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I woke up later than usual this morning. The bed was verrrryy comfortable then, so I went back to sleep. Olivia thought she had pink-eye because her eye was itchy and pink, but I just told her to go back to sleep and see how it looks when she woke up again.

It was another free day today, pretty much. I had to go to a conditionally-accepted student meeting at 2pm because that's what was on my acceptance letter. Apparently, it's because something on my high school transcript posted a red flag and figured I'd need extra help to survive college work, even though I already have 24 credit hours transferred from BCC, all passed. >.< Oh well. I'll accept what I have. After a year of school, and if I've passed, I'll be considered a fully accepted student like everyone else. I really don't think it makes much of a difference. They just want to see me succeed, they say. Eh.

Anyway, here's my bullet list <3:
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I attempted an ice cream cake today. So far, everything's in one piece. I know I didn't use the best method of getting the ice cream on the first layer of the cake, but it work. I had to attack the block of ice cream to get it soft with a spatula, then I spread it on the cake, then it started melting immediately, so I popped it in the freezer. Waited two minutes, took it out, put the rest on it. pffffftttttt. Now it's in the freezer.

I'm a little worried about how I'm gonna get it to Kriss' house tomorrow, but it should make it. >.< I REALLY HOPE IT DOES!

SOOOOOO, I've been playing the sims alot lately. I messed up my game from wiping out my Downloads folder, so I downloaded new stuff and completely organized it. It's so organized, it's complicated. xD I'm glad I did it. I'm a little mad though, because it's been crashing, and I have no idea why. It could be the hacks on it, but I don't want to take them off. If I can't figure out the prob, I'll just take them out. No biggy.

I've also been at Kriss' house since the AFO con SNN'ap and Kunhee went to. It was THE AWESOME, btw. The rave was the biggest highlight of mine. I can't say I've ever partied until then. That is a definite first, and I reallllly enjoyed it. Overall, the event was super fun. I enjoyed dressing up, my hair cooperated, I successfully did Dara hair on Stasha, and even represented for the kpopness and found other kpoppers (but the sad thing's that it HAD to be Miles' crew >.< WHYZ?!) Stasha and I were roaming the con halls when someone pointed at Stasha and said, "Are you Dara from 2NE1?!" and I almost died. I was soooooo happy!!!!! Finally, some actual recognition of kpop after all the cons we've been to! ! ! ! <3333 It was magical.

I kinda want to make up an association, like The Kpoppers Association. hehe People who listen to kpop in their cars, have the music on their mp3 player, ipods, etc., just straight up represents the love for korean pop music!

I'M A KPOPPER DUDE! And part of the A crew, and part of SNN'ap. keke. <3 I feel reallllly special.

I want to start a routine. Since I'm such a Sims 2 lover, I want to post a pic a day, or each time I post.

Cuz I'm a freak for this game. <3 :D

Hmmm, now lemme find one.

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This is my fave sim Bennet's little brother, William Boden. He's been a kid for the longest time in my game and now he's finally a teen. He's so pretty! keke I think I want to make him heir of his family, cuz Bennet doesn't look like a sim who cares about makin' babies.

Okay, I hope to be back soon. I'm gonna be super busy tomorrow with crazy stuff. >.<


be blessed. <3

- Raeven
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