haerae: (padraig bed)
2010-11-10 08:52 pm


I had to do it.
I had to reformat my computer. -__-
But I hadn't failed in the process like I've previously done the last few times I had to reinstall. I actually backed up everything I needed.
Thank GOD!my laptop was functional enough for backing up to be possible, otherwise I would have been shaking and crying in the corner of my room, making dents and scratches in the walls, and scaring my peers at work with my more-prominant-than-usual eyebags and coon circles.

But now I'm refreshed! I was off today, so I got up when I wanted and continued the reinstallation, vacuumed the apartment, got chinese food with Shan. Today was pretty glorius.

It became even more so when we got back. Definitely not because there was a surprise apt. inspection and my room was locked out (it's part of their procedure to lock your room door after inspection when you're not at home, for unknown reasons >.>), but because when I went to the front desk to get someone to let me back into my room, I found out my package had come in.

That's right folks! The Pinkage wig I ordered off of Ebay on October 17th came in today! I don't think I mentioned it at all, but yeah. That's what I did.
I tried it on and it's GAHJUSS!!! It's thick and luscious, and totally worth my money. It's too fun to wear, and you can do so much with it!


I must post pics of my wearing it. Trust me, I took too many :p. It shipped out on Oct. 18th and came in on Nov. 1st. So actually, whoever was working the mail at the front desk, never put a slip in my mailbox telling me the package came in, so it came in earlier than I thought. :pppp

---HAHAHA! I'm in the library again. Working. And two guys come in while another's leaving out. They do their man-shakes and then one guys says to guyleavingout, "how's your face lookin'?" And then he touches his face like a girl would do, pretty intimate, but quick. Quick enough for the awkward gayness/kindaness to be ignored. I guess the quickness of it, and the way the other two reacted to it(which was no to react at all), just made the moment BROMANCE.

Good stuff. Nigahiga turned hot on me! Jay's always been hot. keke <3

Fall term's almost over already, which means my internship's coming to a close, thank God. I've enjoyed the experience, and I'm glad it hasn't scared me away from the profession. I can see myself doing something similar to this in the future, but my weakness is most definitely customer service. I choke when I talk to customers. If I don't choke, my voice is too quiet for the customer to hear. It's gotten a teensy bit better. Teensy. I'd rather be in the back, but if I must be in the front, just don't expect me to speak. I'll be your busy worker. :3

My friend Nesha got accepted for a co-op internship in Pennslyvania, at a ski resort. She's a culinary major. They'll provide housing for her, and they'll probably pay her $9/hr. T.T This just reminded how easy my opportunity to go somewhere else for a term was, while being taken care of, at that. *sigggghhhhh* But what can I do. My senior year also requires another internship, and I may just study abroad for that one. If not, I'm going going somewhere way across the US. I'm itching to do that.

I want to bake for the holidays. You know, the good ol' traditional Southern desserts for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I think it'll be a nice thank you gift for Tisha and Mrs. Sonia to give them a few cakes to go with their dinner. Maybe an almond pound cake, red velvet cake, and a carrot cake. KJ wants a pecan pie, but I told him he has to supply the moolah! :DD Next week should be fun.

Welp, tomorrow fur shur. :)

Goodnight, all, and be blessed! <33

- Raeven