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Oh James, your lyrics are so cute.  <3

Sorry about the unexpected crazyhugegap of entries. I went to Cleveland last week with my grandparents and sisters. It was an awesome trip. Loads of pretty scenery, laughs, and love.

Cleveland's grass is frikkin SOFT! And green! I would have loved to sit out on my uncle Charles' backyard and read while lounging on a blanket. PRECTION!

Anyways, I saw alot of family, my 95 year old grandmother, and caught up with loads of cousins and uncles and aunts that I hadn't seen for 10 years, literally. They were surprised, as was I. xD Family's a beautiful thing. It was great seeing them all together, talking about past memories and taking pictures. *sigh* <33

We left on July 1st, stopped in Charlotte, NC at Mrs. Sonia's house to stay the night, got up the next morning and headed to Cleveland, left Ohio on the 6th, stopped in Charlotte to stay the night, got home on the 8th. We took our time getting places this time, and the whole time we were in Charlotte, we didn't stop at my school once! >.< Oh wellz.

The rest of that week was of sleeping and putting around at home. The whoooole weekend. Oh, and I wrote. Same old thing happened the rest of that week. THEN, my tooth did something odd and unnecessary and caused me great pain all last weekend. I had to endure it until Monday so I could get a dentist appointment. I got no sleep last night because pain medicine wasn't working and I had a looping dream about Michael Jackson. His songs wouldn't stop playing in my head, repetitively. IT WAS INSANE!!! I couldn't take it! I willed myself to think about something else, like SHINee, and once I started playing one of their songs in my head, after a minute, it was back to MJ. @____________________________________@
not cool.

So I gave up at 8:00am, and went to lay down on the couch, watched Golden Girls on tv and fell asleep there for like 5 lame minutes. Then my nana called and told me I could get squeezed into the dentist, so I rejoiced and headed over. I was told to be patient, since I was a walk-in, but I didn't care. I ended up getting in right away, a chinese endodontist ended up doing the root canal, and it was totally painless. I listened to Alex on my Zune while she did it. xDD I think a little of my dentist fears have whithered away, thanks to the nice dentist lady. She even called me a few hours after she did it to see how I was doing. I'm VERY SATISFIED. I can eat sweets now! But I'll be careful. It's a wonderful day indeed. :3 It's a huge relief. You don't even know! 

I still have to go back to get more work done on it on the 23rd, and theirs a few more appts after that (before I go off to school), but that'll be alright if I get the same dentist.

Also, I've fallen in love with Alex Eusebio! The cutie from U-kiss. I was already attracted to him a while back, but Stasha and I watched alot of U-kiss stuff and have decided we both really like him AND the group. They only have a small amount of songs and popularity, but their voices are really good and are super hyper, goofy, and cute. And Kevin's undeniably gay with Kibum(Hyungjoon's bro from SS501). Kibum's literally Kevin's master. Their always in pics together, looking all possesive and flirtatious; Kevin's 19 or somethin and has the girliest voice I've ever heard; Kibum likes to bite him and . . . just GAY! But it's kinda cute. I think Gwyn'll like those two. Together. haha!

Update: Observe

  <----- Ain't he cute?! (that's kevin on the right/ kibum on the left)

WHY DOESN'T U-KISS HAVE PICSPAMWORTHY AMOUNTS OF PICS?! It's depressing! Maybe if they released more songs, they'd get more fans gah!!! >.<;;;

Alexander, like I said, is my favorite from that group. He's a devoted Christian and he speaks English and he's like a living cartoon character. He's talllllll and his smile makes me want to kidnap him and bumbard him with hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!! xDD He's dorb to the max.

Okay, I'm gonna go and do other stuff now. Peace!

be blessed. <3
- Raeven


Jun. 28th, 2009 01:10 am
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I'm addicted. I know this because within only two weeks, I've played the game 512 times (It can count my plays) and I've won 58 times, making my winning percentage 11%, which I'm desperately trying to surpass. Every free moment I get sitting on my bed at the computer ends up on solitaire. I light up whenever I think about the game and my fingers itch to play it. I'm a bit scared of myself because I'm trying to restrict myself from playing it, and nothing's changed. I still waste valuable minutes on the measly card game. It's an OCD thing, really. I'm motivated to play it simply because it keeps track of my score. If anything keeps track of my score, I'll play it all day. The thing about solitaire is the matching of cards and junk. I taught myself how to win and ever since, I'd been playing it out of boredom for years. I stopped after I moved from my old house, then I got back into it after I got a laptop. I used to refuse to go to bed until I won at least once. And usually, with some music on to keep me occupied, I'd win, but I'd just click New Game to start a new game and keep going. Time flies that way. It reminds me of smoking, or drinking, or any other addiction people struggle with. You can't just decide to quit and think you're going to be fine with it. You can't just eat one potato chip and leave the rest of the bag alone (usually). That's how I am with this stoopid solitaire game. I'm addicted T.T

I stayed the night at Gwyn's last night. We were gonna pull an all-nighter and watch stuff, but Gwyn had a party to go to early the next morning, so we ditched that plan and went to bed at around 3 in the morning. I went home at 10:30 and plopped on my bed, went on my laptop, tossing the idea of catching some more zzz's Instead, I played Sims 3, watched some random Youtube, listened to music and played Solitaire, sat around my room, ran a few VERY POINTLESS errands, then went back to my room to play more Solitaire. UGH! The gameeeee. In fact, it's open right now. pfft.

I really love the show We Got Married. It's sooooo funneh, and heartwarming, and adorable. It makes me want to have a boyfriend soooo bad. But the problem with that is that I don't really JUST want to have a boyfriend. Hopefully, the guy who'll be my boyfriend, will also be the guy I marry. I mean, the guy won't be my boyfriend until I know him extremely well, so I won't experience any stupid surprises about him later. eh, I only have eyes for my soulmate. I really don't want to mess around. >.>

Anyways, Stasha and I watched an eppy of Gossip Girl, and I also convinced her to watch We Got Married. So she's gonna start watching it. xD And then we caught a Michael Jackson special on MTV(?) and it was a whole rundown on his music career, mainly showing all of his music videos in order. It was REALLY good. *sigh* I never had super crazy feeling's about Michael, but I always thought he was hot when he was young. Honestly, he's a really pretty boy to me. And it breaks my heart what he did to himself. And, okay, I'd have accepted the fact that he made his skin white (because he still looked good to me), but he didn't have to jack up his cheekbones and nose. >.< Anyways, he was smokin in his videos. His teen vids were adorable! <3 Man, I really appreciate him more now that I ever did. He really was a legend. And he'll definitely will be missed. No doubt.

Now I want to download his "Bad" album. There were some very hot mvs in that album. And the songs were really good.

I also find it amusing how my mom used to looooove him. She and her best friend Michelle. ^^ I saw a pic of my mom and her as teens in my mom's lacy pink room, both sporting punkish hair and smoky makeup with a poster of Michael on her wall. Epic. kekeke

Well, that's all I'm gonna post for now. sry I haven't been posting as much as I promised. I really haven't been doing much except hang out with friends. I went to the Metracon with Kriss, Gwyn, and Stasha two weekes ago and it was zwesome. I'll elaborate on it morez tomorrow. Hopefully. :D

Talk to you soon, cyberworldthing! <3

be blessed.


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