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 I got one single hour of sleep on Monday, all because I stayed up talking with Olivia and Ariel's brother. He had to catch a flight in the morning, so he slept on our floor. Passed out at 4 something and got up at 6, so two hours. 

Last night, I slept for four hours, then took a 30 min nap after class before work-study. And I was planning to go to bed at 12 now, but we have company, so that probably won't happen. I wish I was able to not care who was in my room and sleep shamelessly, but it's harrrd! 

>.< Oh well. 

Peace out doods! <3 

be blessed. 

- Raeven
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 Wahhhh, I feel like I'm neglecting my friendddssss. I miss them, they miss me, and the only time I've seen or talked to them was on the same day I got home. Sometimes, being busy sucks. I wish I didn't have so many priorities to get done while I'm on my short vacay home. But I can't say it was all because I was being lazy. Well, the first two days were. I kinda just wanted to stay home and you know, be home, then I went with fam to the mall to go Christmas shopping.

On the 19th, I went to a Christmas/Birthday party for a childhood friend. Her name's Tyra. She and a number of other friends who attended, had gone to elementary school with me for more than six years in a row. It was really awesome seeing them again. I mean, they were literally my first real friends; I grew up with them. So I couldn't miss that party. It was fun. Stasha came with me and even she enjoyed it. Omg, everyone in that little class are in college, some are even married, some are out of the country. It makes me squee! 

But anyway, I just wanted to say that. And update. hehe. I went to the dentist today, and THANK GOD, this whole crown thing is officially done. I still have other things to get done, but the big thing's done. And you don't know how relieved I am right now. It feels kinda weird having it there, but I guess that's expected.  After Thursday, I'll be free to my friends! ^ ^ 

Last night, I stayed up till 2 searching for manhwa scans. keke. And I found a comm on LJ primarily for that called manhwadreams (or something) and they still haven't accepted my request to join! They apparently have a huge collection, so I'm like checkin' that thing every half hour for access. lol  I gotta go to the store in a few to get ingredients for Maria's cake. This is what I'm hoping to accomplish by tomorrow. hehe 
I haven't gotten everything for it yet, and I hope I have enough money to use for it,but yeah. I'm pretty confident I can do this without the use of fondant to cover it. :D  But hey, I'm gonna go. My comp's acting slow, and I can't see what I've typed fast enough for my liking. Until next time! <3 be blessed.  (man, I'm sleepy!) - Raeven
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Yep. I was the one spazzin about Ninja Assasin yesterday. I finally got to see it, and a bunch of buddies formed a group and my pal Alexis hosted it. It was GREAT. A BEAUTIFUL WONDERFUL DAY. Rain surprised me with his acting, and his English really wasn't even that bad. And MY GOODNESS, the fighting skills were amazing. He's really good. And I can't believe the transformation he went through during training for this movie. I watch all the behind the scenes clips on Youtube. They had before and after pics of his body. It's crazy. They said he trains exceptionally well.

In my opinion, Rain can do frenzied-angry-man very well. Other than the really cheesy annoyingly poetic lines the childhood-friend-first love-girl kept saying, the story was good. It did too make since, and it wasn't a mess of just fighting and pointlessness. I liked it alot. But again, that's my opinion. I saw it for Rain. <3 I really hope he's in more movies. Maybe this'll be his big break.

All my friends loved it. They, mostly the guys, were all pumped about after it was over. They're blood-hungry anyway, so they didn't really care about storylines.

* It's snowing in New York. hehe, and Nesha told me her dad said it was snowing in Georgia. If it's snowing in frikkin Georgia, which is SOUTH of here, why isn't there anything goin on in NC?! I think it's cuz I'm here. Too much Florida in me. lol

But it is freezing here right now. I know this because my hands feel like I've stuck them in the freezer when I'm outside, and I can see my breath when I'm not even trying to see it.

* I rode a city bus for the first time yesterday. When we all met up in the quad so we could go to the movies, we caught the 3:00 bus to Conchord Mills. It was a long ride cuz there was major traffic right when we got there. We could have even got off the bus then and walk the rest of the way, but it was too cold for all that.

* We hung around the food court and snacked on food before the movie. There were 8 of us. I got Dairy Queen. hehe.

* Then we went to buy the tickets. The movie wasn't until 5:55, so we goofed around until then. The bathrooms in that theatre's like. . . it's extravagant! You could host a VIP party in there or something! <3

* Then it was time for the movie. (THERE ARE ALOT OF ASIANS IN THE MALL. It's not fair though, because all the ones I saw were with their asian ladies. That annoys the heck outta me. But anyway, I saw alot of cute ones, with good style!

* Then, as we were all kinda high off the movie, we roamed the mall, settling back into the food court. Stephon had his parent's Suburban, so we didn't have worry about missing the bus, BLESS HIS HEART!

But it was so strange. When we were in the food court, and we'd finished or food, there were security guards standing by. They finally approached us and told us we couldn't sit in the food court unless we were eating. They said we couldn't do it on the weekends. What kinda crap is that?! I've never heard of that one. That's not even a rule back at home! I don't even see any security guards back in Melbourne Square. But maybe it's because Charlotte's a "big city"?

* We left the mall when it closed, which was at 9, like all the other malls.

* Then a party magically happened in my room and it turned dirty. I was not involved. lol But I did dj for like, two seconds. Stasha saw it because I webcammed with her.

* Sunday was uneventful except for church this morning; that was good. xD Then I stayed in my room all the rest of the day. Had Papa Johns.

I need to go to bed. So Bai!


be blessed.

- Raeven
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I breezed through the rest of fall term, flew home for Thanksgiving break, and came back yesterday, started labs again today, without updating squat on this journal. WOE IS ME! This is my laziness in full force people. I haven't even unpacked my clothes yet.

The night before I left back for school, I went over to Gwyn's just to say bye and retrieve my Hotel Africa manhwas from her, but I ended up staying for a good hour talking with her. It was sooooo nice, omgah! All the good stuff happens when you're close to leaving, I swear. It happens every time for me. We talked about alot of things, about our futures, boys, complicated-feeling-edness, SHINee. . . just stuff. I love times like that. They're special. <3

Stasha got a webcam while we were in Pensecola for Thanksgiving. We went to Best Buy on Black Friday, but the webcams weren't on sale, really. We got a logitech one for $20. I WANTED to get Smallville Season 6, because they had all the seasons for only $10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (those things are worth $50-60 a season *gasp*), but I couldn't find it on the shelf. It stopped at season 5. And Stasha was already in that boa of a line, so I couldn't spend too much time roaming the place till I found it. When we left the store, Stasha told me she saw a whole stinkin bin of Smallville dvd sets. I could have died. We didn't get any Smallville, sadly, so I'm stuck with hunting them down on the internet and using up hard drive space. Oh well. It was my intention anyway.

I took my first taxi on November 20th 2009, ladies and gents! It was THRILLING! I called for one the night before and didn't even know how to ask for one. lol I was like, "Ah em, uh-how---what are your hours?", then the arab guy was like "hehe, m'am, our service is 24 hours," so I was like "Oh! Okay, well. . . " and I told him I needed a ride to the airport at 4:30am the next morning and he asked for my address, and that was it. I got up at 3:30am, so I'd have time to take a shower and figure out what last minute stuff I'd need and then he called my cell telling me he was parked downstairs. He was like, 8 minutes early. That made me happy. I'd heard stories from Nesha and Erin about their cab experiences and both told me theirs were always late. They told me to call a few of them and catch the first one that arrived. I just risked calling one. So I figure I'd give him business next time I need a ride super early in the morning. It was a pretty fancy cab too, with leather seats and tinted windows and such. I thought those were the ones that were most expensive, but apparently, they're the same price as all the other ones in Charlotte. I was highly impressed. :D

When I got home, I didn't get to take a nap at all. Gwyn and I went straight to Tampa to pick up Kriss and we talked the whole way there, catching up, listening to toons, you know, the good stuff. Then, Kriss, Gwyn, and I got Taco Bell, then took Kriss home, stayed at Kriss' for about 30 minutes, then Gwyn picked up Stasha, we reunited there, and she took me to my mom's. I was at my mom's for a good two hours. We had a good chat. She had to take Stasha back to the school at 5:30, so I waited for her to take her up there, then I went home to get ready for Stasha's school's football game at 7:30.

Omg, I was already spacey from being so tired. I got a pretty prominent headache by the time the game was over. And we didn't even go straight home after the game. Since the team one, nana took us to get ice cream at Sonic, then she had to take Stasha's friend home. *sigh* The day was crazily long. But it was well worth it. I had such an awesome day that day. First taxi ride, first football game. xD And Stasha's really not that bad in cheerleading! She and Chengzhi look dorb in their uniforms, doin' they're little moves. It was fun to watch. And the game was intense!!! I had alot of fun.

My bedroom's frikkin magical! That new bed I have. . . I miss it already. Only got to sleep in it for about 5 days. That wasn't enough. :p

* Went to Steak and Shake with Maria, Kara, Chase, Emily Walker, and Ronnie last Tuesday. We caught up and cracked jokes. I LOVE get togethers like that.

* Went to Cassie's thanksgiving party on Tuesday also. That was warm and toasteh fun. <3 The turkey and ham was splendid, but I felt a little awkward for the first hour we were there. Felt kinda out of place, mostly because I hadn't seen the crew in a while, and also because I'm so not in CCS anymore. That must've been it. Surrounded by a bunch a' youngins'. lol With the exception of Gwyn and maybe Andrew, I guess. lol It was still fun, though. Cassie's an awesome friend.

* The trip to Pensecola was very nice. Everyone came this year--everyone back home, that is. Chris, Scooter, Mom, Nana, Papa, Stasha, Dede, Me, Auntie Wyler, and Tyler. My mom, Chris, and Scooter, hadn't been showing up for the last few Thanksgivings we've spent in P-cola, so alot of the fam was very happy to see them.

* I'd been in a fairly crappy mood that whole trip, mostly because of my selfish want to sulk and be moody. I really don't know why I felt so impatient on the drive; maybe riding in vehicles with family did that to a person anyway, but I just got annoyed so easily on that whole trip, pretty much. Maybe it was because I was sleepy? No idea. I don't wanna say it's hormones, because I really can't identify hormones in the first place. I put myself in denial over alot of things like that. >.< I don't know when I'm gonna stop doing that.

* So many babies in the family now! :3 Makes me so happy! I got to hold four of them. <3333333 So squishy, smooth, soft, bubbly! I kind of daydreamed about having kids a few times while I was there. But give me a break--there are NO babies whatsoever in the fam that resides in boring old Palm Bay. If we want to see babies, it's going to be coming from the next gen., which is me, Stasha, and Dede. >____<;; not happening any time soon. So you can imagine my excitement when I lay eyes on babies I'm obligated to hold and love on, because they're part of the famileh! :DD Man, I love babies.

* I haven't written much in the past few weeks, like I should have been. I promised a chapter to Maria on break, and I totally haven't even much started on it. It's depressing. But since she hasn't asked, I'm gonna take the opportunity to try and finish it so I can surprise her. Haven't done that yet. 107,000 words total, though! That's a novel already!!!! <333 Oh man, you don't know how good that feels.

* Well, anyway, it's nice to be back in Charlotte. I found myself missing friends and my room. My dorm bed is actually very comfortable. I want to buy a duvet cover for my comforter at Ikea. They have a very nice selection. It's gotten way colder, cold enough to make my hands feel like I've stuff them in a freezer for long enough, enough to make my face feel uncomfortable and well, cold.

* I was very glad to find that the same students I've been seeing for the past three months are now mixed with a batch of newer students who've moved in for the winter term. There have been much more cuter boys roaming around, and *whispers* more gays. The first guy me and Olivia met--when we were leaving out of the taxi from the airport-- was a cute gay guy in the elevator. I was so bummed. He was adorable, and a waste of boy. My hopes of getting a boyfriend have broadened though.

*Hey hey! I was totally unaware of the new asian guy sitting in front of me in the cafe tonight. OH MAN, I was talking to Portia and absently looked away when a guy caught my attention when he stood. When he turned around, I almost freaked out. His eyes were so hot! He had those sporty kinda intense asian eyes, the narrow ones anime artists usually put on evil or mysterious characters--that kind. But he doesn't look that talkative or friendly, so I don't know if I'm ever gonna talk to him. But that's alright. If this batch isn't all that, maybe Spring term'll be even better!! keke. I'm so desperate. lol

* Okay, I need to sleep now. More tomorrow, hopefully. Peace!!! xD

be blessed. <3

- Raeven
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Can't go to bed until I make a quick entry. I have to make it daily! I have to! Or at least try. If I did this earlier today, I would have finally posted pictures of what I've been doing in class! But I honestly have been busy today. Last minute, though, I did my laundry, hung up my uniforms, tidied up my side of the room, and quickly did my homework. I had to do a sketch of what I want to do my chocolate centerpiece on. It's making me nervous. I think I may have picked a pretty complicated thing to do, with my level of experience, at least. I don't know why I put too much on my plate, but yeah. . . I pray it turns out right when it's time for practical. That'll be the last two days of the week I come back after break.

I want to bring my knife kit with me home for thanksgiving break, but I don't know how I'm going to get it on the plane with me. The only way I can think of it being possible is if I boxed up the bag and had it tossed on with my luggage. I'm going to call the airport to find out, because I have to take it with me, otherwise I'm not baking jack!

My dad's buying my ticket for November 20th, at some time at 6 in the morning (theres not many times to choose from, apparently), so I'm going to have to get up super early and catch the shuttle that leaves from the Starbucks across the street every 30 minutes. Man, it's gonna be cold. -__-

I called my mom today after class. I hadn't talked to her in a couple of weeks. I wanted to tell her I'd learned that if she ate good chocolate everyday, it would help her teeth, and shrink her stomach. The more chocolate liqueur in the chocolate, the better it is for you. So eat chocolate peeps!

She wanted to know how I was and all that jazz, asked about my friends. Somehow, we ended up talking about my dad's side of the family and it was really interesting. I learned things I hadn't known before, like that my grandpa was a very important man (was into politics and stuff), shook hands with former president Ronald Reagan! :D Just interesting facts like that. She also told me that she loved my grandmother's ex-husband because he used to give my mom and dad a huge wad of cash when I was a baby. Cash like $300-500 cash! His name's George. hehe, George. I met him when I went to St. Thomas for a cruise, when we stopped in Antigua. He's a very sweet man, and I think it's precious to see my grand-Lydia catching up with him like best friends do.

So yeah, I've been having really good convos with my mom lately. It's relieving when I get off the phone with her. I think the distance is helping with that alot. <3

I talk to Stasha almost every other day. Either that or every weekend. I rarely call her. She calls me. And gives me updates. lol xD And Dede hasn't even asked about me! She hasn't called once! Well then, she's not getting any gifts from me any time soon. pshh.

Okay. I need to go to bed. Omg, yes I do.


And be blessed please! <33

- Raeven
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SO MUCH to talk about! And I don't even know where to start. Man, I don't even feel like saying everything, but I guess I should try and knock it all out. lol

Here goes: 

* I got a JOB~!!!!! Work study job actually, but hey, it's a job. xDD I started today. 10 hours a week, minimum wage. I work in the Safety and Security office (that's where I was assigned to) and all I'm really expecting to do is sit in the back and wait for someone I can assist. I can listen to my Zune, and even use my laptop, and I'm even encouraged to do my homework there. It's GREAT! I sat around for 4 hours, but I had my Zune and I actually thought up some AMAZINGTASTIC ideas!!! omg, I'm so excited for the book now. I just have to tell Maria about it and see if she likes it. I pretty much thought of a good quarter of the end of the book that we need to fill. If she agrees, I'll have the important build to the climax figured out. Wish me luck! xDD

By the way, I work Monday to Wednesday. Monday: 4-7pm, Tuesday: 4-7pm, Wednesday: 3-7pm. 

*  I started Venoisserie class today. It was the most confuzzling day I've had in class yet. Other than that, MY day wasn't swayed, but it was for others. Some got stressed from the confusion of baker's math and conversion of formulas and stuff. My whole class is all females; 20 girls. It's pretty awesome, and we all clean up after each other. It's nice. But anyway, today one guy was introduced to the class and he was white with looong blonde dreads. He was pretty hot. But later, after there was a miscommunication between the chef and us students, the guy apparently made one too many smart remarks and the next thing I knew, Chef was ushering him out of the class. He'd been kicked out for the rest of the nine days. Now that's tough! 

*  And I can't remember what else to say so I'll get back to you on that. lol I have pictures to post, so yeah. I'll do that REAL SOON! Just not tonight cuz I don't feel like it. Didn't have time. And it's late now. <3

Peace ! 

be blessed. xD

- Raeven
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My second official day of labs was much better than the first. Time even seemed to go by faster. But the homework is starting to pile on. It's not that it's alot; it just seems that way when it's put with ironing the uniform, finding out how much time you think you're gonna need to get ready in the morning, if you can fit in breakfast too yada yada. I woke up right on time this morning, had all my stuff ready from last night and was out the door in an hour. I even had a good half hour of breakfast time before class, which was very good. xD

Now, I have to worry about work-study. If I do do that, I'd have a much busier schedule, but it's not that many hours, so it shouldn't be too bad.

I'm eating ramen noodles right now. hehe.

Something interesting: Alot of peeps like my style. I find it very flattering, but being around Gwyna and Kriss all the time has made it nothing. hehe Thanks guys! I mix and match all the time, and I mess around with my hair (well, not too much; just the front bang part. I like to put it up in a mini ponytail thing). I'm infamous for that, because people actually ask me if I'd go out in public with my hair like that. lol They don't say it in a bad way. I guess they just think it's pretty bold. I'm surprisingly comfortable wearing my leggings and skirts with its expressive colors and what-not, despite my shyness. It's my style, and I thank my best friends for the influence. You know who you are, SNNN'ap. <3

I'm also known for my socks. Gwyn's zwesome shoe-socks caused alot of attention. lol My nana bought me a variety of character-socks for some reason, including spongebob and minnie mouse. I think they were on sale or something. Eh, who cares. I wear them to sleep. xDD

After class (which was about Baguettes again. I'm gonna perfect them!), the day was pretty uneventful. I was gonna go out to eat with friends tonight, but it was getting too late, and with class being early tomorrow morning, I didn't want to go anymore. Instead, I DLed music after I ate lunch, started dozing off, then napped for an hour, I think.

I was on my laptop for most of the day, laying around in my room. Then I migrated to the common room to watch Step Up with my roomies on the big screen. Just got back, actually. And I'm not even completely finished with my homework. I plan to sleep at 1, so in between that time, all that I need to get done will be finished. keke, including this LJ post. :DD

P.S. - While looking for a Chik-fil-a in the area the other night, I drove back to the school without any help for the first time! I think I'm finidng my way around! Not in the heart of the city yet, but out of the city. I can drive to Walmart, Dairy Queen, and Chick-fil-a without the hassle of my gps now. YAY ME! <33 xDD

be blessed.

- Raeven

Good Timez

Aug. 16th, 2009 02:05 am
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I had a really good time this weekend. xD And it's pretty late, so I'm not gonna make this long. Stasha and I went to Kriss', as planned yesterday. Though late getting there, I successfully make another strawberry ice cream cake <3, Kriss showed me French artists (and now I'm gonna search them up and DL French music), started the anticipated movie of Kriss' childhood: MTV's original movie 2+get+her (I think that's how you spell it XD, I wanted to watch moreeeeeee), cut meat for a korean feast of dokbokki (pfft spelled wrong probably), and listened to creepy local legends late last night (in which I was pretty interested in, but very disturbed), and went to bed.

I felt like I was up all night, flopping around, looking blindly around and only seeing blurs (no glasses). It may have been the temperature of the room, which was pretty warm to me, but I just simply couldn't sleep. But Kriss' futon pallet was really comfy, so it most def wasn't that.

Anyway, today we got up pretty early to leave to Hioki's (Hioki's was closed when we got there *Leeteukoink*). Alot of peeps were supposed to come. And Yujae actually came xDD. I followed Gwyn to his house because I had to take my car, and for the whole day, I couldn't keep up with her! It got a little annoying after a while because after we found out that Hioki's was closed, I didn't know we were stopping at, so I had to stop a few times while Andrew's car was behind me, following ME, when I didn't know where to go myself. So that was the down part. Communication kinda failed. Since I didn't know where the places we were goings was, I had to rely on the familiar streets, and that was about it. I was on straight empty when I got home.

But it's ok. My car needs a major tune-up, so it's eating gas like crazy at the mo. We went to this place called Salsa's (?) to eat. It's in downtown Melbizzle. A small local place. The food was really good, but by the time I got my enchiladas, I'd eaten chips and salsa and wasn't hungry anymore. lol Ended up taking a little box home. We gave the place good business, oh yas we did. 14 people total I believe. :D

Sean smothered Yujae lol, but I don't think he knew he was. I told him about personal space later, when I ended up having to give him a ride home tonight. Someone who offered him a ride left him at the school to catch another ride and his parents weren't home, so I gave him a ride. I've been in his situation before, so I know he doesn't mean to be a nuisance/burden/thing. Stasha and I were going to Blockbuster anyway, so it was no problem. So we talked and laughed. Haha, and yeah, when we were sitting in the parking lot of Blackbuster, that's when I told him he should tone it down with Yujae. I know Gwyn already told him, I think, but I thought I'd say it again. lol He seemed to understand, so I'm glad I didn't hurt his feelings.

After we took him home, I dropped off my car to my aunt's house so she can use it for church tomorrow morning. Her car broke down. Sadness. But hopefully, it's nothing serious. I'll have my car back by 1 or 2.

Oh yeah, and how can I forget! I took Yujae home today and we jammed to some tunes. I gave him my Zune to browse through and he took it like an eager little kid! Then he played some Epik High and Alex and Dynamic Duo and Bi/Rain. haha! We had fun. He was surprised Stasha and I knew Bi's It's Raining song and were dancing to it. Thank God the ride wasn't awkward! lol Oh it was jolly fun! xDD When we got to his house, he commented that we had more kpop music than he'd had and wanted to know where we DLed our stuff, so I told him the two websites I used the most and was looking for a paper to write on. He just gave us his hand. lol . So stasha wrote it on his hand and I she was like:

"What's the other one?"
And I was like, "It's Z-degrees.net"
"Uhhhhhhh. . . . . . . . . . . . "
"uhhhhhhhhhhhh. . . . . . "
"Omg, Stasha are you telling me you can't spell degrees?!"
"I'm confused! It sounds--"
Yujae: "D-e-g-r-e-e, right?"
Me: "*flail* Even Yujae knows how to spell it!"
*Yujae laughs* *Stasha O.O's*
Yujae: "I can just write it"
and looks at stasha's jacked up z-deegres and questions it, and I just shake my head.
So then I tell him the rest of the site name and he leaves. Before he goes in, he stops to look at his hand and laughs. So cute! We waved like three times. hehe. :B (aw come on, lemme have my moment :3)

Today was eventful, yes. It was hot and sticky humid, Cassie and the crew came, and more CCSers, and we talked and stuffs at Salsa's. I got to hug Cassie twice, so now I don't feel bad about leaving for school with her knowing now, because I got to got out and do something with her today.

It's so nice to have large groups of peeps to go out with. It's super fun. May be stressful coordinating it, but it all pays off. Andrew's friend Diamond told me it was super boring here and I didn't protest at all cuz it's true. She's a sophomore in college in Boston, so of course that place's better than our town. But I told her it's much better when you have friends to be with, otherwise, it'll be torturous living in this town particularly. She also told me she heard JWU was a really good school, and that's comforting to know.

ummmm, I think that's it. I'm gonna go to bed now xD Soon soon!
Sim pic of the day: 

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Taejoon and a Genie. hehe

This definitely didn't turn out to be a short post. hehe. sryz. <33 Thank you for reading! Thos eof you who care! :D

be blessed. <3

- Raeven

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Seriously! I knew this was gonna happen. Okay, so my health insurance is crappy. The company whatevs I'm under takes forever to reach on the phone, either because there aren't enough staff to take the phone, or their just a bunch of lazy workers who don't know how to deal with their own costumers. *puff* Yeah, I finally got my route canal done, but it isn't completely fixed. I still need a crown put on it, otherwise, there's no support on the tooth, the root is hallow because its been cleaned out, making the structure of it more fragile, which worries me because I gotta eat carefully and such until it's taken care of.

My previous dentist told me a crown takes two weeks to get made in the lab, then I get it fitted. I ONLY HAVE TWO WEEKS LEFT HERE! I get onto my mom everyday about an appointment, and she's been trying to get me one, but the stoopid insurance can't ever give you a straight answer, so it was only today that my mom got me an appointment. Guess when the appt. is? ? ? August 20th! O.O;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; >| I'm gonna die ugly. I won't have a frikkin tooth. I'm too young for this to be happening to me! I think I have the weakest teeth in the world. I've always had cavities, even when I've cut down on the sweets and such. The dentist is here to haunt me forever!!!!

>.< So yeah, I read on various sites on google about the fastest time you can get a crown on a tooth and all of them say a couple of weeks, so I know I won't be able to get it on time if my appointment's that late. Something ALWAYS has to go wrong when the time starts to run out, doesn't it? Well for me it is.

Hopefully, God can work this out for me. I mean, He always does; I just gotta ask, which I haven't really done, because I tend to try to figure it out myself before bringing it to Him. pfffffft.

So there's still hope. :)

I got up at 7 this morning. xD But I just went to the bathroom and found my place back in bed again, fell back to sleep and didn't get up till 10. Then I made pancakes. Haven't done that in a long time. They were very good. <3 Then I DLed a whole bunch of kpop mvs of various artists while listening to my new Krap tunes. :D I wanted to make a new video. I'm still DLing some more vids, but I have most of the ones I want. The video I want to do won't make sense. It'll just flow with the mood of the song, because I like to listen to good music and watch pretty things. :3 Don't youuuu?

The only time I left the house today was to get the mail and go to Walgreens to get some blank cds. Then it was back to the computer. lol I didn't play any sims today though, sadly. I still haven't fixed my crashing problem yet, but I think I know what I have to do, just haven't done it yet.

Ok, Kebee is the <3best<3 for making a song like Diving from his The Passage album. I've been listening to it nonstop today and last night and I haven't gotten tired of it yet, which means it'll be a definite favorite of mine for yearrrrrrs! Oh, it's such good stuff. It stirs up emotionjunk inside me and makes me want to scream with joy. *sigh* This is what I've been waiting for. And I want more songs that give me this feeling. I predict SHINee will be crankin' out the next jam that I'll love. I'm expecting something delicious from them. I just don't know what it'll be. But I'll wait. ;D

I played around with Photoshop CS2 today and edited today's sim pic. <33 I fooled around with selective color and went overboard. haha

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I did not stage this. It happened automatically. When Taejoon (the blue-haired one) was headed out the door from the salon after I changed his hair, the red-head, his friend, gave this shocked reaction. It was so funny! xD Priceless.

The majority of my sim's names are Korean. *hides* But at least the ones that DO have Korean names are because they have it in them, somewhere in the bloodline. The red head even has asian in her, believe it or not. Her dad's black and her mom's asian. Very asian. Her grandpa's sim-Yunho. lol.

Well, until next time! xDD I'm going to Kriss' house tomorrow with Stasha and Gwyn and we're gonna stay the night! xD And I'm gonna make her the strawberry ice cream cake I did for her and Kunhee, but this time I'm doing it at her house because last time I just brought slices; it would've melted if I brought the whole thing. (I think I said this before in an earlier post. Oh well. >.>)

Oh how glad I am to have someone to squee about Sims 2 with. Kriss, this makes me so happy! Thank you for beign addicted to it just as much as I am! xDDDDDDDD

THEN, tomorrow, we're going to Hioki's for a get-together with friends, like the good timez, with Sean and Cassie and Zach and Andrew, and possibly Yujae, and you know, the whole crew. So it should be really fun. Hopefully, someone in my house can spare me a $20. hehe. I love Hioki's. I've only been there once and fell in love. Finally, I get to go back. keke. And I'm gonna order the same thing I had last time, which is pretty generic and predictable: Teriyaki chicken, I believe. Something with chicken and rice. Either way, it was TASTY. <3

Last night Kriss was telling me about these peeps she met on Skype and they currently live in Australia in a sharehouse. She talked to this French guy who started it. The cool thing about a sharehouse is that you get a chance to grow possible lifelong relationships with your fellow tennants and just. . . live together! I'd want to do it if it was with a few people from other countries, like the one she told me about. She even showed me pics of them; they looked like a cute little family!!!!! xDDD Yes, I would love that experience. And I wish I was in that picture. :3

-----Gwyn showed me this Jonghyun/Minho fic thing and it was really cute. Makes me want to read more fics. I should finish reading Gwyn's FT Island oneshot!! Then I can finally leave my superlate comment on it. psssshhh. ------ILUGWYN<3

Ok, seriously, I'm gonna go now. Goodnight! Sleep well!

be blessed. <3

- Raeven

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I just DLed a butt-load of Krap albums and I'm gonna have a BALL listening to them all. OMO, I found Dok2, Jungiggo, and Fana's albums! I couldn't find their stuff anywhere. Well, Fana's album link was dead, so I still have to find an active one, but still. I can listen to the other goodies to keep me at bay till I find it.

<-------------------------- See meh icon? See Jonghun's moneyz? That's GANGSTA CASH! >.> I was trying to make the icon match the theme of my topic, but it's not really happenin'. Jonghun's too cute for gangsta moods. And my TOP icon has been replaced with Eli, and I use Eli too much, so. . . .

What the crazz, I have two more weeks of home until I'm in uni. 0.o I'm not literally prepared yet! I have to get all my immunization records sent off to the school, a dentist appointment that's taking forever to be put into motion, and I still need more clothes!

I got this dorm package in the mail from this catalog, which comes with "everything" and the comforter set that came with it is total trash. It's got worst material in it than a sleeping bag. >.< So I'm getting one from Target or something. Also, the pastel/lavender sheets that came with it looks like it's been sitting somewhere for years; the colors are all bold and out of place, nasty orange, NOT PASTEL nastiness! I'm getting other sheets too, thank God. I'm sorry, but my bed has to be pretty and comfy, or I can't sleep on it.

Other than that, I'm peachy! Gwyn and I made a cake yesterday and I brought it to her lunch at school. Her second day of school. From what I got, her first two days, other than its workload, has been blissness! WANNA KNOW WHY? One thing (and maybe others) *whisper* Korean foreign exchange student whose a boy and tall and very cute and his name's Yujae.

Korean foreign exchange student. keke. <3

Now I wish I was a Seniorrrrrr again. In CCS, so I can be friends with him toooo! There BETTER be Koreans in JWU, and I better meet one lots.

Anyways, I had very nice day today. Got oodles of love at Gwyn's table from all the peeps I went to school with. And it was just nice. I can't wait to go to restaurants with them again, like the good ol' times.

Sim pic of the day:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This is obviously Bennet and Stasha's sim AhRin. They're together. keke. AhRin looks like she's scared, but she's not. lawlz xD

WHOA, I just Youtubed this beatboxing guy that does kpop songs and he's SOOOO good at it! He even has links to his songs so we can download them! He wants to be put on Star King, and I'm soooo for that! He's REALLY good. xD He's called the beatboxhitman2. http://www.youtube.com/user/TheBeatboxHitman2     <------------Good stuff right there.

How could I forget to acknowledge the fact that Gwyn and Stasha SURPRISED Kriss and me at Kriss' house last weekend. Totally had me fooled. And I can't believe I actually got mad when they were trying to get me to come over that day (my rant from recently was because of that. lol) I feel so darnded stoopeed. >.<;;;; Sorry for getting angry!

They made a SHUPA awesome SNNN'ap cake with sparkles and stuff and they made me a collage of pics of our friendness and a card that said "WHat's Up w w w what's up!" from SS501's Kyujong's song. *sigh* LOVE. It was great. My mind was jumbled that day. With happiness and love. I am loved. <3

I shall upload pics of it and edit this post again. They're on my phone, but I gotta size them and junk. So laterz.

Talk to you soon!

be blessed. <3

- Raeven

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Sometimes I wish I didn't put myself in such situations that makes me sound irresponsible and possibly self-centered. I make commitments that aren't important to others so I sound stupid when I say I need to attend to it. Yeah, Maria and I are writing a book. Most people think it's a bunch of garbage because we're only highschool graduates and most of all the authors alive graduate college with English literature majors or are geniuses or something who can get away with things like this. Since we want to get the thing done at a certain time this year, we have deadlines. I'm terrible with them to begin with, but somehow, I make it happen. I think it's a good way to keep me from procrastinating, but it isn't helping my time-management skills.

Since I don't want to annoy my friends with constant "I'm writing"s 24/7 (which I already do, I bet), I try to put off actually finishing my deadline until after I've gone out, went wherever with friends, then on the last day, I write write write until late, then I try to get up early enough to finish it on time. Maria always makes hers on time and I'm always struggling. I've always been that way, and I don't want to be known for that.

So I felt pretty stupid and mean when I got mad and blurted it out to Gwyn on the phone tonight. I regretted it after I sent the text, because it's not her or anyone else's fault. I mean, if I WANTED to, I could probably postpone the due day until Monday, but I've done it so many times that I don't want to make it a reputation.

I really hope I'm making sense. What I'm saying is, this whole writing thing is a selfish pleasure to me. I'm motivated by the fact that I've never written so much in my life, and that I know a whole storyline from beginning, middle, and end without any blank pieces, and that I'm kind of disciplining myself to get things done at a certain time.

I know Stasha thinks it's a waste of time. She doesn't take it seriously yada yada, rolls her eyes whenever I mention it, probably because she could never see someone like me doing something like this. And I understand that, but I have a life, and she has one too. She chooses to do things she likes, so why can't I? I still hang out with my friends 70% of the time, so what is it? pfffttt >.<

We're stopping at chapter 11. We're on 10 now. Once that's done, I can hang out whenever nothing else in my life comes up, because I know I'm gonna be going to school soon and I'm gonna miss my friends, of course.

But anyway, I'm gonna go now.

be blessed. <3


- Raeven

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One thing I cannot understand about Dede is the fact that she picks my room out of all rooms to sleep in. First of all, she needs to be at home IN HER OWN BED sleeping. Four or five or maybe even more days out of seven, she's at the grandparent's house playing at a friend's in the neighborhood, then she decides she wants to sleepover, and ALWAYS sleeps in my bed. Look, I just want to be by myself sometimes. When I'm at home, Dede's either calling me to pick her up, Stasha's wanting my attention, or their both wanting me to pick them up. When I'm actually alone, I usually get called to run some errands, then I get home, thinking I have the rest of the day all to myself, when lo-and-behold, Mom brings them over.

Of course, most times I'm fine with it, but when I want to get things done, or when I just don't feel like talking/responding, I don't want to be bothered. Just hear me out! Everyone needs space, including me! If I want the bed to myself, shouldn't I be able to have that happen? It's my bed after all. If there were no free beds in the house, I'd understand, but that's not even the case. If there's a prob with sleeping on the air mattress, then you wouldn't be sleeping over, now would you?

I don't know. I'm calling my mom tomorrow, and I'm gonna tell her I don't want to be going back and forth to pick someone up, especially Dede. I'll take time out to take her somewhere, because I enjoy that. But I don't need to be wasting gas. And it's not like Mom's giving me gas money, so really, if mom can't drive them over, then why do I have to do it? I don't have a job--I don't have money to easily spend on gas. I'm gonna tell her that Dede needs to stay home more often, cuz it's true, and she shouldn't just be able to come over whenever she wants just because she can. >.<;;;

It's just frustrating. I don't like to sleep with other people in the bed; I never get a good night's sleep that way. And for a while, I haven't been getting that. So I'm a little fed up.

But that's alright. I shouldn't complain too much because I may end up regretting it later when I'm away in school, missing family and crap. So I'll shut up.

I feel better now. :3

I'm gonna go to bed now. Be back soon.

be blessed. <3

- Raeven

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I've got a 3:15 dentist appointment and I haven't left yet. Was too busy updating Interpals. pssh. But I gotta go like now, so I just thought I'd post my feelings. I'M NERVOUS! >.<

I have no choice, though. I have to get it done. They're finishing up my route canal. But then I have to go back again for the post and crown. *sigggghhhhhhhhhh* 

I hope Alex and SHINee and Rin can soothe me like they did the last time. :3

I'll update later today. Hopefully.


- Raeven

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I don't think I've ever gone to the movies so often this week! It was good, but I'm totally broke, so asking for money is the drawback. Since I've been making plans with friends, I ended up having movie nights at the theatre all week. I learned there's a Tuesday special at Cinema World for $5 all day today, and on Saturdays, they play older movies for $2 at 11:00pm. I had to scrape up money for Dede. Stasha, and me today to see Harry Potter 6 with Gwyn. It was really good by the way. I'm pleased, with the time they were given to make it. I mean, they couldn't possibly show every single detail all in 2 hours and 40 minutes, so I was satisfied. It was intense, as always, just how I like it. And the actor who plays Ron was even hotter than the last movies. (Gwyn would've killed me for not knowing his real name. I always call him Ron). But anyway, I found myself thinkin about him way after the movie was finished. He's VERY sexy. And I really like his smile. :B

I figured, in order to have myself update my lj more, I'd have to make myself think I'm getting paid to do this. It's gonna take an imaginative mind, and I have one, so. . . I should be able to open my mind. hehe.

Instead of going to the movies with Brittany last night, we met at Starbucks and talked for about 2 hours. I haven't seen nor talked to her for more than six months. And I had alot to ask her. She got accepted to Barry University two years ago and had to come back home because of some issues at home, but now she is able to work at a hospital as a phlebotomist if she wanted to, but she's now taking classes to be a nurse. She was originally gonna be a PA, which is a major medical job, but I guess not now because she's not in uni anymore. >.< But anyway, we caught up on some stuff and she told me she was proud of me and shocked that I still had no boyfriend. lol She also told me some stuff about college life that was very useful to me.

She even bought me a vanilla frap (something I refused to let her buy for me, knowing it'd be a waste, because I don't really like to drink milk things), and I tried some of it, and it was good, but I ended up ditching the rest, dipping my rice crispy treat in it. She bought me that too. SO SWEET! I was totally gonna buy it myself. pfft.

I'm really proud of her. She's so mature and smart and persistent. She's a full time student and employee at Publix. 10-12 hour shifts along with some overtime. Yesterday was one of the only days she's had completely off for a long time. I'm glad I got to see her. ^^ We used to do alot of stuff together while in high school. She was a grade higher than me. So I think she's either 20 or 21 now. I'm not sure.

I feel productive again. Two weeks ago, all I wanted to do was read. Now I really want to write. I wasn't in the mood to write for a while, because of the deadlines I had for Achanis, but I took a break from it, and now I think I can begin the next chapter without thinking I'm not being creative enough. 8D But I'm glad Maria and I are gonna be going over the whole entire manuscript again, adding more details and correcting things, before giving it to beta-readers, technically. So I won't worry too much on making it perfect right now.

Argh, I really want a job. No, I really want money. Period.

That Tostitos Bean-Cheese dip is reallllly good. I got a jar the other day and it was all gone in two days. So I got more. I was afraid I was actually gaining weight because of all the junk food I'd been eating lately, but it actually went down. What the heck! I guess it's just cuz a girls' weight is never really a steady number. Or maybe it's cuz I don't necessarily eat much meals anymore, just snacks all day. But that's not healthy either. Oh well. I haven't been able to enjoy donuts and crap for a long while, so I'm treating myself. lawlz. And I still have to eat Walmart cake before my want is fulfilled. Then I'll be satisfied. <3

And I finally showed Gwyn U-kiss! I'm so happy! I think she likes them! xDDD They're very similar to SNN'ap.

Alright, ttyl! :3

be blessed.


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Today, I went to the beach with Maria, Thalia, Abby, Gabby, Liah, Maria's cousin and his baby, Kara, and Liah's friend. I picked up Abby and Kara and we headed to the beach to meet up with the others. We got there at around 1 something. The water was VERY nice. I don't go to the beach much (well, I haven't for years, but this year's different) and I was surprised at the clearness of the water. It may have smelled like it's usual fishy smell, but it was actually inviting. Too bad I didn't plan to swim, or get my hair wet and messed up, so I just let my legs get wet. I had on some pretty short shorts.

The sand burned my feet, so I sat under Abby's umbrella for most of the time, watched people, watched my friends swim, then tried not to act lonely so I roamed my phone and raided the snack bag Thalia brought. I wasn't lonely, and though I was the only one sitting out on the sand and not swimming, the others felt bad and kept asking me if I wanted to borrow a bathing suit and swim with them. They felt bad, but I was fine with just sitting alone. I can do those things without needing attention. Gosh, sometimes I wish I didn't make people think I'm being anti-social. I don't know, I like company, but I'm also totally fine with being by myself.

Anyways, we were having a good ol' time at the beach until the lifeguard started blowin his whistle, bringing out the yellow flag and warning people of the storm that was rolling in. It was then that we started to notice the thunder and the lightning ahead. I was ready to hop in the car (lightning freaks me out), but everyone was taking their time getting out of the water.

But soon enough, everyone made left the water and packed up. It was around 3 when we left to Maria's house. We were gonna go to Toys-r-us, just because we were bored, and play with the toys they had out on the aisles. I was following Maria, and she passed the place, so me and Kara were like, "what the crazz", and just followed her some more before calling her. Instead, we went to papa john's. Liah's friend's mom worked there, so we got a good discount on two pizzas. Then we went to Maria's house, eat the pizza(of course), then played two or three rounds of "Have You Ever" or whatever they call that game. I've never played it, but I won the first round keke. That was nice.

After that, I took Kara, Abby, and Thalia home.

Played the sims when I got home after lazing around the house. Then I went to Walmart in Chris' Hummer to get some cookie dough. I thought I'd make something for Kriss' friend and us to much on while we ride. xD Kriss, Stasha, and I are picking up Kriss' friend tomorrow. I'm super excited!! Stasha and I are going to go to her house at around noon to watch stuff before we head to Orlando's airport. I'm taking my car, which is in desperate need of a tune-up, but I pray it'll be good and take us where we need to go without any issues.

On another note, I learned a few uplifting things from Kara and Abby about college an dorm life. Though they didn't know about their roommates, they didn't have too much issues with them, and ultimately became friends. Kara said the roomate she became good friends with had moved out because she was staying with her boyfriend. Kara was disappointed, but she had the dorm room to herself for the rest of the semester. xD Now, I'm not saying I want this to happen, but if it did, I'd be pretty happeh.

ALright, it's 2:43am right now and I can't keep  my eyes open. Peace! <3 Tomorrow.

be blessed.

- Raeven

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Oh James, your lyrics are so cute.  <3

Sorry about the unexpected crazyhugegap of entries. I went to Cleveland last week with my grandparents and sisters. It was an awesome trip. Loads of pretty scenery, laughs, and love.

Cleveland's grass is frikkin SOFT! And green! I would have loved to sit out on my uncle Charles' backyard and read while lounging on a blanket. PRECTION!

Anyways, I saw alot of family, my 95 year old grandmother, and caught up with loads of cousins and uncles and aunts that I hadn't seen for 10 years, literally. They were surprised, as was I. xD Family's a beautiful thing. It was great seeing them all together, talking about past memories and taking pictures. *sigh* <33

We left on July 1st, stopped in Charlotte, NC at Mrs. Sonia's house to stay the night, got up the next morning and headed to Cleveland, left Ohio on the 6th, stopped in Charlotte to stay the night, got home on the 8th. We took our time getting places this time, and the whole time we were in Charlotte, we didn't stop at my school once! >.< Oh wellz.

The rest of that week was of sleeping and putting around at home. The whoooole weekend. Oh, and I wrote. Same old thing happened the rest of that week. THEN, my tooth did something odd and unnecessary and caused me great pain all last weekend. I had to endure it until Monday so I could get a dentist appointment. I got no sleep last night because pain medicine wasn't working and I had a looping dream about Michael Jackson. His songs wouldn't stop playing in my head, repetitively. IT WAS INSANE!!! I couldn't take it! I willed myself to think about something else, like SHINee, and once I started playing one of their songs in my head, after a minute, it was back to MJ. @____________________________________@
not cool.

So I gave up at 8:00am, and went to lay down on the couch, watched Golden Girls on tv and fell asleep there for like 5 lame minutes. Then my nana called and told me I could get squeezed into the dentist, so I rejoiced and headed over. I was told to be patient, since I was a walk-in, but I didn't care. I ended up getting in right away, a chinese endodontist ended up doing the root canal, and it was totally painless. I listened to Alex on my Zune while she did it. xDD I think a little of my dentist fears have whithered away, thanks to the nice dentist lady. She even called me a few hours after she did it to see how I was doing. I'm VERY SATISFIED. I can eat sweets now! But I'll be careful. It's a wonderful day indeed. :3 It's a huge relief. You don't even know! 

I still have to go back to get more work done on it on the 23rd, and theirs a few more appts after that (before I go off to school), but that'll be alright if I get the same dentist.

Also, I've fallen in love with Alex Eusebio! The cutie from U-kiss. I was already attracted to him a while back, but Stasha and I watched alot of U-kiss stuff and have decided we both really like him AND the group. They only have a small amount of songs and popularity, but their voices are really good and are super hyper, goofy, and cute. And Kevin's undeniably gay with Kibum(Hyungjoon's bro from SS501). Kibum's literally Kevin's master. Their always in pics together, looking all possesive and flirtatious; Kevin's 19 or somethin and has the girliest voice I've ever heard; Kibum likes to bite him and . . . just GAY! But it's kinda cute. I think Gwyn'll like those two. Together. haha!

Update: Observe

  <----- Ain't he cute?! (that's kevin on the right/ kibum on the left)

WHY DOESN'T U-KISS HAVE PICSPAMWORTHY AMOUNTS OF PICS?! It's depressing! Maybe if they released more songs, they'd get more fans gah!!! >.<;;;

Alexander, like I said, is my favorite from that group. He's a devoted Christian and he speaks English and he's like a living cartoon character. He's talllllll and his smile makes me want to kidnap him and bumbard him with hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!! xDD He's dorb to the max.

Okay, I'm gonna go and do other stuff now. Peace!

be blessed. <3
- Raeven

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Man, now I gotta go get a new one. Portable notebook mouses are the best, dood. And I guess I've used mine too irresponsibly or something? Because it already has a short in it. . .

and it's 3:20 in the morning. I need to go to bed!

So I didn't elaborate on the Metrocon experience. eh. I will. . . just not today. keke. I'm not gonna promise stuff anymore. >.< :3


- Raeven <3


Jun. 28th, 2009 01:10 am
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I'm addicted. I know this because within only two weeks, I've played the game 512 times (It can count my plays) and I've won 58 times, making my winning percentage 11%, which I'm desperately trying to surpass. Every free moment I get sitting on my bed at the computer ends up on solitaire. I light up whenever I think about the game and my fingers itch to play it. I'm a bit scared of myself because I'm trying to restrict myself from playing it, and nothing's changed. I still waste valuable minutes on the measly card game. It's an OCD thing, really. I'm motivated to play it simply because it keeps track of my score. If anything keeps track of my score, I'll play it all day. The thing about solitaire is the matching of cards and junk. I taught myself how to win and ever since, I'd been playing it out of boredom for years. I stopped after I moved from my old house, then I got back into it after I got a laptop. I used to refuse to go to bed until I won at least once. And usually, with some music on to keep me occupied, I'd win, but I'd just click New Game to start a new game and keep going. Time flies that way. It reminds me of smoking, or drinking, or any other addiction people struggle with. You can't just decide to quit and think you're going to be fine with it. You can't just eat one potato chip and leave the rest of the bag alone (usually). That's how I am with this stoopid solitaire game. I'm addicted T.T

I stayed the night at Gwyn's last night. We were gonna pull an all-nighter and watch stuff, but Gwyn had a party to go to early the next morning, so we ditched that plan and went to bed at around 3 in the morning. I went home at 10:30 and plopped on my bed, went on my laptop, tossing the idea of catching some more zzz's Instead, I played Sims 3, watched some random Youtube, listened to music and played Solitaire, sat around my room, ran a few VERY POINTLESS errands, then went back to my room to play more Solitaire. UGH! The gameeeee. In fact, it's open right now. pfft.

I really love the show We Got Married. It's sooooo funneh, and heartwarming, and adorable. It makes me want to have a boyfriend soooo bad. But the problem with that is that I don't really JUST want to have a boyfriend. Hopefully, the guy who'll be my boyfriend, will also be the guy I marry. I mean, the guy won't be my boyfriend until I know him extremely well, so I won't experience any stupid surprises about him later. eh, I only have eyes for my soulmate. I really don't want to mess around. >.>

Anyways, Stasha and I watched an eppy of Gossip Girl, and I also convinced her to watch We Got Married. So she's gonna start watching it. xD And then we caught a Michael Jackson special on MTV(?) and it was a whole rundown on his music career, mainly showing all of his music videos in order. It was REALLY good. *sigh* I never had super crazy feeling's about Michael, but I always thought he was hot when he was young. Honestly, he's a really pretty boy to me. And it breaks my heart what he did to himself. And, okay, I'd have accepted the fact that he made his skin white (because he still looked good to me), but he didn't have to jack up his cheekbones and nose. >.< Anyways, he was smokin in his videos. His teen vids were adorable! <3 Man, I really appreciate him more now that I ever did. He really was a legend. And he'll definitely will be missed. No doubt.

Now I want to download his "Bad" album. There were some very hot mvs in that album. And the songs were really good.

I also find it amusing how my mom used to looooove him. She and her best friend Michelle. ^^ I saw a pic of my mom and her as teens in my mom's lacy pink room, both sporting punkish hair and smoky makeup with a poster of Michael on her wall. Epic. kekeke

Well, that's all I'm gonna post for now. sry I haven't been posting as much as I promised. I really haven't been doing much except hang out with friends. I went to the Metracon with Kriss, Gwyn, and Stasha two weekes ago and it was zwesome. I'll elaborate on it morez tomorrow. Hopefully. :D

Talk to you soon, cyberworldthing! <3

be blessed.
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Yeah, Stasha and Dede and I went out all day today. Mom gave my $40 to take Dede out somewhere to "bond" and Stasha ended up going with us because she had no cheerleading practice (it was cancelled). And it was a very fun day. xD

First, I had to go to Maria's house, since Mom calling me was a totally impromptu thing, so I took Stasha and Dede with me. I gave Maria chapter seven and we chilled for a while. She told me about her newfound love for Bollywood movies and we watched half of this funny romance movie with her. IT'S VERY ENTERTAINING, and the men aren't that bad looking. I think I have a new interest heehee! I want to watch more with her. Her Jewish friends introduced her, actually. So now, we want to have an international movie week where we watch at least one movie from most countries, and I'm totally picking two for Korean movies. I just don't know which one yet. But it has to be fairly clean and something that won't scare Maria off. lol I was thinking Virgin Snow, a Millionaire's First Love, or 200 Pound Beauty. I really don't know yet, so if there are any recommendations (GWYN!<3), feel free to spit them at me. ^_^

Then, since it was mostly Dede's day, I let her pick a movie to see at the Oaks for the evening and we all agreed on Up, but that was 3D, I forgot, so we had to pick a dif. one (cuz our passes don't accept 3D movies. pooop). So we decided on Imagine That at 7pm. It was very cute, by the way.

Then we went to Viera and ate at Chili's. We all had the Cajun Chicken pasta. It was yummy. Then we went to the BN back iin Melbizzle to kill time before the movie. Dede usually likes to look at the teen magazines (you know, the ones with the same old disney stars and the stupidly edited-terrible-photoshopped-posters that come with it), so we grabbed a few to look at too. We sat at the kiddie table in the kids section of BN and laughed our butts off looking at them. I conclude that those magazines are VERY fun to look at and that we should totally go to BN every month for the new issues and laugh at them. They put some juicy stuffs in them. hehe.

This entry sounds very kindergarten to me right now. I'm not trying to be flowery today. I needed to post this before the battery on my lappie dies, which is a huge pathetic excuse because I can just get my battery and plug it up if I wanted to. My brain's a bunch of mush right now, if you haven't noticed already. I'm not even gonna re-read this because I'll disgust myself with all its icky run-ons and disastrous sentences of no sense! ! ! !

:F  I'mma leave now. And read Gwyn's lovelicious oneshot. <33 eeeee!

be blessed! <3

- Raeven

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I sat in my bed all day today, writing chapter seven of Achanis (me and Maria's book). Sometimes it's a pain, because I procrastinate and wait until the last day to write a whole entire chapter. Then, I don't get satisfied with it and feel I can do better. In the last few entries, I said we were on chapter seven already. Well, technically were we, but I hadn't finished adding my touches to it.

This is how Maria and I work: 

Usually on a Monday or Tuesday, we meet to talk about the story. We have a very crude timeline we go by, broke it up into a tentative 21 chapters. Since this is originally Maria's story, she writes ahead, then I take what she has and put all the details and fluff in it. She's good at dialogue and base and I'm good at the writing and fluff. It all balances. I like it. ^_^ We've made a goal to have the whole manuscript done my the time I go off to school (I think I've said this before, but oh well), so for that to happen, I'll have to have a chapter complete by the end of each week. Chapter 7 was supposed to be done by last Sunday, but it's longer than expected and I'm still writing it. poop. I'm always the slacker. Maria's already almost done with 8, spitting out 7 pages (single-spaced) in a whole day. She's crazy. xD

Then, when I finish a chapter, I print it out and put it on a cd and go to Maria's. She reads it, and we talk about ideas. Then she gives me what she has for the next chapter and the loop goes on. It kinda feels nice because it's a productive activity. I love writing. <3

Hopefully, though, I can dedicate maybe two days to the story so I won't have to worry about it for the rest of the week. I must KILL my procrastination!

Other than that, I've been worrying about school. I don't know about dorms. I already have trouble sleeping in the same room as people to begin with. I don't want to be uncomfortable where I'm going to be living.

City View Towers is full. I was too late to reserve a place, so I have to stay in a dorm. But I am excited about making new friends and stuff. I don't know. I guess I'm just gonna have to see for myself and accept it. ^^

I've been wanting to play Sims 2 for a good while now, and I think I will once I finish this chapter. pfft. xD So I'mma goez.


be blessed.

- Raeven


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