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Don't you hate them? I can't sleep, so I'm on the comp. until the time hits at least 4am. The same like, 1 minute dream seems to repeat itself over and over, changing slightly but not too much. It's the most annoying, unsettling thing! I get it often and I can't sleep when they happen because it's repetitive and uncomfortable. I can't really explain the feeling.

Maybe it's just cuz I'm not used to going to bed so early! I went to sleep at around 11 tonight, which hasn't been a common occurrence at all lately. I woke up at a little before 1 in the morning, giving up on sleep.

So, I think I'm going to watch Boys Over Flowers until I'm sleepy again or listen to Pandora. ^_^

I got back from Charlotte today. We our family friend, Mrs. Sonia's house at around 7am and didn't get home until 7 at night. >.< But oh well, it was a nice drive. I enjoy traveling. In a car. Not on a plane. But cruises are fine. xD I have to ask my grandmother when that cruise is gonna be!!

Like I said before, North Carolina is beautiful. And JWU's right in the city, downtown, so I can see the skyscrapers right over my head!

And it looks like I'm gonna be living in a dorm, which I'm totally fine with; I just don't know what I'm gonna do if Maria decides to move up with me. But she's very independent, so I don't think she'll mind renting a room from someone, because she's done it before. At least for a year, then we can get an apartment together. ^_^

And I also think I'm leaning towards a bachelor's degree. Apparently, I can get one in Charlotte, but it'll be for Baking and Pastry Arts and Food Service Management, which'll be PERFECT because I can have some education on business and help Gwyn out! I'm really excited. :3 But also nervous.

I really love my cousins. They're so funny and awesome. lawl. My mom's cousins grew up together, so I listened to their past stories and it was hilarious! Again, I learned something about my mom that I didn't know. Since she, Chris, Scooter, nana, and papa, traveled alot and were living in Germany because of papa being in the military, they didn't visit Ohio or Pensecola often. Tracey, Monique, and Tim are siblings and my mom's first cousins (I think that makes me, stasha, and dede their second cousins, idk how that goes). My mom was like, "remember when I came to visit you, Tracey and you guys were still in school?" so then the story began. My mom, when she was in high school, I think, had tagged along with Tracey to some big gathering of her fellow school students. My mom's really pretty, and being that she was from Florida (someone not from Ohio, lol) she got alot of attention. Some of the girl schoolmates were jealous of her and the mean ones went right up to her, thinking she was vulnerable and weak, startted beating her up. They were all shocked when she started fighting back. kekeke. My mom's a tomboy, man, despite her clothes. She is definitely not afraid to fight, and she's good at it from what I've heard.


All the stories she told us about her, Scooter, and Chris's adventures are so funny! They climbed trees and yadda yadda. My fam's interesting, very close, HUGE, and loving. Mine consists of the Hollyfields (my papa's side), the McCorveys (my nana's side), and the Browns (my dad's side).

Anyway, I'm gonna go now, since I think I've talked about all I wante to say for today. xD I'm going to the beach with Kara and Allison later today. <3 It should be nice. I'm just hoping none of the sea breeze messes up my hair. >.<

be blessed <3

- Raeven


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OMG, North Carolina is teh beauty! And the houses are huge, and you can get them for cheap. I'm at a family friend's house right now and their house is humungous!!!!! xD 0.0 And the hills and the roads. Everything's so green! This is what I'm talkin' about, man. *sigh* I'm really excited about living here, especially since I have family here too. Me, my mom, nana, and Stasha went to visit JWU at a Open House today and it was super awesome. The lab room's I'm gonna be in will be right where passerbys can see you working. I took pics of pretty much everything, so I'll post them later. xD And they had a cooking demonstration at the presentation and guess what they made??!! Bulgogi and Kimchi!!!! It was reaaallly good. I want to make it one day. <33

I'm gonna go though, cuz Stasha wants to use this comp, to check stuff. So I'll post when I get back home, which will be tomorrow, on Mother's Day. ^_^ Happy Mother's Day, mom and nana! <33

be blessed!

- Raeven


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