. PLEASE HELP ME! I'm in love with her!

Me: A-alright, Daniel. I guess I'll help you.

I didn't really have a say in this. I just went with it and decided to help him out. (I was a little disappointed that he wasn't in love with ME. The fact that he was super old didn't concern me at the mo. He was hot and he was korean. <3 Anyway,Yoochun was on my number one spot, so I didn't let it bother me much.

Daniel was also in a rush. It was annoying me! Everyone was on the move! And just because! He was rummaging through stuff, magically finding some lemon toothpaste and various flavors of pixie stix. He empties a few of them in his hand while I watch in confusion. Then he squeezes some toothpaste in the pixie stick dust. And THEN he snorts it all up like it's drugs! Don't ask, because I don't know. >.> <.< He holds out my hand next, gives me some pixie stick dust and toothpaste, tells me to do the same. And I do what he says! Am I a slave to my own dreams??!! O.o

I swallow the stuff and it's all dangerously sweet. Apparently, Daniel only did it to fake like he's being sick and spits it out "violently" in the toilet. To attract attention? Why'd he give me some then?? Oh well, maybe he really DOES use it as a drug and wanted to share some with me. I'm so weird.

+ Scene flash: The girl Daniel's attracted to turns her head, alarmed at Daniel's sounds of "distress", but then she loses interest and goes back to the looking out at the view of the endless sea.

+ Scene flash:

Well, that was a failure. She's not interested in you, Dan. Forget her. She's a meanie.

Daniel Henney:
Nah, I'm gonna win her heart. You watch.

I just shrug.

"You're a really good actor. For a while, I really thought you were sick." I say to him, patting him on the shoulder as he stands.

"I try." he says, then we just sit on the floor and hang out. I don't know what we were talking about, but it was probably about totally random things. He forgets about trying to get the girl and I decide my work here is done, so I get up to leave him.

Somehow, I know I'm locked in the bathroom. (hehe, Daniel's locked me in the bathroom, oh noes!) But I just unlock it, say "peace out" to Daniel and left him.

+ Scene Flash: It seems the ship is still docked, so I leave to go find my friends. As I pass, there are alot of rich peeps. Gold and silver, bold colors, just richness and stuff. I pass a restaurant as I look for the exit.

Tom Welling: blah blah b-blah blah blah. . .

Didn't catch what he was talking about, but he was there. And I was like *.* How come you didn't appear in my dreams when I was obsessed with you?!

So, reveling the fact that I was standing beside him now, looking at him while he talked about whatever to the bartender person, I spaced out again:

Tom Welling: Hello sweet thang, how about we bounce outta hear and boogy down on the dance floor.

He didn't really say that, but I WAS daydreaming about him. In my dream. A daydream within a dream. hehe <3

Eventually I left because I didn't have time to talk to him I guess. I leave the ship and walk around a little ways outside. I guess this was another scene flash because back on the ship it was night. But now it was a cloudy, calm day. I'm standing at a wooden dock, just like the beginning of the dream with that girl. And I see my own friends leaving me. They're on the cruise ship we were just on, looking sadly at me as the ship idles away. My face probably resembled that of the girl's when her friends left her. But I wasn't mad at them because cruise ships have to leave at a certain time, and if you're late, you're left behind.

I was scared now, because I had no way of getting home. I ran back on the cruise ship Daniel was in and looked around for him, but couldn't find him. I found a friendly enough looking rich woman standing alone in a ballroom and asked her if she could somehow help me. Of course, she wasn't the captain of the ship, so she didn't know what to tell me. But she let me hang around with her, so I did. She had enough money to fly me back home, she said, but I didn't want to go on a plane. Oh well, I had to go on it in order to get home.

My grandpa woke me up about Boogie, my dog. He wanted me to let him out of his kennel, so I had to get up. So I forced my brain back to reality, relieved that I hadn't been left behind. That's another one of my fears; being left behind: missing a flight, watching a cruise ship leaving that I'm supposed to be on, that sort of thing. So I am putting this in the "anxiety dream" category. ^_^

It was a fun dream, but a very random, weird one. Like my many others. I'm happy I dreamt it though, because now I feel some type of connection shared with Daniel Henney. We're like destined druggie buddies I guess. Drugs made of sugar, though. Without lemon-flavored toothpaste (ewwww!!! >.< )

Thank you for taking time to read this. I hope I've entertained you! xD

be blessed. <3

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It's Monday! hehe. And I'm actually happy about it cuz there's no school to follow. ^ ^ Feels veddy nice.
I should have updated on my birthday, which was May 30th, because I graduated on that day. eek! I'm 18 and a graduate! <33 xDD omgee! I still can't believe it when I see my diploma sitting there next to the TV in the living room. I have yet to apply at my community college BCC, but I'll get to that sooner or later.

My plans:
+ Go to BCC for one year, taking classes to kill time. -__-
+ Hopefully get accepted into Johnson & Wales University (Culinary School) to become a pastry chef.

And that's all I have so far. I can only get an Associate's degree in Pastry Arts in their North Carolina campus, so if I really want to further my education to get a Bachelor's, I'll have to go to Providence, Maryland to get it. I'm still thinking about it, and I have a while so. . . yeah. ^ ^

Last night, Stasha and I stayed up late to watch like, two episodes of Hana Yori Dango, two episodes of It Started with a Kiss (Taiwanese Drama), and one part of the Korean movie Seducing Mr. Right, which stars Daniel Henney, who can speak PERFECT English. hehe <3 It's interesting. We made a deal, I'd watch Hana Yori Dango if she watched It Started with a Kiss, She's been so stubborn about watching that for some reason and I finally got her to give in. mwa ha. Hana Yori Dango's really interesting. Stasha's so uptight about showing me spoilers that apparently litter the episodes randomly, and I wonder why. Does it get that intense? ?

I guess I'll just have to find out. Rui is VERY cute. He's got like, super dark eyes, like demons' eyes, but in a good way. >.> And I can't leave out Matsumoto, of course. He was ugly in attitude, but still hot as far as looks go. Man, he's spoiled and crabby in this series! Such a .  .  . something.

Okay, I've been applying at Publix for officially ONE whole year and have bugged the heck out of them, yet they hire five new people and don't even call me. hmph. I'm done with them. I'm applying at Starbucks now, which is right down the street from my house. And now that I'm 18, hopefully I have a shot. Yeah, I'm 18 and I've never had a job.

But "Life could get betterrrrr!" as sung by Super Junior. So I must carry on. <3

EVERYONE READ KILLIE LATTE'S FANFIC "ROSES OF DISCORDIA! IT'S OFF THE HIZZLE, MAN! xDD - I mean it. Do it now! hehe You can find it in Suju's "Miracle" community on LJ and also TVXQ's "Hug" community on LJ. If you want an intense fic, read that one! It's full of amazing! <33

Well then, till next time. ^_^

be blessed. <3


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