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I finally somehow got the gist of icon making. My biggest problems were size proportions and stuff. And I discovered the wonderfulness of psd files! Thanks to Gwynbean. I have her to thank for the Photoshop program too. I actually think it's more convenient and better-looking than the other one I had. :D

I spent too long on these earlier today, when I should have been cleaning my room and packing for uni. I leave tomorrow on a train at 7pm. hee! And just when I've gotten addicted to icon making! T.T Now I have something to look forward to while I'm on the train at least. I pretty much have everything I need packed, and things that aren't packed are organized and easily packable. I'm going back alone, so I've been trying desperately to save all the money I have for back-to-school shopping. If I don't spend too much on food on the train, I should end up with at least $480. I wanna buy make-up, plates and kitchen necessities(from ikea), clothes, groceries & toiletries. In my head, I've calculated how much I should spend on each category and it looks like I'll have enough, but it adds up crazy fast once you're shopping. :/ I can do it! Okay,I should go to sleep now. It's funny; lately I've been staying up this late every night. I keep the tv on Disney, so Little Einstein's on when I go to sleep. lol Playhouse Disney's on! That means it's too frikkin late to be up!

Goodnight/Good Morning! xD <3

be blessed.

- Raeven
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Yeah, that's right. I'm supposed to be sleeping because I have to get up at 6am for a morning flight back home, but I made gifs instead. I just learned and I'm having too much fun. Now I wanna screencap everything I own and make gifs out of it. 

I really have to go to bed though, so I'll just post these five SHINee ones I made. I wanna capture every moment I loved in this mv. These five are just the beginning. xDD I hope you like them. I enjoy them tons. <3 



3 more dood lookit! )


OMG, so it's been rainy for a few days here and I've been sleeping pretty lightly since my visit. I woke up to the light sounds of rain against the shudders of the window right near my bed, but I dozed, so when I woke up a little, half asleep, I was sure it wasn't raining anymore. So you can imagine my sheer horror when thunder cracked right above the guest house, vibrated the whole CONCRETE STONE WHATEVERTHISPLACEISMADEOF building. I LITERALLY rose and flew out of my bed like the living dead, wide eyed and dry-sobbing, fumbling for the locks on my door, failing to open it quickly, and dashing to my dad's door after finally getting it open and knocking frantically. I THOUGHT THERE WAS A FLIPPIN EXPLOSION NOLIEFORSERIOUSWHATTHECRAAAAPPPPP. omg, you don't even know. I've NEVER heard thunder like that before. 

When my dad opened the door, he'd been asleep of course, but he obviously heard it too: 
*knock knock* 
*door opens*
*sleepy dad emerges*
Raeven - "dad, d-did you hear that?" O__O;;;;
Dad - *squints* "Raeven, it's just thunder."
--after he'd said that, thunder hadn't even crossed my mind. Then I realized everything--
Raeven - "oooooohhhhhhhh" *walks backward to my room sheepishly* "I thought it was like, an explosion or something"
*dad laughs* 
Dad - "What'd you do, fly out of bed to knock on my door? The safest place--if there was an explosion--would have been in your room"
Raeven -" well, I thought it was coming toward me. I was just trying to get out. I was half-asleep when I heard it"
*dad laughs*
Dad - *smiles* "go back to sleep" 
Raeven - "k bye" 

I went back to sleep and all I could think about was that god-awful sound. I mean, if it were a real explosion, -__- so scary. 

Anyways!!! I'm going on a plane tomorrow. I'm not excited about it. I go from St. Thomas to Miami, then Miami to Orlando. Two flights. *sigh* I'm praying I'll be home safely. :3 I hate flying, guys. T____________________T I HATE IT.

be blessed. <3

P.S. Does anyone know how to add text to a gif through Photoshop Image Ready? It looked simple, but the animation won't move after I put text on it for some reason. It's no biggie, but it'd be nice to know. 
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Gwyn and I DIED together. This is history. Behold. omg. WOW. 


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I gots new headphones! Haha, I took advantage of my grandpa's generosity and hinted that I wanted some big headphones. My nana said she needed some, so he bought her some and I muttered, "aw, I want some too." and acted like it wasn't a big deal and started talking to Stasha, then I heard nana say, "go ahead and get them for her," SCORE! <3 They were only $15 - a set of cheap ones, but they're the ones the big ones that cushion your ears, ya know? And the bass is AMAZING on them. I'M SO SATISFIED! I can die happeh.

I actually got them yesterday while at the commisary. My grandparents literally spent their paychecks on food. $600+ on groceries! Now the kitchen's like a mini convenient store or something! haha! We do this kind of grocery shopping every like, 2 months or something. We grab two or three carts and leave with them filled to the brim, scowering the aisles and pretty much grabbing whatever we like. lol I always sneak 2 or 3 boxes of cake mix and icing in the cart. x) It's a thing you have to invest alot of time for because you go to the store, leave with all these groceries, then you have to go home and put them all up. Then you're all excited about all the food you got, and you want to just pig out and eat it all. Well, that's what I like to think about, but I don't because I just get full and can't eat anymore. haha

Stasha and I had our musicz, so we droned out whatever our nana was telling us to do as we pushed heavy carts and our papa got one of those motor carts people who CAN'T WALK and drove around in it the whole time, which was super funny because he acted like a total kid with it. He's done it twice already, so I think that's the only reason he comes with us. (cuz I know guys don't like to shop, and if they do, they get what they need and leave). Reminds me of that one We Got Married episode when that one old guy didn't want to go grocery shopping with his young wife. It was cute.

The beachside is like the personality of Florida. When we were heading to the commisary, which is like heading to Cocoa Beach, the beaches were packed with either tourists or locals. It looked so fun! All the shops and beach dudes and palm trees that looked way more attractive than bland old Palm Bay. In Palm Bay, it's like "Oh yeah, we live in Florida. . . >.>", but on the beach side, it's like, "Yeah man,. we live in Florida!"

When we were leaving the commisary with a buttload of groceries, one of the grocery loading guys looked like an American-white version of Key from SHINee! With the eyebrows and the body, the whole nine. I got a picture of him, but only of his back. I sent it to Gwyn through phone and and told her it was a terrible shot of the boy, but she just texted me back saying "I'll zoom it up on my compie x)" I LOLed. She LOVES Key. ^_^

He was even acting like Key would! Since Key's like anti-physical, he's rarely seen on shows actually enjoying any physical man-activities. So when I saw the grocery boy riding on the cart he was supposed to be pushing for the customer, I was like, "look at him; he's even being lazy like Key!" HAHA!

Last night, before Stasha and I were gonna watch some dramas, we watched 30 seconds of my new fanvid. I wanted to do a seductive music video for no reason really, just cuz I found a RnB song in my collection, thought it was sexy-sounding and went with it. It's such a perverted song too, uck, but I only pay attention to the beats of the song, and the sexiness of it. hehe. It's mostly gonna have scenes of kpop peeps in clubs with girls and such. A buncha trash, but whateves. It's a typical music video! I'm bound to have one like that eventually. Stasha liked it so far, cuz of Wheesung. Man, he's HOT. I really wanted to focus on my timing on the clips so they seemed like they were dancing with the song and stuff.

We also watched my pimpish vid starring TVXQ and Stasha was like, "omo, I can make a fanfic about this!" and so we constructed a story out of it while watching it and got all excited. So now it's in production haha! I'm excited. It's supposed to be super serious and bad. Like bad-boy bad. We've wanted to do one like that for some time, but couldn't get anything out of it. And we want it to had a heaping helping of characters in it, like crazy amounts of surprise appearances, like my fanfic A Hardcore Story's supposed to have. I'm totally revising it, cuz I started it back in 2006 and it disgusts me when I read it now. >.<

So yeah, we watched this new Taiwanese drama called Prince Princess 2 and it's ADORABLE! I REALLY REALLY LIKE IT! <3 At first, it sounds like a bunch of crack and you can't really understand what's going on, but I really like the concept. Only finished watching one episode, but I think I'm gonna stay up and watch a whole bunch of it tonight. heehee. xD


And what the heck, I stayed up until 1 last night and woke up at 12:40am. That's outrageously ridiculous! I was so disappointed. And I blame my beloved bed. Oh well. I think I'm gonna jump on my World Religions term paper today, though it's due on Wednesday at midnight. But I might as well cuz I have a lesson plan for Comm. 2 due on Tuesday, so I should just get it out of the way. Man, I haven't hung out at anyone's house this weekend! I guess that's alright because I'm getting stuff done, but it feels weird! I'm always either at Gwyn's house or Kriss's. :3 I miss em' hehe. xD

I baked a marble cake last night, btw. And I'm gonna do strawberry cupcakes today for World Religions class, just cuz. <3

Well, I'm gonna go now. Peace!

be blessed. <3

- Raeven

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The weather ish so beautiful today!!!! Seriously! There was a phantom tropical storm-thingy that swept by us yesterday and it rained off and on all day. It really wasn't anything else but rain, so I drove comfortably to school. I guess. *sigh* So NICE! I guess the storm brought a slight cold front with it or something, because today it's been heavenly! No humidity, no thick air, no grayness of clouds. Just beautiful blue sky, fluffy white clouds, a m a z i n g breeze. klfjdklfjdsfkljsdflkjsdf ahhhhhhhhh! SO AWESOME.

After my morning class in M-town, I stopped at the BN to skim through some books and see what's on the Teen section's shelves. Then I actually got a seat at the window and sat there for a good hour before leaving. It was the most peaceful thing I've done all week I think. Other than being with friends and stuff (which is relaxing all in itself), the weather and the morning air was just. . . I just can't describe the blissss! I can't wait for the Autumn and Winter seasons!!! COME SOON!

Okay, I'll stop gushing about the weather. (I really want to walk on the beach this weekend. But I don't want to do it alone. >, > I'm probly gonna ask Gwyn if she wants to go some time this weekend) 

My morning class was Com. 1, which is English class. I'm starting to get really worried about turning in papers to this teacher now. Before, I thought he'd be more laid back than my high school English teacher Mrs. Carter, but believe it or not, I think Mr. Belyi's a little worse. He's definitely picky. I know I've had experience with the MLA format and I thought I had it down when the first paper was due in his class, but apparently my margins were off, the heading was in the wrong order, it was supposed to be just one paragraph, all that jibz, yada yada. I respect his correction, but I don't think I deserved a C+ for my first paper. Well, maybe I did deserve it, I don't know. I was just a little surprised. But my test score cheered me up. Not at first, but in the end it did.

You see, at my old school, we didn't have the Scan-tron, which makes answersheets into bubble sheets so you can fill in the bubble for your answer, that sort of thing. And so at first, I thought Mr. Belyi said the first number on your test answer sheet will be how many you got correct and the second number after the slash will be the most possuble points you can get on your test. And so when I got up to get mine, I just stoop in place for a while because I was totally confused and unsure of my grade. It said 18/100. I was like, "I DID THAT BAD???!! HOW CAN THIS BEEE?"

I gave the test back, and as I walked down to my seat, Kurt, the red head kid gave me a thumbs up like, "did you do good?" and I was like "0_0 I got an 18" so he looked at me like, yikes. Then I asked him, "the 100's the percentage you got right?" after thinking about my score. And he nodded, so I sighed real big wih relief and said, "Oh, well, then I got a 100%!!" and then his face fell as I smiled. So I felt bad because I probably sounded all, "har har, I'm so smart." so I tried to think of something nice to say. But I couldn't, so I just asked him if he did good. He was like "pshawww, no!" I shrugged, then went back to paying attention to the teacher.

I was super happy that I got a 100 percent. That never happens on tests for me!!! It's a VERY nice feeling. I predict I'll do okay on my paper assignments, but better on my tests, which is odd because in high school it was the exact opposite. >.>

Then I went home for a few hours before my next class at 3:30 to 5:45. Today was lab day, so we usually get out a little earlier. Depends on when you and your group finishes the lab. It's at the Plam Bizzle campus, so I usually go there early (aroudn 1:30ish) to meet my friend Rossana there and we just chill and talk and laugh. It's very nice. I loves Rossana xD She's such a sweety. And she makes meh laugh like crazy. We've known each other since 10th grade at CCS, then she moved to Texas with her cousin to college, but then she came back unexpectedly to BCC to pursue another major.

But anyway, after my Biology class was over, I went over to Gwyn's to hangout till nine. We watched "We Got Married", a korean reality show, with celebs! And I had dinner while there. I love stayin' at her house. It's like my second home, seriously. There's no other place I can comfortably take something out of the fridge from. And her room's utterly amazing! She's by far one of my closest, bestest friends evar! xD We've got so much in common, yet have different personalities. It's crazeh. We have laughing fits together. It's pretty hilarious. My sis Stasha and I hang out with her oodles of times. It's great. xD

We also watched Shinee's new reality show and it was SUPER awkward, but still very cute. I personally really like Minho. Maybe it's cuz he's so tall and has such a cute smile, but idk, I'm just attracted to him, yo.

And Taemin, oh poor poor Taemin. He's just so awkward! It's hard to watch! I think I understand why he smiles so much though. Because I do that when I'm shy around elders or a group of intimidating people. I just keep smiling because. . . it's just what I do! I smile too much! I'm gonna get wrinkles! ew! But I still liek Taemin's personality. I just think the camera captures his not-so-normal actions on tv. He may even just feel totally uncomfortable on camera when he's not performing and doesn't usually smile so much, but since he's ON film and he KNOWS it. He's SMILES! It's all good, Tae. I understand you. xD

Oh Key. He's the key to . . . things. (NOT PERVERTED, I PROMISE! just couldn't think of what he'd be the key to, that's alllllll) I really like his stage name. He has such a confident, comfortable air to him that makes you think he knows what he's doing. And he seems to act very mature too, since he acts like a mommy I've heard. But he's still a teen, so I've observed he's very flirtatious around the noonas. WHAT'S WITH THE PAIRING OF THE OLDER WOMEN! Give them girls their age before they learn things they're not supposed to! POOR POOR TAEMIN! >.< T.T

Jonghyun was my first love in the group. He was just so hot! STILL IS OF COURSE. But since everyone loves him, like Jaejoong, I feel I'm being repetitive when I say I love Jonghyun, because everyone says they love Jonghyun. But if I truly was attracted to him and he was my favorite, I wouldn't care about being repetitive, but I think I like Minho better. xD It was like that with Yoochun. I liked Yunho first, then randomly switched to Yoochun. And he's been my all time favorite ever since. Though he grows older and older, I still love him. <3 *sigh*

Onew's a cutie pie. I don't know much about him, but I find him really sweet. He looks so young to be the leader, but whatever. He might even be the most responsible, so who knows. ^_^ 

Anywayzzzzzz. . . .

I went home after I going to Gwyn's and now I'm here, typing on my comp, to my journal. I want to take more pics of myself/ random. I'm listening to Pandora right now. It's on a station inspired by easy listening music. It's an awesome, super-smart site. CHECK IT OUT if you haven't : www.pandora.com

I've also gotta reply to an RP Gwyn and I have just started (is excited about that >.< xD); and I'm talking to Minkyu on msn. He's doing his "dangit chemistry homework" again! And it's so predictable. Whenever I ask him How Are You, he says he's doing his chemistry homework. It's hilarious. He's so fun to talk to. hehe!

I'mma go now. I gotta read the RP, continue reading where I left off on Goong, the manga, which is very interesting I may add. And that's about it. Then I'mma go to bedz, cuz I'm sleepy. ^_^ 

So, until next time.

Be blessed <3


- Raeven


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