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I just DLed a butt-load of Krap albums and I'm gonna have a BALL listening to them all. OMO, I found Dok2, Jungiggo, and Fana's albums! I couldn't find their stuff anywhere. Well, Fana's album link was dead, so I still have to find an active one, but still. I can listen to the other goodies to keep me at bay till I find it.

<-------------------------- See meh icon? See Jonghun's moneyz? That's GANGSTA CASH! >.> I was trying to make the icon match the theme of my topic, but it's not really happenin'. Jonghun's too cute for gangsta moods. And my TOP icon has been replaced with Eli, and I use Eli too much, so. . . .

What the crazz, I have two more weeks of home until I'm in uni. 0.o I'm not literally prepared yet! I have to get all my immunization records sent off to the school, a dentist appointment that's taking forever to be put into motion, and I still need more clothes!

I got this dorm package in the mail from this catalog, which comes with "everything" and the comforter set that came with it is total trash. It's got worst material in it than a sleeping bag. >.< So I'm getting one from Target or something. Also, the pastel/lavender sheets that came with it looks like it's been sitting somewhere for years; the colors are all bold and out of place, nasty orange, NOT PASTEL nastiness! I'm getting other sheets too, thank God. I'm sorry, but my bed has to be pretty and comfy, or I can't sleep on it.

Other than that, I'm peachy! Gwyn and I made a cake yesterday and I brought it to her lunch at school. Her second day of school. From what I got, her first two days, other than its workload, has been blissness! WANNA KNOW WHY? One thing (and maybe others) *whisper* Korean foreign exchange student whose a boy and tall and very cute and his name's Yujae.

Korean foreign exchange student. keke. <3

Now I wish I was a Seniorrrrrr again. In CCS, so I can be friends with him toooo! There BETTER be Koreans in JWU, and I better meet one lots.

Anyways, I had very nice day today. Got oodles of love at Gwyn's table from all the peeps I went to school with. And it was just nice. I can't wait to go to restaurants with them again, like the good ol' times.

Sim pic of the day:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This is obviously Bennet and Stasha's sim AhRin. They're together. keke. AhRin looks like she's scared, but she's not. lawlz xD

WHOA, I just Youtubed this beatboxing guy that does kpop songs and he's SOOOO good at it! He even has links to his songs so we can download them! He wants to be put on Star King, and I'm soooo for that! He's REALLY good. xD He's called the beatboxhitman2. http://www.youtube.com/user/TheBeatboxHitman2     <------------Good stuff right there.

How could I forget to acknowledge the fact that Gwyn and Stasha SURPRISED Kriss and me at Kriss' house last weekend. Totally had me fooled. And I can't believe I actually got mad when they were trying to get me to come over that day (my rant from recently was because of that. lol) I feel so darnded stoopeed. >.<;;;; Sorry for getting angry!

They made a SHUPA awesome SNNN'ap cake with sparkles and stuff and they made me a collage of pics of our friendness and a card that said "WHat's Up w w w what's up!" from SS501's Kyujong's song. *sigh* LOVE. It was great. My mind was jumbled that day. With happiness and love. I am loved. <3

I shall upload pics of it and edit this post again. They're on my phone, but I gotta size them and junk. So laterz.

Talk to you soon!

be blessed. <3

- Raeven

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*Sigh* MAN! That's all I have to say, because I spent two hours, literally, on Youtube going on a craze for Korean rap artists. Yes, K-rap. In my opinion Korean producers have THE BEST beats out there right now. And I'm not the only one saying that; I read the comments on the Youtube vids. It's truth! xD And it makes me very happy. I can't explain my love for hip hop. I really can't. Maybe it's cuz I'm black, I don't know. But it gets your head rockin' and bangin' and it's . . . ee! I mainly listen to anything that sounds good to my ears. I listen to ANYTHING. And I'm not big on curse words, but if the beat's sick, I don't care; I'll blast the song in my car just for the beats, man. I listened to Map the Soul by Epik High about five times today, just singin' my heart out on the chorus, because it's so beautiful!!!!!!! I CAN'T GET ENOUGH! It's on my Myspace profile, my imeem, and I'm mad that I don't even have it downloaded on my computer yet, so I can put it in my Zune and just inhale the tunes some more!!! 

+ I'm GoNnA RaMbLe. . . So Be ReAdY o.O :P +

I'm glad people on Youtube, who are supposedly mostly American, see what's out there, and what they're missin'. Cuz even though it isn't in English, the music's just as good, and even better at that. I think this was God, seriously; maybe God showed me that one random TVXQ video on Youtube three years ago to introduce me to the Korean culture to show me how completely talented and amazing they are. I learned so much over the years! And it all began just from obsessing over TVXQ. haha, I feel proud of that, yes. keke. I mean, I was inspired so much by them alone, so as not to give into pain so easily, all because Yunho and the rest of the members had gone through so much after they became famous. Whenever I was down, I'd think of them and I wouldn't feel so bad. They made me smile, and they still do. :D

Anyways, I guess I'm trying to express my amazement of how far I've gone since those three years, or is it four years now--since I've known kpop. It's pretty awesome. Yeah, I have a favoritism and a slight obsession, whatever. xD But everyone has their interests. Mine are still broadened; they haven't been packed neatly in a box and closed shut.

I wonder where my mind'll be in the next two or three years. I don't want it to change, but I do want to become smarter. Eh. . . I hate change, yet I like it to an extent. Like, I don't like change when it comes to life-long friendships because it's scary to think whether you and your friends will stay in touch later in life, you know? I want to be one of the girls that calls her friends frequently, even at long distances, and arrange days to meet up. I want to be able to stay in touch with them forever! I want to see them married and stuff! I just want to be able to grow up witht the friends I have. I seriously don't want to lose them. And it isn't hard to keep these relationships, but it isn't hard to lost them either, and that scares me. >.< But, God-willing, I will still have the same friends I have right now. xD And I don't think that'll be too much of a difficulty. <3

So today, I overslept again and was ten minutes late to computer class, which is in M-town. After class, I went to Palm Bizzle's campus to finish up homework with my English partner Crystal (I've known her forever, because we went to the same church ^_^), then I went home and made some Bertolli Ravioli (the freezer dinner stuff). It's my second time eating from that brand and it's the best stuff I've ever had from the freezer. The pasta's like, straight out of the restaurant-good. <333 AND, I finally talked to Minkyu on msn for once and we group chatted with Gwyn. The A team hasn't gotten together in a LONG time, so this was a moment. haha! xD

Yesterday, I made Sean a birthday cake because I felt bad about forgetting his birthday. Stasha and I brought it to his door last night and surprised him. It had little ninja faces on it. lol He ate three big pieces of it, so I was glad he liked it. I kinda felt weird about doing it for him since he and Gwyn aren't really talking right now, but it wasn't overwhelming. We talked with Shelly and stuff out on their porch and Stasha told them all about MCC (so we were there way longer than we needed to be. And the mosquitoes were eating me alive!). Shelly said she is considering going there because she was kicked out of CCS. I don't know why, but it sounds kinda mean. They've already pretty much kicked out my sister, because of financial issue, which I guess, isn't their fault, but still. . .

And now I'm sitting here at my computer, typing this entry when I'm supposed to submit my essay to smarthinking.com! I'll explain later. I should go for now. I've ranted enough for the night.

After I finish my homework, I'm most likely gonna try to fit in a drama before I go to bed. lol ;D

Peace out, mah fellas! <3

be blessed.


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