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Oh James, your lyrics are so cute.  <3

Sorry about the unexpected crazyhugegap of entries. I went to Cleveland last week with my grandparents and sisters. It was an awesome trip. Loads of pretty scenery, laughs, and love.

Cleveland's grass is frikkin SOFT! And green! I would have loved to sit out on my uncle Charles' backyard and read while lounging on a blanket. PRECTION!

Anyways, I saw alot of family, my 95 year old grandmother, and caught up with loads of cousins and uncles and aunts that I hadn't seen for 10 years, literally. They were surprised, as was I. xD Family's a beautiful thing. It was great seeing them all together, talking about past memories and taking pictures. *sigh* <33

We left on July 1st, stopped in Charlotte, NC at Mrs. Sonia's house to stay the night, got up the next morning and headed to Cleveland, left Ohio on the 6th, stopped in Charlotte to stay the night, got home on the 8th. We took our time getting places this time, and the whole time we were in Charlotte, we didn't stop at my school once! >.< Oh wellz.

The rest of that week was of sleeping and putting around at home. The whoooole weekend. Oh, and I wrote. Same old thing happened the rest of that week. THEN, my tooth did something odd and unnecessary and caused me great pain all last weekend. I had to endure it until Monday so I could get a dentist appointment. I got no sleep last night because pain medicine wasn't working and I had a looping dream about Michael Jackson. His songs wouldn't stop playing in my head, repetitively. IT WAS INSANE!!! I couldn't take it! I willed myself to think about something else, like SHINee, and once I started playing one of their songs in my head, after a minute, it was back to MJ. @____________________________________@
not cool.

So I gave up at 8:00am, and went to lay down on the couch, watched Golden Girls on tv and fell asleep there for like 5 lame minutes. Then my nana called and told me I could get squeezed into the dentist, so I rejoiced and headed over. I was told to be patient, since I was a walk-in, but I didn't care. I ended up getting in right away, a chinese endodontist ended up doing the root canal, and it was totally painless. I listened to Alex on my Zune while she did it. xDD I think a little of my dentist fears have whithered away, thanks to the nice dentist lady. She even called me a few hours after she did it to see how I was doing. I'm VERY SATISFIED. I can eat sweets now! But I'll be careful. It's a wonderful day indeed. :3 It's a huge relief. You don't even know! 

I still have to go back to get more work done on it on the 23rd, and theirs a few more appts after that (before I go off to school), but that'll be alright if I get the same dentist.

Also, I've fallen in love with Alex Eusebio! The cutie from U-kiss. I was already attracted to him a while back, but Stasha and I watched alot of U-kiss stuff and have decided we both really like him AND the group. They only have a small amount of songs and popularity, but their voices are really good and are super hyper, goofy, and cute. And Kevin's undeniably gay with Kibum(Hyungjoon's bro from SS501). Kibum's literally Kevin's master. Their always in pics together, looking all possesive and flirtatious; Kevin's 19 or somethin and has the girliest voice I've ever heard; Kibum likes to bite him and . . . just GAY! But it's kinda cute. I think Gwyn'll like those two. Together. haha!

Update: Observe

  <----- Ain't he cute?! (that's kevin on the right/ kibum on the left)

WHY DOESN'T U-KISS HAVE PICSPAMWORTHY AMOUNTS OF PICS?! It's depressing! Maybe if they released more songs, they'd get more fans gah!!! >.<;;;

Alexander, like I said, is my favorite from that group. He's a devoted Christian and he speaks English and he's like a living cartoon character. He's talllllll and his smile makes me want to kidnap him and bumbard him with hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!! xDD He's dorb to the max.

Okay, I'm gonna go and do other stuff now. Peace!

be blessed. <3
- Raeven

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This one actually made sense. Well, the most sense my dreams have ever made. I woke up going, "whoa, that was intense", and was surprised I hadn't woken up in the middle of it.

But anyway, I'll get into it. It had me, Stasha, my nana, and my dad, kinda. Actually, my dad didn't even show up in the dream, but it involved my dad's guest house, and St. Thomas. The characters my brain conjured was this Korean girl about my age and her father *shivers*, and some crew similar to the crew on the TLC show Trading Spaces.

In the dream, I was in my dad's guest house in St. Thomas. The place looked uprgraded, like it was modernized and sky-scraper-like. I was watching the streets below while standing on the second level of the building, which is alway was I do in real life. It was night time, and my nana was parking my car into the empty car lot in front of the guest house. First she pulled up across the street to get more backing-up space. (note that my nana's a friggin crazy driver and presses on the brakes WAY too hard and sudden, and also speeds when she needs too. A jerky driver). A Korean schoolgirl is standing in the empty parking lot right by the street and I can see her in my peripheral vision while I'm absently watching my grandmother with my car. She backs up and THEN starts driving down the parking lot full speed! My eyes dart toward the girl in the way and before I can scream out to my nana that she's going to hit the girl (just in case she can't see her), she already runs her over. I'm horrified; I'm utterly shocked; My mouth's wide open and I want to just display my fury upon my grandmother, but I can't because I'm speechless. My brain won't function. I don't register what my nana's saying inside my car, but I rush downstairs to the scene and Stasha randomly meets me there.

The Korean girl is fortunately alive and even gets up after being slammed by my own car. Her mouth's all bloody and she reveals a few broken teeth as she tells us the damage. Her words were muted; I can't tell you why cuz I don't know. I'm still furious and when my nana gets out of the car, she's just shrugging and junk, as if to say, "hey--look, she was in the way and she wouldn't move. That's her fault for being in the middle of a parking lot." My unconditionaly love for her apparantly kept me from chucking something at her, as if that would knock sense into her. She walks off to handle some other duties, because she's always busy. So Stasha's babbling on about nana's behavior and how mad she is and I'm still speechless. We also apparently know the schoolgirl and we start apologizing and I want to take her to the hospital to get checked out. 

You knwo that sexy classic black car Seungri was in in his mv "Strong Baby"? Well, suddenly, one of those cars pulled up in the street adjacent us, and another identical one pulled up very slowly behind it, but stayed half-hidden beside one of the stone buildings next to the guest house. My brain only recognized this as one thing: drive-by. I was thinking this was it. The girl said father in Korean and I knew who was in the car. It all made sense; her father was a mafia boss and he was about to kill us all for harming his precious daughter. I couldn't blame him, but I didn't want to die either, so I started running. Stasha went the opposite way, so I didn't know what would become of her. The streets of St. Thomas are very narrow, like those of Europe. There were alleyways and steep hills and stone paths; I ran zigzags through all of those. Korean thugs dressed in black street clothes were chasing me with guns and were already shooting at me. Bullets were flying everywhere, and I was just waiting for one to hit me, but one hadn't yet, so I kept running frantically.

Eventually, I made my way back to the guest house and got back inside the back way. Things quietted after a while and I waited it out in a vacant room. While all of this was happening, some makeover crew was working on the guest house's building, all average joe men with cheery faces, oblivious to everything that's going on. I ignored them most of the time, but a fat painter guy would often pass me carrying a ladder.

Here's a bizarre, weird part; Later that night, the Korean girl was all cleaned up and her teeth were fine. She met up with my and Stasha in a room and said that her father was staying in the room next door to us, and he was sleeping. She said he was still mad at us because of what happened earlier that night (WELL, DUH!) and for some reason, I kept thinking I was the target, not my nana, not my sister. Stasha was being mischievious and kept peaking in the father's room as he slept. It was a plain stupid move. I was just thinking if he woke up, I'd be the one he wanted to give a beating to. Or worse, shot. I finally spoke up and told her to sit down before something bad happened.

Anyway, the end of the dream wasn't all that great and epic. The makeover crew finished whatever they were doing and announced it. No one was excited about it except for the crew themselves, which is pretty humorous when you think about it. Then I woke up after the dream flashed to me and some hot guy getting stuck in an airport in Japan. We were totally lost and eventually the guy abandoned me after finding the flight he was supposed to be on. I was left alone to look around for my own. I just knew I had to get back to America, back home, but I didn't have a boarding pass. I felt the local staff of the airport would have sympathy on me and find a way to get me home, so I didn't worry too much. When the airport was close to closing, I remembered entering some sect in the airport where the flight attendants hung around. They were leaving the place, but it looked to be the area where all who missed their flight slept for the night. Some flight attendants who saw my confused and lost face smiled warmly at me and continued out of the room while casually chatting in Japanese with their peers.

The setting was calming, but it was so huge and foreign that it kinda creeped me out. I guess a better way to put it is culture shock. lol THEN I WOKE UP. And put on semi-formal clothes to job hunt with. It was a fail. Most places weren't hiring, but were still "accepting" applications. I wasn't buying that crap. I still have alot of places to look, so I won't complain about it just yet. But I'm close. lol

Maria got a make-up job finally, so I still have hope. She's been looking just as long as I have.

NOTE: We've completed seven chapters of our book. Technically only five chapters since I have to edit 6 and 7, but still. 7/21 :D

I also talked my uncle Chris into buying me a new monitor screen for an early birthday present. xD For some reason, he wanted to get me a new tv when I already have a tv in my room that I rarely ever use. So I was like, "instead, can't you just get me a monitor screen?" And he said he would, so I'm excited. This is pretty much all I want for my birthday. A nice big monitor screen for my compie to display all the prettiness of boys and my sims. *SIGH*. Finally!!!! <333

Until next time,

be blessed

- Raeven

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Don't you hate them? I can't sleep, so I'm on the comp. until the time hits at least 4am. The same like, 1 minute dream seems to repeat itself over and over, changing slightly but not too much. It's the most annoying, unsettling thing! I get it often and I can't sleep when they happen because it's repetitive and uncomfortable. I can't really explain the feeling.

Maybe it's just cuz I'm not used to going to bed so early! I went to sleep at around 11 tonight, which hasn't been a common occurrence at all lately. I woke up at a little before 1 in the morning, giving up on sleep.

So, I think I'm going to watch Boys Over Flowers until I'm sleepy again or listen to Pandora. ^_^

I got back from Charlotte today. We our family friend, Mrs. Sonia's house at around 7am and didn't get home until 7 at night. >.< But oh well, it was a nice drive. I enjoy traveling. In a car. Not on a plane. But cruises are fine. xD I have to ask my grandmother when that cruise is gonna be!!

Like I said before, North Carolina is beautiful. And JWU's right in the city, downtown, so I can see the skyscrapers right over my head!

And it looks like I'm gonna be living in a dorm, which I'm totally fine with; I just don't know what I'm gonna do if Maria decides to move up with me. But she's very independent, so I don't think she'll mind renting a room from someone, because she's done it before. At least for a year, then we can get an apartment together. ^_^

And I also think I'm leaning towards a bachelor's degree. Apparently, I can get one in Charlotte, but it'll be for Baking and Pastry Arts and Food Service Management, which'll be PERFECT because I can have some education on business and help Gwyn out! I'm really excited. :3 But also nervous.

I really love my cousins. They're so funny and awesome. lawl. My mom's cousins grew up together, so I listened to their past stories and it was hilarious! Again, I learned something about my mom that I didn't know. Since she, Chris, Scooter, nana, and papa, traveled alot and were living in Germany because of papa being in the military, they didn't visit Ohio or Pensecola often. Tracey, Monique, and Tim are siblings and my mom's first cousins (I think that makes me, stasha, and dede their second cousins, idk how that goes). My mom was like, "remember when I came to visit you, Tracey and you guys were still in school?" so then the story began. My mom, when she was in high school, I think, had tagged along with Tracey to some big gathering of her fellow school students. My mom's really pretty, and being that she was from Florida (someone not from Ohio, lol) she got alot of attention. Some of the girl schoolmates were jealous of her and the mean ones went right up to her, thinking she was vulnerable and weak, startted beating her up. They were all shocked when she started fighting back. kekeke. My mom's a tomboy, man, despite her clothes. She is definitely not afraid to fight, and she's good at it from what I've heard.


All the stories she told us about her, Scooter, and Chris's adventures are so funny! They climbed trees and yadda yadda. My fam's interesting, very close, HUGE, and loving. Mine consists of the Hollyfields (my papa's side), the McCorveys (my nana's side), and the Browns (my dad's side).

Anyway, I'm gonna go now, since I think I've talked about all I wante to say for today. xD I'm going to the beach with Kara and Allison later today. <3 It should be nice. I'm just hoping none of the sea breeze messes up my hair. >.<

be blessed <3

- Raeven


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Since I'm here in the computer lab waiting for Crystal to show up so we can get our Power Point presentation/lesson plan over and done with, I figured I should do my dream log because I had three very interesting dreams over the course of last week lol. xD One, the lastest one, is hiding in my head somewhere, so I don't know if I can tell you that one. I had a hobo-dream and a . . . somethin'-dream. The first one was the hobo-dream. keke


Okay, so I was home alone, which makes sense because I have been all week last week for most of the night, and I could've sworn I had the doors locked in the house. And if the doors weren't locked, I wouldn't be so worried about it because Boogie was with me and he'll eat the enemy! So I was just chillin' at meh house. This was at night, btw. THEN, out of the blue, a pack of hobos, like a cult of them or something, comes straight into my house without invitation. And I was super-mad and annoyed. I was all, "Yo, get otta my house! Who do you guys think you are?!" And they just looked at me like I was in the wrong and ignored me, goin in my bathroom and such like this was there place. But they wouldn't be hobos if they had a house now would they?! >.< I have no idea why I was so annoyed, but I'm pretty sure that's a natural reaction right?

Anyway, I really didn't like myself in that dream because of the looks the hobos gave me lol. I was annoying myself. THEN, a group of women come into the house with this lady I know, Mrs. Dozier. They were all wearing something like prom dresses and were taking formal pictures and such and I'm still wondering why this is all happening in my own house. Then, for some reason, I'm assigned a group to lead and I think I was supposed to encourage them or coach them for something, but I wasn't sure what. And I had just got finished yelling at the hobo dudes to get out of my house, so I wasn't in the mood to say happy things, and I hated myself even more! lol Eh, I didn't like my attitude in that one at all, but I find it very funny. It was an odd one.

*sigh* I think when I get home, I'll edit this and explain my other dream; my hands are gettin' stiff from typing. >.< Be back soon! <3

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Okay. I need to remember this dream because it's the most detailed dream I've had. Because I always wake up and forget everything. lol It was, of course bizarre (because that's just how my brain works.) >.> Anywayz.

+ It all started like this : Some random clip of a teen with black hair was standing alone at a wooden dock, stunned and disappointed as the boat she was supposed to be boarding had left without her. It was a small boat and two or three of her assumed close friends were staring back at her with saddened faces. In my dreaming state, I was mad at the friends, because it wasn't like they were on a boat with a whole bunch of people. It was a small boat with only the three of them. They simply could have waited for the black-haired girl to get to the dock. But no, they left her. I was trying to grasp what was going on by watching because I wasn't in the scene. It flashed to the girl's pale face; she was really pretty. Didn't look mean or anything. So I was wondering why her "friends" had left her! Oh well. Anyway, she was so shocked she dropped something. I don't remember what it was, but I don't think it was that important.

+ It was a pretty seen, but it was still a little scary (only because there was alot of water and I don't like the sight of deep bodies of water). It was like I was beginning to stand at that dock, where the water was a serene greenish-clear tint, moving with little ripples and such. Thin fog patched certain parts of the river? and I watched the "friends" let the boat carry them away while still looking sadly at the girl.

+ Scene flash: I'm on a boat now. Don't know how I got there, but my dreams tend to just make me appear in places. It was some kind of private cruise ship. it wasn't anything fancy, but it didn't matter, because apparently, I didn't care in this dream. I was with friends, but I can't even remember who they were. And we were traveling through the same kind of greenish water. Again, the scene was very serene and pretty. All the things I did on the ship was a blur to me. I talked a bit, but I kept to myself most of the time, leaning over the railing to watch the water. I was so high and it was scary, being up so high and above such deep water. Frightening. It seemed my friends were always in a rush. I hadn't realized the ship had reached its destination because I was so spaced out (spaced out about absolutely nothing). Both of the excited girls grabbed my hands and pulled me to the ship's exit, telling me we were here, wherever that was.

So we're in this place now. It resembles the rain forest. There aren't much buildings where we are, but again, I didn't seem to care. We look around a bit, then we get separated because we're all wandering off.

+ Scene flash: Now I'm in a bathroom. It's dimly lit and pretty big. There's two sinks and a huge mirror in front of me. I see myself, yet I can't remember what outfit I'm wearing. >.<''  But I guess it was nice because I wasn't complaining about it. There's a few candles lit and it gives off a soothing scent. I look around and realize I'm on a cruise ship. It isn't the same one I was on before because this one's much nicer. Everything in the bathroom's expensive-looking. I guess there was a balcony or something right outside of the bathroom because there was a door with a blurred window right next to me.

+ Scene flash: I see a pretty korean woman with short black hair standing out on the balcony. I remember she was being restless in the dream, but it could be for no reason. (or maybe she was locked in. Who knows. I can't control my dreams! T.T)

+ Scene flash: In the same bathroom:

Daniel Henney: Raeven, you gotta help me! You see that girl over there, the one on the balcony? I want her to notice me. PLEASE HELP ME! I'm in love with her!

Me: A-alright, Daniel. I guess I'll help you.

I didn't really have a say in this. I just went with it and decided to help him out. (I was a little disappointed that he wasn't in love with ME. The fact that he was super old didn't concern me at the mo. He was hot and he was korean. <3 Anyway,Yoochun was on my number one spot, so I didn't let it bother me much.

Daniel was also in a rush. It was annoying me! Everyone was on the move! And just because! He was rummaging through stuff, magically finding some lemon toothpaste and various flavors of pixie stix. He empties a few of them in his hand while I watch in confusion. Then he squeezes some toothpaste in the pixie stick dust. And THEN he snorts it all up like it's drugs! Don't ask, because I don't know. >.> <.< He holds out my hand next, gives me some pixie stick dust and toothpaste, tells me to do the same. And I do what he says! Am I a slave to my own dreams??!! O.o

I swallow the stuff and it's all dangerously sweet. Apparently, Daniel only did it to fake like he's being sick and spits it out "violently" in the toilet. To attract attention? Why'd he give me some then?? Oh well, maybe he really DOES use it as a drug and wanted to share some with me. I'm so weird.

+ Scene flash: The girl Daniel's attracted to turns her head, alarmed at Daniel's sounds of "distress", but then she loses interest and goes back to the looking out at the view of the endless sea.

+ Scene flash:

Well, that was a failure. She's not interested in you, Dan. Forget her. She's a meanie.

Daniel Henney:
Nah, I'm gonna win her heart. You watch.

I just shrug.

"You're a really good actor. For a while, I really thought you were sick." I say to him, patting him on the shoulder as he stands.

"I try." he says, then we just sit on the floor and hang out. I don't know what we were talking about, but it was probably about totally random things. He forgets about trying to get the girl and I decide my work here is done, so I get up to leave him.

Somehow, I know I'm locked in the bathroom. (hehe, Daniel's locked me in the bathroom, oh noes!) But I just unlock it, say "peace out" to Daniel and left him.

+ Scene Flash: It seems the ship is still docked, so I leave to go find my friends. As I pass, there are alot of rich peeps. Gold and silver, bold colors, just richness and stuff. I pass a restaurant as I look for the exit.

Tom Welling: blah blah b-blah blah blah. . .

Didn't catch what he was talking about, but he was there. And I was like *.* How come you didn't appear in my dreams when I was obsessed with you?!

So, reveling the fact that I was standing beside him now, looking at him while he talked about whatever to the bartender person, I spaced out again:

Tom Welling: Hello sweet thang, how about we bounce outta hear and boogy down on the dance floor.

He didn't really say that, but I WAS daydreaming about him. In my dream. A daydream within a dream. hehe <3

Eventually I left because I didn't have time to talk to him I guess. I leave the ship and walk around a little ways outside. I guess this was another scene flash because back on the ship it was night. But now it was a cloudy, calm day. I'm standing at a wooden dock, just like the beginning of the dream with that girl. And I see my own friends leaving me. They're on the cruise ship we were just on, looking sadly at me as the ship idles away. My face probably resembled that of the girl's when her friends left her. But I wasn't mad at them because cruise ships have to leave at a certain time, and if you're late, you're left behind.

I was scared now, because I had no way of getting home. I ran back on the cruise ship Daniel was in and looked around for him, but couldn't find him. I found a friendly enough looking rich woman standing alone in a ballroom and asked her if she could somehow help me. Of course, she wasn't the captain of the ship, so she didn't know what to tell me. But she let me hang around with her, so I did. She had enough money to fly me back home, she said, but I didn't want to go on a plane. Oh well, I had to go on it in order to get home.

My grandpa woke me up about Boogie, my dog. He wanted me to let him out of his kennel, so I had to get up. So I forced my brain back to reality, relieved that I hadn't been left behind. That's another one of my fears; being left behind: missing a flight, watching a cruise ship leaving that I'm supposed to be on, that sort of thing. So I am putting this in the "anxiety dream" category. ^_^

It was a fun dream, but a very random, weird one. Like my many others. I'm happy I dreamt it though, because now I feel some type of connection shared with Daniel Henney. We're like destined druggie buddies I guess. Drugs made of sugar, though. Without lemon-flavored toothpaste (ewwww!!! >.< )

Thank you for taking time to read this. I hope I've entertained you! xD

be blessed. <3


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