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My term paper for World Religions on the topic of Judaism and its impact on Christianity IS DONE! Took me a day and a half of sitting on my butt, flailing in agony over my darneded stoopid fractured tooth, taking frequent lazy naps, and yelling at Boogie (because I've been home alone for most of the late afternoons and nights till midnight and it's with Boogie, who whines like Choobakka whenever he wants something, which is like every hour. He's such a baby!!!! :|). So it actually could have taken me about two or three hours actually focusing on the paper and writing it, but because of my extreme procastinacis, I was unable to do so. xD

So my WR (World Religions) teacher emphasized that Aprill 22nd was the day the term paper was due. There's a drop-off box on the site called Angel where you can check your grades and yadda for a certain class, and he put a drop box in there for the papers to be turned in. And so at 11:59pm on the day it's due, the drop-off box WILL CLOSE and you will be doomed if you don't have it in by then because he warned us. Haha, I finished at 11:30. >.< Not gonna happen again. I was literally freaking out. But I'm relieved now. And my tooth isn't causing my face to hurt, and all is well right now. I'M SO . . . HAPPY! The end of this semester is killing me! I have so much still to accomplish like:

+ make a more detailed lesson plan for Comm. 2 AND a powerpoint presentation for the lesson that Crystal and I have to teach next Tuesday.

+ get ready for Algebra, and all the other exams. >.< (NO!)

It'll all be over soon enough. Jaio, Raeven!

Okay, so I got up a little late this morning because I couln't sleep for most of the night (cuz of my teeth, nothing new) and iced the cupcakes I made for WR. When I got to class, I brought them in and said I did them for no reason and everyone thought it was funny. lol I said the cupcakes were to celebrate me finishing my term paper, but I ended up with only a paragraph completed of the minimum 8 page paper. Raphael cracked up. He stole two of them. Raphael's a funny guy, but I've observed that he doesn't take well to people who annoy him. He acts immaturely whenever they do. The two girls in front of him voice annoy him apparently and he'll show his annoyance aloud, which can be embarassing at times because it also sounds like he's trying to be funny.

But anyway, everyone liked the cupcakes; well, everyone who got one, so I was satisfied. I really wanted to tell this dream I had the other day, but I never got around to it. I'll tell it tomorrow. I didn't even write this one down and it's still etched in my head; just shows ya how much it's affected me. lol Just be prepared for a random one.

While I was taking an hour break from my paper earlier, I went on Asianfanatics.net and . . . LOOK AT THIS MAN!


Look at those gloves! Look at that coat! Look at those eyes!

They call him Dennis. Dennis Oh. Oh, Dennis. <3
He's just like Daniel Henney; he's American and Korean. LOVE! Speaks perfect English, of course. Man, he's another hot old guy. I wonder if Daniel and Dennis are brothers or something, seriously.


Look at his fiery hairs! Look at his dorb face! Look at his blue/purple bandanna cutely tied around his neck. LOOK AT HIM! <33
Who is this, may you ask? He's mine, that's who he is. *growls*


Look at his five o' clock shadow. Look at the holes/rips/things on his sleeves. Look at that cheap shirt. Look at those parted lips!
-_- It's just Stasha's man, lookin' stoned. *sniff* As usual. What a shame.

Yeahp. . . That's Yunho. :P

Hehe, I want to see how long it'll take Stasha to respond to this. If she does, I'll have to say, she really does love Yunho alot. xD Stasha, I challenge you to a sister-bashes-sister's-man duel!

This should be great fun. hehe. kekekeke bwar hwar hwar!

Well, I'm gonna go watch Prince Princess 2 now. Peace!

be blessed. <3

- Raeven
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Yunho's Tingly Tummy )
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I'm so worried about Yunho (baby Teefs). He's very ill and his managers are stressing him of too much work. They obviously don't know the meaning of rest and recovery.
I pray for him everyday and I really hope he's getting better. And on top of that, he's still gonna be in the coming banjun Vacation. Poor thing!
His condition's only getting worse because of his packed schedule.
Get better, Teefs!!!


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