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I should've posted a few days ago, cuz quite a bit's gone down. :p

2011's starting off very well:

♦ I'm actively job searching
♦ I'm really enjoying Gwyn living here with me. She's my excuse for going everywhere. :p
♦ I get to hang out with Rachel on Thursdays (and some random nights)- to noraebang.
♦ I communicate with ahjusshis.

This year is the first of many that I've made friends with a man more than a decade my senior, without it being creepy and uncomfortable. Well I guess there's really only one. His name's Jaemin and he's the bartender at the noraebang we go to on Thursdays. He only works on Wednesdays and Thursdays, so that's when we've been going lately. He's told us it's pretty popular on the weekends, but I'm a little hesitant about going on those days since he won't be there. It's less awkward when he's there because he talks to us, and he's funny. I like him because he doesn't try anything with us. So far, he's a the impression of a sweet man whose only surprised that we know so much about Korea. And if he never liked us, he's doing a fine job acting like he enjoys our company. So in return, Gwyn and I'd like to bake something for him and the lady who cooks in the back. lol

The last Thursday we went, the one before the most recent, a group of peeps came in for a birthday party. After getting a room, they migrated to the front to use the free karaoke machine and drink and stuff. Long story short: bday girl's brother Sam was drunk and interested in us and asked for our numbers, ended up only wanting Rachel, before sending creepy desperate texts to Gwyn first, and ultimately sending even creepier texts AND FB messages to Rachel. He's convinced he loves her, lol.

Anyway, Jaemin already didn't like him because he was a Korean who couldn't write and read his own language. Because he was americanized. lol So when Rachel told him how creepy Sam ended up being, he said he'd beat the ssshhh--- out of him, call him motherfather(not in those words) and you know, kick his buns badly.

Side-note: Elderly people are precious <3 Most times.

Wow, I got sidetracked. Could've been finished with this hours ago but I'm sitting in Amelie's and attractive people keep pouring in. Then I started listening to music and instantly wanted to edit the rap song me and Donny did. I may have ADD guys. :3

So um, now I'm gonna make this even shorter. On that same Thursday night, another OLDEROLDER ahjusshi started talking to us, and it was all fine and dandy talk until he got drunk. O_O Um, he was like, petting Gwyn and I, then he petted me more, and Gwyn saved me with a glanced at Jae who said something to the man politely in Korean and he magically backed off. He gets major points for that, yall.

Today, we met up with Rachel in Conchord Mills Mall to see Black Swan. Went for a showing at 1:15. It was VERY well done, but also very disturbing, dark, CREEPY. Some parts were pretty sexy, and others were painful to watch(for me). I was waiting for some bones to break.


I hope it wins some awards. I think the leading actress did phenomenal *.* phenomenal. GUH. I felt all of her pain.

Yesterday, Gwyn and I made whoopies. Multi-colored heart shaped whoopie pies. Some were just made of white cake and vanilla buttercream, the others were chocolate with peanut butter buttercream. THOSE WERE BOSSIN.




There's a cupcake competition coming up and I think I wanna sign up. If I'm allowed, I want to make two entries. One for appearance - the rainbow cupcakes, and one for taste - choc cupcakes w/ the pb icing. <3 Possibleh.

And that is all! Peacebeans!

be blessed.

- Raeven
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 Okay, let's just hope that with this connection, I can post pics. *sucks teeth* Now it's not showing a connection. *SIGH* I don't feel like leaving my room. . . Oh, now it's back. Please go through!!!!!

But wait, LOOKIT SANDO! UP THERE! IN MY ICON! Isn't he dorb?! ! ! ! Awww, I wanna marry him. T.T He's doin that sign he always does with his fingers. Such long, perfect fingers. <3 CUTIE TIMES A THOUSAND TO INFINITY! TAKE THAT PEEPS, TAKE THAT!!!!!

Olivia and I have rearranged our room for the fourth time now, and after church I got tired of the arrangement already. lol I didn't bother her about it, since our last change had only been a few weeks ago. Instead, I just organized my desk corner and moved it away from the window. Before, it was tucked in a corner, right behind our bunk bed, so it was like a hiding place, haha. No one ever realized I was sitting over there because they couldn't see me. keke. I liked the privacy, but the clutter was KILLING ME. I have to much stuff, I've realized. I like to keep everything. I even keep the Forever 21 bags I come back with after shopping. Why do I need them? I don't know, but I keep them hung up on one of the pillars of my bunk bed and leave them there. Finally threw away a buncha crap today, including the beloved Forever 21 bags. :B

I went to church this morning with Nesha and we had a pleasant time. While I was chillin in my room, I ate a Salsaritas' chicken taco salad. Then Bussie(a veryyyyyyyy omg-country-Georgia dood came knocking on my door. I'd forgotten that I'd promised him a ride to Gamestop and I'd already gotten comfortable in my pj pants. I closed the door on him, go dressed and took him. He went to go sell a heap of stuff he didn't play anymore so he could buy a used DS lite. He got a pink one for $80. Now I want one. I think I'm going to ask for one for my birthday. I've wanted one for a while, ever since I played Cooking Mama on it. And yesterday, while I was at Tracey's place getting my hair done, my little cousin Charlie had this ADORABLE baby game. I INSTANTLY wanted it. :3

Other than get my hair done and go to church, that's all I went out for this weekend. I'm planning to do all my homework tomorrow (no class) and do hopefully do some other things I've wanted desperately to accomplish, like finish chapter 16 of Maria and my book project, and do finish chapter 3 of the one I'm doing based on Jaywoo (JWU) <--it's just for fun. Trying to see if I can actually follow through with something and finish it.

Oh, and last night, Cyril, Portia, Yazmin, and I watched Avatar on my computer in the study room. It was super fun. We didn't get done with that thing till 4 in the morning! xD 

Okay, so I wanted to do a spam last time, but the connection's not promising, so I'm gonna try again today. :D 

Pics under the cut, yo! )
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I don't think I've ever gone to the movies so often this week! It was good, but I'm totally broke, so asking for money is the drawback. Since I've been making plans with friends, I ended up having movie nights at the theatre all week. I learned there's a Tuesday special at Cinema World for $5 all day today, and on Saturdays, they play older movies for $2 at 11:00pm. I had to scrape up money for Dede. Stasha, and me today to see Harry Potter 6 with Gwyn. It was really good by the way. I'm pleased, with the time they were given to make it. I mean, they couldn't possibly show every single detail all in 2 hours and 40 minutes, so I was satisfied. It was intense, as always, just how I like it. And the actor who plays Ron was even hotter than the last movies. (Gwyn would've killed me for not knowing his real name. I always call him Ron). But anyway, I found myself thinkin about him way after the movie was finished. He's VERY sexy. And I really like his smile. :B

I figured, in order to have myself update my lj more, I'd have to make myself think I'm getting paid to do this. It's gonna take an imaginative mind, and I have one, so. . . I should be able to open my mind. hehe.

Instead of going to the movies with Brittany last night, we met at Starbucks and talked for about 2 hours. I haven't seen nor talked to her for more than six months. And I had alot to ask her. She got accepted to Barry University two years ago and had to come back home because of some issues at home, but now she is able to work at a hospital as a phlebotomist if she wanted to, but she's now taking classes to be a nurse. She was originally gonna be a PA, which is a major medical job, but I guess not now because she's not in uni anymore. >.< But anyway, we caught up on some stuff and she told me she was proud of me and shocked that I still had no boyfriend. lol She also told me some stuff about college life that was very useful to me.

She even bought me a vanilla frap (something I refused to let her buy for me, knowing it'd be a waste, because I don't really like to drink milk things), and I tried some of it, and it was good, but I ended up ditching the rest, dipping my rice crispy treat in it. She bought me that too. SO SWEET! I was totally gonna buy it myself. pfft.

I'm really proud of her. She's so mature and smart and persistent. She's a full time student and employee at Publix. 10-12 hour shifts along with some overtime. Yesterday was one of the only days she's had completely off for a long time. I'm glad I got to see her. ^^ We used to do alot of stuff together while in high school. She was a grade higher than me. So I think she's either 20 or 21 now. I'm not sure.

I feel productive again. Two weeks ago, all I wanted to do was read. Now I really want to write. I wasn't in the mood to write for a while, because of the deadlines I had for Achanis, but I took a break from it, and now I think I can begin the next chapter without thinking I'm not being creative enough. 8D But I'm glad Maria and I are gonna be going over the whole entire manuscript again, adding more details and correcting things, before giving it to beta-readers, technically. So I won't worry too much on making it perfect right now.

Argh, I really want a job. No, I really want money. Period.

That Tostitos Bean-Cheese dip is reallllly good. I got a jar the other day and it was all gone in two days. So I got more. I was afraid I was actually gaining weight because of all the junk food I'd been eating lately, but it actually went down. What the heck! I guess it's just cuz a girls' weight is never really a steady number. Or maybe it's cuz I don't necessarily eat much meals anymore, just snacks all day. But that's not healthy either. Oh well. I haven't been able to enjoy donuts and crap for a long while, so I'm treating myself. lawlz. And I still have to eat Walmart cake before my want is fulfilled. Then I'll be satisfied. <3

And I finally showed Gwyn U-kiss! I'm so happy! I think she likes them! xDDD They're very similar to SNN'ap.

Alright, ttyl! :3

be blessed.


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Yeah, Stasha and Dede and I went out all day today. Mom gave my $40 to take Dede out somewhere to "bond" and Stasha ended up going with us because she had no cheerleading practice (it was cancelled). And it was a very fun day. xD

First, I had to go to Maria's house, since Mom calling me was a totally impromptu thing, so I took Stasha and Dede with me. I gave Maria chapter seven and we chilled for a while. She told me about her newfound love for Bollywood movies and we watched half of this funny romance movie with her. IT'S VERY ENTERTAINING, and the men aren't that bad looking. I think I have a new interest heehee! I want to watch more with her. Her Jewish friends introduced her, actually. So now, we want to have an international movie week where we watch at least one movie from most countries, and I'm totally picking two for Korean movies. I just don't know which one yet. But it has to be fairly clean and something that won't scare Maria off. lol I was thinking Virgin Snow, a Millionaire's First Love, or 200 Pound Beauty. I really don't know yet, so if there are any recommendations (GWYN!<3), feel free to spit them at me. ^_^

Then, since it was mostly Dede's day, I let her pick a movie to see at the Oaks for the evening and we all agreed on Up, but that was 3D, I forgot, so we had to pick a dif. one (cuz our passes don't accept 3D movies. pooop). So we decided on Imagine That at 7pm. It was very cute, by the way.

Then we went to Viera and ate at Chili's. We all had the Cajun Chicken pasta. It was yummy. Then we went to the BN back iin Melbizzle to kill time before the movie. Dede usually likes to look at the teen magazines (you know, the ones with the same old disney stars and the stupidly edited-terrible-photoshopped-posters that come with it), so we grabbed a few to look at too. We sat at the kiddie table in the kids section of BN and laughed our butts off looking at them. I conclude that those magazines are VERY fun to look at and that we should totally go to BN every month for the new issues and laugh at them. They put some juicy stuffs in them. hehe.

This entry sounds very kindergarten to me right now. I'm not trying to be flowery today. I needed to post this before the battery on my lappie dies, which is a huge pathetic excuse because I can just get my battery and plug it up if I wanted to. My brain's a bunch of mush right now, if you haven't noticed already. I'm not even gonna re-read this because I'll disgust myself with all its icky run-ons and disastrous sentences of no sense! ! ! !

:F  I'mma leave now. And read Gwyn's lovelicious oneshot. <33 eeeee!

be blessed! <3

- Raeven

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I haven't been updating in a while simply because time flew out the window. I lost track of the days because I have no job and currently have no school to go to, so I hang around at home writing or playing the Sims2 or Youtubing. I waste time. :D

On Friday, I went to the movies with nana, Stasha, Auntie Wyler, and a group home kid (I can't remember his name sadly, but he's nice), and saw Dance Flick while nana and my aunt went to see Obsessed. I really wished we decided to go see Obsessed instead. I was expecting Dance Flick to be corny funny anyway, but those kninds of movies always make me feel like I've wasted money. lol It was a fun outing nonetheless.

I've been a closet Sims 2 fiend the last two days, checking Snootysims.com every three or four hours and counting down the days for the Sims 3. lol

I wanted to post some pics of Bennet, my current pretty boy, but It's too late to start any of that, so I'll wait till tomorrow. It's a funny, kinda creepy thing I found. ^_^

Well, I'll talk tomorrow. I'm gonna go to bed now. Peace! <3

be blessed.

- Raeven

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I don't understand why I can't wake up when I need to anymore. If I had class today, I'd be up 2 hours early. Now, when I set the alarm on my cell phone (which is the only alarm I rely on), I MAY wake up to that, but then I go back to sleep and wake up 2 hours later! *SIGH* I'm glad I don't have anything to wake up for right now, but I still want to get up early so I'm not starting things late, ya know??

Sleep is addictive, making waking up from it the devil. :/

Yesterday, I made a red velvet cake all from scratch! I'm so proud! I was worried it wouldn't come out right and the batter wouldn't be as red as it was supposed to. I followed everything from Paula Dean's Grandma's recipe from Foodnetwork.com, so I was a little comforted by that. The cake smelled good when it was cooling, so I was convinced that it would taste good too.


: cocoa powder
: vinegar
: buttermilk

Yeahp, I didn't know that. Now I know what I'm tasting when I eat it! lol Ever since I first tasted red velvet cake, I didn't like it. I couldn't understand the taste, so I shyed away from it. To me, the cake was just some plain cake with red dye in it, and something else that I couldn't put a finger on. But now I can! I like it a little. The taste is growing on me, but I nibble mostly. ^_^

I was paid 10 bucks to make it for Aaron's mom. Aaron was a kid I knew from both of my previous math classes while in BCC. We text each other about random things. (I went to his house to play video games once, but I didn't tell anyone because I was too embarrassed. AND I didn't want to get scolded because I knew that if I told any of my friends, they'd think it sounded shady) But I don't know how to explain it. When you know someone's not going to come onto you, your guard goes down. I was confident that he wasn't the dangerous type, so I didn't think much of it, and he's kinda scrawny, so I could beat him up if he DID try to attack me. But we're just friends. He hasn't texted me any flirtatious things since I met him, so I'm not worried about it. I'm still cautious, just not paranoid about it. And I'm most definitely not gonna do stupid things like that while I'm away for college. I'll most likely be with family then. ^_^

But anyway, I found out that the cake tasted good, so I'm at ease. I didn't want to get paid for a yucky cake. So it was a success! xD

After I dropped the cake off, Stasha and I headed to Gwyn's house cuz we were going to the movies together to see Star Trek. <3 It was reallllly good. OMG, the characters were super awesome. I knew nothing about the story, but now I want to know more. Makes me want to read the books and junk. Almost. Gwyn had already seent the movie, but she wanted to see it with us. I REALLY enjoyed it. I always look for corniness, but this one had none, which is excellent. And Gwyn got me liking Spock, though I think I would've liked him anyway. hehee! hmm, the main character was hot too. And omo, Tyler Perry was even in there!!! That was unexpected but cool. haha!

Okay, well I better go now. I have a deadline to make by Sunday, but I haven't started on it yet, so yeah. . . >.<;; I better get to it.

And hey! I got the Plus account! It's a free upgrade that I was totally late on lol, but it allows me to have 15 userpics, so I'm very happy! It SO beats the meazly 6 I had before. xDDD


be blessed. <3

- Raeven


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