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Seriously! I knew this was gonna happen. Okay, so my health insurance is crappy. The company whatevs I'm under takes forever to reach on the phone, either because there aren't enough staff to take the phone, or their just a bunch of lazy workers who don't know how to deal with their own costumers. *puff* Yeah, I finally got my route canal done, but it isn't completely fixed. I still need a crown put on it, otherwise, there's no support on the tooth, the root is hallow because its been cleaned out, making the structure of it more fragile, which worries me because I gotta eat carefully and such until it's taken care of.

My previous dentist told me a crown takes two weeks to get made in the lab, then I get it fitted. I ONLY HAVE TWO WEEKS LEFT HERE! I get onto my mom everyday about an appointment, and she's been trying to get me one, but the stoopid insurance can't ever give you a straight answer, so it was only today that my mom got me an appointment. Guess when the appt. is? ? ? August 20th! O.O;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; >| I'm gonna die ugly. I won't have a frikkin tooth. I'm too young for this to be happening to me! I think I have the weakest teeth in the world. I've always had cavities, even when I've cut down on the sweets and such. The dentist is here to haunt me forever!!!!

>.< So yeah, I read on various sites on google about the fastest time you can get a crown on a tooth and all of them say a couple of weeks, so I know I won't be able to get it on time if my appointment's that late. Something ALWAYS has to go wrong when the time starts to run out, doesn't it? Well for me it is.

Hopefully, God can work this out for me. I mean, He always does; I just gotta ask, which I haven't really done, because I tend to try to figure it out myself before bringing it to Him. pfffffft.

So there's still hope. :)

I got up at 7 this morning. xD But I just went to the bathroom and found my place back in bed again, fell back to sleep and didn't get up till 10. Then I made pancakes. Haven't done that in a long time. They were very good. <3 Then I DLed a whole bunch of kpop mvs of various artists while listening to my new Krap tunes. :D I wanted to make a new video. I'm still DLing some more vids, but I have most of the ones I want. The video I want to do won't make sense. It'll just flow with the mood of the song, because I like to listen to good music and watch pretty things. :3 Don't youuuu?

The only time I left the house today was to get the mail and go to Walgreens to get some blank cds. Then it was back to the computer. lol I didn't play any sims today though, sadly. I still haven't fixed my crashing problem yet, but I think I know what I have to do, just haven't done it yet.

Ok, Kebee is the <3best<3 for making a song like Diving from his The Passage album. I've been listening to it nonstop today and last night and I haven't gotten tired of it yet, which means it'll be a definite favorite of mine for yearrrrrrs! Oh, it's such good stuff. It stirs up emotionjunk inside me and makes me want to scream with joy. *sigh* This is what I've been waiting for. And I want more songs that give me this feeling. I predict SHINee will be crankin' out the next jam that I'll love. I'm expecting something delicious from them. I just don't know what it'll be. But I'll wait. ;D

I played around with Photoshop CS2 today and edited today's sim pic. <33 I fooled around with selective color and went overboard. haha

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I did not stage this. It happened automatically. When Taejoon (the blue-haired one) was headed out the door from the salon after I changed his hair, the red-head, his friend, gave this shocked reaction. It was so funny! xD Priceless.

The majority of my sim's names are Korean. *hides* But at least the ones that DO have Korean names are because they have it in them, somewhere in the bloodline. The red head even has asian in her, believe it or not. Her dad's black and her mom's asian. Very asian. Her grandpa's sim-Yunho. lol.

Well, until next time! xDD I'm going to Kriss' house tomorrow with Stasha and Gwyn and we're gonna stay the night! xD And I'm gonna make her the strawberry ice cream cake I did for her and Kunhee, but this time I'm doing it at her house because last time I just brought slices; it would've melted if I brought the whole thing. (I think I said this before in an earlier post. Oh well. >.>)

Oh how glad I am to have someone to squee about Sims 2 with. Kriss, this makes me so happy! Thank you for beign addicted to it just as much as I am! xDDDDDDDD

THEN, tomorrow, we're going to Hioki's for a get-together with friends, like the good timez, with Sean and Cassie and Zach and Andrew, and possibly Yujae, and you know, the whole crew. So it should be really fun. Hopefully, someone in my house can spare me a $20. hehe. I love Hioki's. I've only been there once and fell in love. Finally, I get to go back. keke. And I'm gonna order the same thing I had last time, which is pretty generic and predictable: Teriyaki chicken, I believe. Something with chicken and rice. Either way, it was TASTY. <3

Last night Kriss was telling me about these peeps she met on Skype and they currently live in Australia in a sharehouse. She talked to this French guy who started it. The cool thing about a sharehouse is that you get a chance to grow possible lifelong relationships with your fellow tennants and just. . . live together! I'd want to do it if it was with a few people from other countries, like the one she told me about. She even showed me pics of them; they looked like a cute little family!!!!! xDDD Yes, I would love that experience. And I wish I was in that picture. :3

-----Gwyn showed me this Jonghyun/Minho fic thing and it was really cute. Makes me want to read more fics. I should finish reading Gwyn's FT Island oneshot!! Then I can finally leave my superlate comment on it. psssshhh. ------ILUGWYN<3

Ok, seriously, I'm gonna go now. Goodnight! Sleep well!

be blessed. <3

- Raeven

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Sometimes I wish I didn't put myself in such situations that makes me sound irresponsible and possibly self-centered. I make commitments that aren't important to others so I sound stupid when I say I need to attend to it. Yeah, Maria and I are writing a book. Most people think it's a bunch of garbage because we're only highschool graduates and most of all the authors alive graduate college with English literature majors or are geniuses or something who can get away with things like this. Since we want to get the thing done at a certain time this year, we have deadlines. I'm terrible with them to begin with, but somehow, I make it happen. I think it's a good way to keep me from procrastinating, but it isn't helping my time-management skills.

Since I don't want to annoy my friends with constant "I'm writing"s 24/7 (which I already do, I bet), I try to put off actually finishing my deadline until after I've gone out, went wherever with friends, then on the last day, I write write write until late, then I try to get up early enough to finish it on time. Maria always makes hers on time and I'm always struggling. I've always been that way, and I don't want to be known for that.

So I felt pretty stupid and mean when I got mad and blurted it out to Gwyn on the phone tonight. I regretted it after I sent the text, because it's not her or anyone else's fault. I mean, if I WANTED to, I could probably postpone the due day until Monday, but I've done it so many times that I don't want to make it a reputation.

I really hope I'm making sense. What I'm saying is, this whole writing thing is a selfish pleasure to me. I'm motivated by the fact that I've never written so much in my life, and that I know a whole storyline from beginning, middle, and end without any blank pieces, and that I'm kind of disciplining myself to get things done at a certain time.

I know Stasha thinks it's a waste of time. She doesn't take it seriously yada yada, rolls her eyes whenever I mention it, probably because she could never see someone like me doing something like this. And I understand that, but I have a life, and she has one too. She chooses to do things she likes, so why can't I? I still hang out with my friends 70% of the time, so what is it? pfffttt >.<

We're stopping at chapter 11. We're on 10 now. Once that's done, I can hang out whenever nothing else in my life comes up, because I know I'm gonna be going to school soon and I'm gonna miss my friends, of course.

But anyway, I'm gonna go now.

be blessed. <3


- Raeven

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One thing I cannot understand about Dede is the fact that she picks my room out of all rooms to sleep in. First of all, she needs to be at home IN HER OWN BED sleeping. Four or five or maybe even more days out of seven, she's at the grandparent's house playing at a friend's in the neighborhood, then she decides she wants to sleepover, and ALWAYS sleeps in my bed. Look, I just want to be by myself sometimes. When I'm at home, Dede's either calling me to pick her up, Stasha's wanting my attention, or their both wanting me to pick them up. When I'm actually alone, I usually get called to run some errands, then I get home, thinking I have the rest of the day all to myself, when lo-and-behold, Mom brings them over.

Of course, most times I'm fine with it, but when I want to get things done, or when I just don't feel like talking/responding, I don't want to be bothered. Just hear me out! Everyone needs space, including me! If I want the bed to myself, shouldn't I be able to have that happen? It's my bed after all. If there were no free beds in the house, I'd understand, but that's not even the case. If there's a prob with sleeping on the air mattress, then you wouldn't be sleeping over, now would you?

I don't know. I'm calling my mom tomorrow, and I'm gonna tell her I don't want to be going back and forth to pick someone up, especially Dede. I'll take time out to take her somewhere, because I enjoy that. But I don't need to be wasting gas. And it's not like Mom's giving me gas money, so really, if mom can't drive them over, then why do I have to do it? I don't have a job--I don't have money to easily spend on gas. I'm gonna tell her that Dede needs to stay home more often, cuz it's true, and she shouldn't just be able to come over whenever she wants just because she can. >.<;;;

It's just frustrating. I don't like to sleep with other people in the bed; I never get a good night's sleep that way. And for a while, I haven't been getting that. So I'm a little fed up.

But that's alright. I shouldn't complain too much because I may end up regretting it later when I'm away in school, missing family and crap. So I'll shut up.

I feel better now. :3

I'm gonna go to bed now. Be back soon.

be blessed. <3

- Raeven

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*Sigh* MAN! That's all I have to say, because I spent two hours, literally, on Youtube going on a craze for Korean rap artists. Yes, K-rap. In my opinion Korean producers have THE BEST beats out there right now. And I'm not the only one saying that; I read the comments on the Youtube vids. It's truth! xD And it makes me very happy. I can't explain my love for hip hop. I really can't. Maybe it's cuz I'm black, I don't know. But it gets your head rockin' and bangin' and it's . . . ee! I mainly listen to anything that sounds good to my ears. I listen to ANYTHING. And I'm not big on curse words, but if the beat's sick, I don't care; I'll blast the song in my car just for the beats, man. I listened to Map the Soul by Epik High about five times today, just singin' my heart out on the chorus, because it's so beautiful!!!!!!! I CAN'T GET ENOUGH! It's on my Myspace profile, my imeem, and I'm mad that I don't even have it downloaded on my computer yet, so I can put it in my Zune and just inhale the tunes some more!!! 

+ I'm GoNnA RaMbLe. . . So Be ReAdY o.O :P +

I'm glad people on Youtube, who are supposedly mostly American, see what's out there, and what they're missin'. Cuz even though it isn't in English, the music's just as good, and even better at that. I think this was God, seriously; maybe God showed me that one random TVXQ video on Youtube three years ago to introduce me to the Korean culture to show me how completely talented and amazing they are. I learned so much over the years! And it all began just from obsessing over TVXQ. haha, I feel proud of that, yes. keke. I mean, I was inspired so much by them alone, so as not to give into pain so easily, all because Yunho and the rest of the members had gone through so much after they became famous. Whenever I was down, I'd think of them and I wouldn't feel so bad. They made me smile, and they still do. :D

Anyways, I guess I'm trying to express my amazement of how far I've gone since those three years, or is it four years now--since I've known kpop. It's pretty awesome. Yeah, I have a favoritism and a slight obsession, whatever. xD But everyone has their interests. Mine are still broadened; they haven't been packed neatly in a box and closed shut.

I wonder where my mind'll be in the next two or three years. I don't want it to change, but I do want to become smarter. Eh. . . I hate change, yet I like it to an extent. Like, I don't like change when it comes to life-long friendships because it's scary to think whether you and your friends will stay in touch later in life, you know? I want to be one of the girls that calls her friends frequently, even at long distances, and arrange days to meet up. I want to be able to stay in touch with them forever! I want to see them married and stuff! I just want to be able to grow up witht the friends I have. I seriously don't want to lose them. And it isn't hard to keep these relationships, but it isn't hard to lost them either, and that scares me. >.< But, God-willing, I will still have the same friends I have right now. xD And I don't think that'll be too much of a difficulty. <3

So today, I overslept again and was ten minutes late to computer class, which is in M-town. After class, I went to Palm Bizzle's campus to finish up homework with my English partner Crystal (I've known her forever, because we went to the same church ^_^), then I went home and made some Bertolli Ravioli (the freezer dinner stuff). It's my second time eating from that brand and it's the best stuff I've ever had from the freezer. The pasta's like, straight out of the restaurant-good. <333 AND, I finally talked to Minkyu on msn for once and we group chatted with Gwyn. The A team hasn't gotten together in a LONG time, so this was a moment. haha! xD

Yesterday, I made Sean a birthday cake because I felt bad about forgetting his birthday. Stasha and I brought it to his door last night and surprised him. It had little ninja faces on it. lol He ate three big pieces of it, so I was glad he liked it. I kinda felt weird about doing it for him since he and Gwyn aren't really talking right now, but it wasn't overwhelming. We talked with Shelly and stuff out on their porch and Stasha told them all about MCC (so we were there way longer than we needed to be. And the mosquitoes were eating me alive!). Shelly said she is considering going there because she was kicked out of CCS. I don't know why, but it sounds kinda mean. They've already pretty much kicked out my sister, because of financial issue, which I guess, isn't their fault, but still. . .

And now I'm sitting here at my computer, typing this entry when I'm supposed to submit my essay to smarthinking.com! I'll explain later. I should go for now. I've ranted enough for the night.

After I finish my homework, I'm most likely gonna try to fit in a drama before I go to bed. lol ;D

Peace out, mah fellas! <3

be blessed.


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