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Aug. 16th, 2009 02:05 am
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I had a really good time this weekend. xD And it's pretty late, so I'm not gonna make this long. Stasha and I went to Kriss', as planned yesterday. Though late getting there, I successfully make another strawberry ice cream cake <3, Kriss showed me French artists (and now I'm gonna search them up and DL French music), started the anticipated movie of Kriss' childhood: MTV's original movie 2+get+her (I think that's how you spell it XD, I wanted to watch moreeeeeee), cut meat for a korean feast of dokbokki (pfft spelled wrong probably), and listened to creepy local legends late last night (in which I was pretty interested in, but very disturbed), and went to bed.

I felt like I was up all night, flopping around, looking blindly around and only seeing blurs (no glasses). It may have been the temperature of the room, which was pretty warm to me, but I just simply couldn't sleep. But Kriss' futon pallet was really comfy, so it most def wasn't that.

Anyway, today we got up pretty early to leave to Hioki's (Hioki's was closed when we got there *Leeteukoink*). Alot of peeps were supposed to come. And Yujae actually came xDD. I followed Gwyn to his house because I had to take my car, and for the whole day, I couldn't keep up with her! It got a little annoying after a while because after we found out that Hioki's was closed, I didn't know we were stopping at, so I had to stop a few times while Andrew's car was behind me, following ME, when I didn't know where to go myself. So that was the down part. Communication kinda failed. Since I didn't know where the places we were goings was, I had to rely on the familiar streets, and that was about it. I was on straight empty when I got home.

But it's ok. My car needs a major tune-up, so it's eating gas like crazy at the mo. We went to this place called Salsa's (?) to eat. It's in downtown Melbizzle. A small local place. The food was really good, but by the time I got my enchiladas, I'd eaten chips and salsa and wasn't hungry anymore. lol Ended up taking a little box home. We gave the place good business, oh yas we did. 14 people total I believe. :D

Sean smothered Yujae lol, but I don't think he knew he was. I told him about personal space later, when I ended up having to give him a ride home tonight. Someone who offered him a ride left him at the school to catch another ride and his parents weren't home, so I gave him a ride. I've been in his situation before, so I know he doesn't mean to be a nuisance/burden/thing. Stasha and I were going to Blockbuster anyway, so it was no problem. So we talked and laughed. Haha, and yeah, when we were sitting in the parking lot of Blackbuster, that's when I told him he should tone it down with Yujae. I know Gwyn already told him, I think, but I thought I'd say it again. lol He seemed to understand, so I'm glad I didn't hurt his feelings.

After we took him home, I dropped off my car to my aunt's house so she can use it for church tomorrow morning. Her car broke down. Sadness. But hopefully, it's nothing serious. I'll have my car back by 1 or 2.

Oh yeah, and how can I forget! I took Yujae home today and we jammed to some tunes. I gave him my Zune to browse through and he took it like an eager little kid! Then he played some Epik High and Alex and Dynamic Duo and Bi/Rain. haha! We had fun. He was surprised Stasha and I knew Bi's It's Raining song and were dancing to it. Thank God the ride wasn't awkward! lol Oh it was jolly fun! xDD When we got to his house, he commented that we had more kpop music than he'd had and wanted to know where we DLed our stuff, so I told him the two websites I used the most and was looking for a paper to write on. He just gave us his hand. lol . So stasha wrote it on his hand and I she was like:

"What's the other one?"
And I was like, "It's"
"Uhhhhhhh. . . . . . . . . . . . "
"uhhhhhhhhhhhh. . . . . . "
"Omg, Stasha are you telling me you can't spell degrees?!"
"I'm confused! It sounds--"
Yujae: "D-e-g-r-e-e, right?"
Me: "*flail* Even Yujae knows how to spell it!"
*Yujae laughs* *Stasha O.O's*
Yujae: "I can just write it"
and looks at stasha's jacked up z-deegres and questions it, and I just shake my head.
So then I tell him the rest of the site name and he leaves. Before he goes in, he stops to look at his hand and laughs. So cute! We waved like three times. hehe. :B (aw come on, lemme have my moment :3)

Today was eventful, yes. It was hot and sticky humid, Cassie and the crew came, and more CCSers, and we talked and stuffs at Salsa's. I got to hug Cassie twice, so now I don't feel bad about leaving for school with her knowing now, because I got to got out and do something with her today.

It's so nice to have large groups of peeps to go out with. It's super fun. May be stressful coordinating it, but it all pays off. Andrew's friend Diamond told me it was super boring here and I didn't protest at all cuz it's true. She's a sophomore in college in Boston, so of course that place's better than our town. But I told her it's much better when you have friends to be with, otherwise, it'll be torturous living in this town particularly. She also told me she heard JWU was a really good school, and that's comforting to know.

ummmm, I think that's it. I'm gonna go to bed now xD Soon soon!
Sim pic of the day: 

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Taejoon and a Genie. hehe

This definitely didn't turn out to be a short post. hehe. sryz. <33 Thank you for reading! Thos eof you who care! :D

be blessed. <3

- Raeven

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I just DLed a butt-load of Krap albums and I'm gonna have a BALL listening to them all. OMO, I found Dok2, Jungiggo, and Fana's albums! I couldn't find their stuff anywhere. Well, Fana's album link was dead, so I still have to find an active one, but still. I can listen to the other goodies to keep me at bay till I find it.

<-------------------------- See meh icon? See Jonghun's moneyz? That's GANGSTA CASH! >.> I was trying to make the icon match the theme of my topic, but it's not really happenin'. Jonghun's too cute for gangsta moods. And my TOP icon has been replaced with Eli, and I use Eli too much, so. . . .

What the crazz, I have two more weeks of home until I'm in uni. 0.o I'm not literally prepared yet! I have to get all my immunization records sent off to the school, a dentist appointment that's taking forever to be put into motion, and I still need more clothes!

I got this dorm package in the mail from this catalog, which comes with "everything" and the comforter set that came with it is total trash. It's got worst material in it than a sleeping bag. >.< So I'm getting one from Target or something. Also, the pastel/lavender sheets that came with it looks like it's been sitting somewhere for years; the colors are all bold and out of place, nasty orange, NOT PASTEL nastiness! I'm getting other sheets too, thank God. I'm sorry, but my bed has to be pretty and comfy, or I can't sleep on it.

Other than that, I'm peachy! Gwyn and I made a cake yesterday and I brought it to her lunch at school. Her second day of school. From what I got, her first two days, other than its workload, has been blissness! WANNA KNOW WHY? One thing (and maybe others) *whisper* Korean foreign exchange student whose a boy and tall and very cute and his name's Yujae.

Korean foreign exchange student. keke. <3

Now I wish I was a Seniorrrrrr again. In CCS, so I can be friends with him toooo! There BETTER be Koreans in JWU, and I better meet one lots.

Anyways, I had very nice day today. Got oodles of love at Gwyn's table from all the peeps I went to school with. And it was just nice. I can't wait to go to restaurants with them again, like the good ol' times.

Sim pic of the day:

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This is obviously Bennet and Stasha's sim AhRin. They're together. keke. AhRin looks like she's scared, but she's not. lawlz xD

WHOA, I just Youtubed this beatboxing guy that does kpop songs and he's SOOOO good at it! He even has links to his songs so we can download them! He wants to be put on Star King, and I'm soooo for that! He's REALLY good. xD He's called the beatboxhitman2.     <------------Good stuff right there.

How could I forget to acknowledge the fact that Gwyn and Stasha SURPRISED Kriss and me at Kriss' house last weekend. Totally had me fooled. And I can't believe I actually got mad when they were trying to get me to come over that day (my rant from recently was because of that. lol) I feel so darnded stoopeed. >.<;;;; Sorry for getting angry!

They made a SHUPA awesome SNNN'ap cake with sparkles and stuff and they made me a collage of pics of our friendness and a card that said "WHat's Up w w w what's up!" from SS501's Kyujong's song. *sigh* LOVE. It was great. My mind was jumbled that day. With happiness and love. I am loved. <3

I shall upload pics of it and edit this post again. They're on my phone, but I gotta size them and junk. So laterz.

Talk to you soon!

be blessed. <3

- Raeven


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