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Seriously! I knew this was gonna happen. Okay, so my health insurance is crappy. The company whatevs I'm under takes forever to reach on the phone, either because there aren't enough staff to take the phone, or their just a bunch of lazy workers who don't know how to deal with their own costumers. *puff* Yeah, I finally got my route canal done, but it isn't completely fixed. I still need a crown put on it, otherwise, there's no support on the tooth, the root is hallow because its been cleaned out, making the structure of it more fragile, which worries me because I gotta eat carefully and such until it's taken care of.

My previous dentist told me a crown takes two weeks to get made in the lab, then I get it fitted. I ONLY HAVE TWO WEEKS LEFT HERE! I get onto my mom everyday about an appointment, and she's been trying to get me one, but the stoopid insurance can't ever give you a straight answer, so it was only today that my mom got me an appointment. Guess when the appt. is? ? ? August 20th! O.O;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; >| I'm gonna die ugly. I won't have a frikkin tooth. I'm too young for this to be happening to me! I think I have the weakest teeth in the world. I've always had cavities, even when I've cut down on the sweets and such. The dentist is here to haunt me forever!!!!

>.< So yeah, I read on various sites on google about the fastest time you can get a crown on a tooth and all of them say a couple of weeks, so I know I won't be able to get it on time if my appointment's that late. Something ALWAYS has to go wrong when the time starts to run out, doesn't it? Well for me it is.

Hopefully, God can work this out for me. I mean, He always does; I just gotta ask, which I haven't really done, because I tend to try to figure it out myself before bringing it to Him. pfffffft.

So there's still hope. :)

I got up at 7 this morning. xD But I just went to the bathroom and found my place back in bed again, fell back to sleep and didn't get up till 10. Then I made pancakes. Haven't done that in a long time. They were very good. <3 Then I DLed a whole bunch of kpop mvs of various artists while listening to my new Krap tunes. :D I wanted to make a new video. I'm still DLing some more vids, but I have most of the ones I want. The video I want to do won't make sense. It'll just flow with the mood of the song, because I like to listen to good music and watch pretty things. :3 Don't youuuu?

The only time I left the house today was to get the mail and go to Walgreens to get some blank cds. Then it was back to the computer. lol I didn't play any sims today though, sadly. I still haven't fixed my crashing problem yet, but I think I know what I have to do, just haven't done it yet.

Ok, Kebee is the <3best<3 for making a song like Diving from his The Passage album. I've been listening to it nonstop today and last night and I haven't gotten tired of it yet, which means it'll be a definite favorite of mine for yearrrrrrs! Oh, it's such good stuff. It stirs up emotionjunk inside me and makes me want to scream with joy. *sigh* This is what I've been waiting for. And I want more songs that give me this feeling. I predict SHINee will be crankin' out the next jam that I'll love. I'm expecting something delicious from them. I just don't know what it'll be. But I'll wait. ;D

I played around with Photoshop CS2 today and edited today's sim pic. <33 I fooled around with selective color and went overboard. haha

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I did not stage this. It happened automatically. When Taejoon (the blue-haired one) was headed out the door from the salon after I changed his hair, the red-head, his friend, gave this shocked reaction. It was so funny! xD Priceless.

The majority of my sim's names are Korean. *hides* But at least the ones that DO have Korean names are because they have it in them, somewhere in the bloodline. The red head even has asian in her, believe it or not. Her dad's black and her mom's asian. Very asian. Her grandpa's sim-Yunho. lol.

Well, until next time! xDD I'm going to Kriss' house tomorrow with Stasha and Gwyn and we're gonna stay the night! xD And I'm gonna make her the strawberry ice cream cake I did for her and Kunhee, but this time I'm doing it at her house because last time I just brought slices; it would've melted if I brought the whole thing. (I think I said this before in an earlier post. Oh well. >.>)

Oh how glad I am to have someone to squee about Sims 2 with. Kriss, this makes me so happy! Thank you for beign addicted to it just as much as I am! xDDDDDDDD

THEN, tomorrow, we're going to Hioki's for a get-together with friends, like the good timez, with Sean and Cassie and Zach and Andrew, and possibly Yujae, and you know, the whole crew. So it should be really fun. Hopefully, someone in my house can spare me a $20. hehe. I love Hioki's. I've only been there once and fell in love. Finally, I get to go back. keke. And I'm gonna order the same thing I had last time, which is pretty generic and predictable: Teriyaki chicken, I believe. Something with chicken and rice. Either way, it was TASTY. <3

Last night Kriss was telling me about these peeps she met on Skype and they currently live in Australia in a sharehouse. She talked to this French guy who started it. The cool thing about a sharehouse is that you get a chance to grow possible lifelong relationships with your fellow tennants and just. . . live together! I'd want to do it if it was with a few people from other countries, like the one she told me about. She even showed me pics of them; they looked like a cute little family!!!!! xDDD Yes, I would love that experience. And I wish I was in that picture. :3

-----Gwyn showed me this Jonghyun/Minho fic thing and it was really cute. Makes me want to read more fics. I should finish reading Gwyn's FT Island oneshot!! Then I can finally leave my superlate comment on it. psssshhh. ------ILUGWYN<3

Ok, seriously, I'm gonna go now. Goodnight! Sleep well!

be blessed. <3

- Raeven

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I attempted an ice cream cake today. So far, everything's in one piece. I know I didn't use the best method of getting the ice cream on the first layer of the cake, but it work. I had to attack the block of ice cream to get it soft with a spatula, then I spread it on the cake, then it started melting immediately, so I popped it in the freezer. Waited two minutes, took it out, put the rest on it. pffffftttttt. Now it's in the freezer.

I'm a little worried about how I'm gonna get it to Kriss' house tomorrow, but it should make it. >.< I REALLY HOPE IT DOES!

SOOOOOO, I've been playing the sims alot lately. I messed up my game from wiping out my Downloads folder, so I downloaded new stuff and completely organized it. It's so organized, it's complicated. xD I'm glad I did it. I'm a little mad though, because it's been crashing, and I have no idea why. It could be the hacks on it, but I don't want to take them off. If I can't figure out the prob, I'll just take them out. No biggy.

I've also been at Kriss' house since the AFO con SNN'ap and Kunhee went to. It was THE AWESOME, btw. The rave was the biggest highlight of mine. I can't say I've ever partied until then. That is a definite first, and I reallllly enjoyed it. Overall, the event was super fun. I enjoyed dressing up, my hair cooperated, I successfully did Dara hair on Stasha, and even represented for the kpopness and found other kpoppers (but the sad thing's that it HAD to be Miles' crew >.< WHYZ?!) Stasha and I were roaming the con halls when someone pointed at Stasha and said, "Are you Dara from 2NE1?!" and I almost died. I was soooooo happy!!!!! Finally, some actual recognition of kpop after all the cons we've been to! ! ! ! <3333 It was magical.

I kinda want to make up an association, like The Kpoppers Association. hehe People who listen to kpop in their cars, have the music on their mp3 player, ipods, etc., just straight up represents the love for korean pop music!

I'M A KPOPPER DUDE! And part of the A crew, and part of SNN'ap. keke. <3 I feel reallllly special.

I want to start a routine. Since I'm such a Sims 2 lover, I want to post a pic a day, or each time I post.

Cuz I'm a freak for this game. <3 :D

Hmmm, now lemme find one.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
This is my fave sim Bennet's little brother, William Boden. He's been a kid for the longest time in my game and now he's finally a teen. He's so pretty! keke I think I want to make him heir of his family, cuz Bennet doesn't look like a sim who cares about makin' babies.

Okay, I hope to be back soon. I'm gonna be super busy tomorrow with crazy stuff. >.<


be blessed. <3

- Raeven
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I haven't been updating in a while simply because time flew out the window. I lost track of the days because I have no job and currently have no school to go to, so I hang around at home writing or playing the Sims2 or Youtubing. I waste time. :D

On Friday, I went to the movies with nana, Stasha, Auntie Wyler, and a group home kid (I can't remember his name sadly, but he's nice), and saw Dance Flick while nana and my aunt went to see Obsessed. I really wished we decided to go see Obsessed instead. I was expecting Dance Flick to be corny funny anyway, but those kninds of movies always make me feel like I've wasted money. lol It was a fun outing nonetheless.

I've been a closet Sims 2 fiend the last two days, checking Snootysims.com every three or four hours and counting down the days for the Sims 3. lol

I wanted to post some pics of Bennet, my current pretty boy, but It's too late to start any of that, so I'll wait till tomorrow. It's a funny, kinda creepy thing I found. ^_^

Well, I'll talk tomorrow. I'm gonna go to bed now. Peace! <3

be blessed.

- Raeven

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kuhkuhkuh. One of my sims. His name's Bennet. He's one of the prettiest male sims I've had so far! <3


Apr. 17th, 2009 09:59 pm
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OKAY, as of today, I have made an oath to update my LJ at LEAST once a week! I want to get as much as Gwyn has now, which is like, 1000+!! Goodness, it's amazing. Well, I guess I have an excuse, since just yesterday, I fixded my computer! I'm so HAPPEH! It now feels complete since the internet's up!

So, today, I pretty much hung out around my house all day, playing the sims on my comp. and cleaned my room. I went to St. Thomas last week for Spring Break and man, was it refreshing! Save for the occasional toothaches which were pains in the butt. But anyway, I got to see meh daddy and it's all worth it. St. Thomas was beautiful as usual. I recorded some of my cousin's acents over my phone through voicemail and sent them to myself so I had examples of a West Indian accent. lol xD

Well, after I got back from St. Thomas, I had a bedroom! lol, here's the low-down; for about half a year, I've been living on the couch in the extra-something-livingroom thingy in my house. And then, before I left for Spring Break, I got a room because my cousin and aunt moved out, so I had an air mattress and such in there. It was a pretty comfortable arrangement, might I add. No complaints. So I had that for about a month. Then I was promised a real bed when I got back and voila, there it was. It's ULTRA COMFY! So I've been graced with a real bed for three days now, and it's been pretty heavenly.

Since I haven't updated in a while, I'll try to point out all the major events that happened since my last post:

+ Got a haircut. <3 It's a bob. hehe! ---->

(these pics are old, btw, but my hair hasn't grown much, I don't think :3)
+ Got accepted at Johnson & Wales University and am definitely going this Fall. xD
+ My great buddy Maria and I are writing a book together.
+ I finally have a room.

Oh yeah, man! How could I forget to spazz about fixing the flabbed internet on my computer! It was so stinkin' complicated! I'm serious, I haven't had internet on my own computer since last year! I've been using my grandpa's the whole time. And that stinx because you can't really personalize anything on someone else's computer, ya know? But I still downloaded like, 50 songs on his laptop. lol ;D Really, there wasn't anything major wrong with my computer, not after I reinstalled it and abandoned it, only to use it for nothing but the Sims 2. But having no internet can do ALOT to a computer. Without it, you can't update jack.

So yeah, it's alive! haha!

Later today, I called up Maria and asked if she still wanted to go to IHOP and she said yeah, so after she got done babysitting, Stasha, Dede, and I went to meet her and our friend Allison there. It was a good ol' time. All of us except Dede had breakfast (and it was 7:00pm, but who cares! It's IHOP!) I haven't been there in ages, literally. And man, did I miss their pancakes. They were the best. xD We stayed there talking till about 9:00 I think. Can't remember. We talked about tv shows. Disney tv shows. And the Naked Brothers Band. Maria adores them. lol

I wanted to make a new fanvid, just because I was in the mood for a seductive music video full of hot boys, but I felt I was using too much time uploading videos and aborted the mission for the day. ^^ And WHILE I was searching for mvs I knew where hot, I stumbled upon THIS:


CLICK IT! <3 If you love Lee Jun Ki. xDD It reminds me of a movie trailer or something, which is neat because he's an actor, but anyway, that is one awesome teaser. Very well done. MAN, HE OWNS!

Oh, and one more thing before I go for the night; I've wanted to post this forever now. I finally made myself a sim-Yoochun and of course, he's married to sim-me, so I took pictures of us and edited it on Photoshop. I'll post more later, cuz I love the sims wayyy too much, and because these amuse me greatly. <3

omo, I forgot another thing. Smoke Jumpers, a band, did a song that totally disses Chris Brown. And it's pretty amazing. It's called My Flow's So Tight. You can find it on Imeem.com. It was even on the radio, which was where I heard it and I was like woah! They would play something like this on the radio?! But yeah, check it out. Cuz it's a catchy tune. xD

be blessed. <3

- Raeven


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