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After cleaning the kitchen from a catastrophe of colors, I'm back in my room with pictures of the rainbow cupcakes I made for Gwyn's birthday/New Years bash in Orlando tomorrow. God forbid a sharp turn in the car topples and ruins my hard work.

I wanted to pipe Happy Birthday in hangul on them, but it was getting late, and I didn't have a small enough tip to use for the letters, so I think I ended up writing Happy on one of them, then half of another word on another cupcake. It was lame, but hey, I wrote some hangul! On a cupcake! Yay me! :D hehe

I can't believe this new phone takes pictures as good as these ones. And even better after I finally peeled off the protective sticker from the lense, lol. Then I was like "O.O whoa. whoaaa" 

I cropped and brightened these in photoshop: 






Tomorrow(or should I say today) is my last whole day home before I go back to school on Saturday. Gwyn and I have a flight to catch at 7pm that night because train tickets were sold out (;_;) Not happy about taking a plane, btw. And it's been a while since I've flew at night, so now I won't be able to see what's goin on out the window. NOT COOL. SIGHHHHH.

Nana gave me these vacuum bags for my clothes so I can fit more stuff into my luggage, then I have to get all my lotions, liquids, even my toothpaste, sent back to my apartment because airports are ANAL VOLCANOES. :<

I haven't officially packed all my things, but I'm hoping I'll have enough time before it's time to head to Orlie to be more prepared to leave. :)

be blessed! ♥

- Raeven
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 I'm waiting for Chris to get his behind home so he can give me my much needed scale so I can FINALLY make the carrot cake and pie crust I was supposed to make a day ago. WHAT'S TAKING HIM SO LONG?! Who bakes at midnight on Christmas Eve?! My goodness. 

Who knows how long I'll be up tonight. pffffff POOOOOOOOOP. 

Wellp, Happy Christmas Eve! <3 
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 Wahhhh, I feel like I'm neglecting my friendddssss. I miss them, they miss me, and the only time I've seen or talked to them was on the same day I got home. Sometimes, being busy sucks. I wish I didn't have so many priorities to get done while I'm on my short vacay home. But I can't say it was all because I was being lazy. Well, the first two days were. I kinda just wanted to stay home and you know, be home, then I went with fam to the mall to go Christmas shopping.

On the 19th, I went to a Christmas/Birthday party for a childhood friend. Her name's Tyra. She and a number of other friends who attended, had gone to elementary school with me for more than six years in a row. It was really awesome seeing them again. I mean, they were literally my first real friends; I grew up with them. So I couldn't miss that party. It was fun. Stasha came with me and even she enjoyed it. Omg, everyone in that little class are in college, some are even married, some are out of the country. It makes me squee! 

But anyway, I just wanted to say that. And update. hehe. I went to the dentist today, and THANK GOD, this whole crown thing is officially done. I still have other things to get done, but the big thing's done. And you don't know how relieved I am right now. It feels kinda weird having it there, but I guess that's expected.  After Thursday, I'll be free to my friends! ^ ^ 

Last night, I stayed up till 2 searching for manhwa scans. keke. And I found a comm on LJ primarily for that called manhwadreams (or something) and they still haven't accepted my request to join! They apparently have a huge collection, so I'm like checkin' that thing every half hour for access. lol  I gotta go to the store in a few to get ingredients for Maria's cake. This is what I'm hoping to accomplish by tomorrow. hehe 
I haven't gotten everything for it yet, and I hope I have enough money to use for it,but yeah. I'm pretty confident I can do this without the use of fondant to cover it. :D  But hey, I'm gonna go. My comp's acting slow, and I can't see what I've typed fast enough for my liking. Until next time! <3 be blessed.  (man, I'm sleepy!) - Raeven
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Nights in the common room are fun. ^ ^ But the group of guys I hang out with are such jerks sometimes. lol I wanted to play Halo 3 with them and Yasmine and Alexis, but instead, they started a new game of Madden 09. >.< You can never win with them.

* I started Intro to Cakes class last Tuesday. xD The first day was a little hectic, and messy. lol But today was much better, but still messy. I'm surprised by how little I get on my uniform, thanks to my apron. <3

*We made convenience chocolate cake yesterday, which is just cake mix cake. It was so darn fluffy! Today, we made a scratch batter for carrot cake, then we iced the chocolate cakes and boxed them. They usually store whatever we make into a temp-controlled store room for a later time. So they don't throw away everything, thank God. Really, all the stuff they throw away is unnecessary. You could feed a starving country with the amount they throw away. 

But I finally figured out why they do it. And it's a stupid reason too. It was allowed a few years ago, but when a group of kids left their food in their cars for a few days and ate it, they sued the school for getting sick. Isn't that so RETARDED?! They ruined it for everyone. Who's stupid enough to eat three day old food in a car?!!!

* I caught a cold. >.<;; but it isn't serious. I got a scratchy throat two days ago and it developed into a weak cold. I have a runny nose and a pathetic little cough. I felt a small fever today, and I was ridiculously sleepy all day, but I took a nap, took some medicine an hour ago. I'll be alright. ^ ^ As long as I don't miss class. I freaked out on the first day and went to Walgreens and bought a $7 cough drop thing that's supposed to shorten the duration of a cold. 

* I haven't seen Paul and Mike in a while, but I've passed them up alot. I enjoy their cute smiles and hugs. hehe I see Jamie alot too, but we don't talk much anymore. I think it's cuz we all have our own schedules and stuff. But I still think we have the potential to go out to eat on weekends and stuff. 

* I went to my cousin Tracey's salon last weekend. Me, Olivia, and Cyril went. Cyril went because he had to go to the bank and I told him I'd take him. He said he'd go with us early that frikkin morning to the salon, just so he could go the bank. It was that important to him. lol I've been hanging out with him, Yasmin, Alexis, and more peeps lately. It's fun. I get ALOT of laughs from them. Cyril and Yasmin are childhood friends and they happened to apply at the same uni, so they act like rival siblings all the time. It's so CUTE! They're friendship's like the one s I wish I had with a guy. They mess with each other, but you can just tell that they truly love each other. He leans on her shoulder, and in the common room, when we watch horror movies late at night, he'll fall asleep with his head on her lap. It's just adorable!!!!!!!

By the way, I'm totally giving Tracey more business. All of my buds want their hair done by her now, since Olivia and I came back from her salon. She makes your hair feel so good! xD

* I have pics of alot of stuff I did over the week. I must post them. 

* I'm starting to really find my way around the streets. I found a Books a Million closer to the campus, and without having to tackle the highway. <3 I have a favorite road that takes me EVERYWHERE, and it's beautiful. 

* I watched a scrimmage flag football game of the school at this park a walking distance from the school. IT'S SO GREEN AND PREETY!!! omg, I have a place to write now! omg, Gwyn, Kriss, Stasha,  this place is so picnic worthy!!!!

* I'm in two clubs: Tribe of David (a club where Christians can come together <3), and Baking and Pastry club (because I can't get enough of it. lol)

And that's about it. 

And that's all for now! xDD Until next time! 

be blessed. <3

- Raeven

p.s. - I finally played the sims today! And I made a hot sim. :D
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I just DLed a butt-load of Krap albums and I'm gonna have a BALL listening to them all. OMO, I found Dok2, Jungiggo, and Fana's albums! I couldn't find their stuff anywhere. Well, Fana's album link was dead, so I still have to find an active one, but still. I can listen to the other goodies to keep me at bay till I find it.

<-------------------------- See meh icon? See Jonghun's moneyz? That's GANGSTA CASH! >.> I was trying to make the icon match the theme of my topic, but it's not really happenin'. Jonghun's too cute for gangsta moods. And my TOP icon has been replaced with Eli, and I use Eli too much, so. . . .

What the crazz, I have two more weeks of home until I'm in uni. 0.o I'm not literally prepared yet! I have to get all my immunization records sent off to the school, a dentist appointment that's taking forever to be put into motion, and I still need more clothes!

I got this dorm package in the mail from this catalog, which comes with "everything" and the comforter set that came with it is total trash. It's got worst material in it than a sleeping bag. >.< So I'm getting one from Target or something. Also, the pastel/lavender sheets that came with it looks like it's been sitting somewhere for years; the colors are all bold and out of place, nasty orange, NOT PASTEL nastiness! I'm getting other sheets too, thank God. I'm sorry, but my bed has to be pretty and comfy, or I can't sleep on it.

Other than that, I'm peachy! Gwyn and I made a cake yesterday and I brought it to her lunch at school. Her second day of school. From what I got, her first two days, other than its workload, has been blissness! WANNA KNOW WHY? One thing (and maybe others) *whisper* Korean foreign exchange student whose a boy and tall and very cute and his name's Yujae.

Korean foreign exchange student. keke. <3

Now I wish I was a Seniorrrrrr again. In CCS, so I can be friends with him toooo! There BETTER be Koreans in JWU, and I better meet one lots.

Anyways, I had very nice day today. Got oodles of love at Gwyn's table from all the peeps I went to school with. And it was just nice. I can't wait to go to restaurants with them again, like the good ol' times.

Sim pic of the day:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This is obviously Bennet and Stasha's sim AhRin. They're together. keke. AhRin looks like she's scared, but she's not. lawlz xD

WHOA, I just Youtubed this beatboxing guy that does kpop songs and he's SOOOO good at it! He even has links to his songs so we can download them! He wants to be put on Star King, and I'm soooo for that! He's REALLY good. xD He's called the beatboxhitman2. http://www.youtube.com/user/TheBeatboxHitman2     <------------Good stuff right there.

How could I forget to acknowledge the fact that Gwyn and Stasha SURPRISED Kriss and me at Kriss' house last weekend. Totally had me fooled. And I can't believe I actually got mad when they were trying to get me to come over that day (my rant from recently was because of that. lol) I feel so darnded stoopeed. >.<;;;; Sorry for getting angry!

They made a SHUPA awesome SNNN'ap cake with sparkles and stuff and they made me a collage of pics of our friendness and a card that said "WHat's Up w w w what's up!" from SS501's Kyujong's song. *sigh* LOVE. It was great. My mind was jumbled that day. With happiness and love. I am loved. <3

I shall upload pics of it and edit this post again. They're on my phone, but I gotta size them and junk. So laterz.

Talk to you soon!

be blessed. <3

- Raeven

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I attempted an ice cream cake today. So far, everything's in one piece. I know I didn't use the best method of getting the ice cream on the first layer of the cake, but it work. I had to attack the block of ice cream to get it soft with a spatula, then I spread it on the cake, then it started melting immediately, so I popped it in the freezer. Waited two minutes, took it out, put the rest on it. pffffftttttt. Now it's in the freezer.

I'm a little worried about how I'm gonna get it to Kriss' house tomorrow, but it should make it. >.< I REALLY HOPE IT DOES!

SOOOOOO, I've been playing the sims alot lately. I messed up my game from wiping out my Downloads folder, so I downloaded new stuff and completely organized it. It's so organized, it's complicated. xD I'm glad I did it. I'm a little mad though, because it's been crashing, and I have no idea why. It could be the hacks on it, but I don't want to take them off. If I can't figure out the prob, I'll just take them out. No biggy.

I've also been at Kriss' house since the AFO con SNN'ap and Kunhee went to. It was THE AWESOME, btw. The rave was the biggest highlight of mine. I can't say I've ever partied until then. That is a definite first, and I reallllly enjoyed it. Overall, the event was super fun. I enjoyed dressing up, my hair cooperated, I successfully did Dara hair on Stasha, and even represented for the kpopness and found other kpoppers (but the sad thing's that it HAD to be Miles' crew >.< WHYZ?!) Stasha and I were roaming the con halls when someone pointed at Stasha and said, "Are you Dara from 2NE1?!" and I almost died. I was soooooo happy!!!!! Finally, some actual recognition of kpop after all the cons we've been to! ! ! ! <3333 It was magical.

I kinda want to make up an association, like The Kpoppers Association. hehe People who listen to kpop in their cars, have the music on their mp3 player, ipods, etc., just straight up represents the love for korean pop music!

I'M A KPOPPER DUDE! And part of the A crew, and part of SNN'ap. keke. <3 I feel reallllly special.

I want to start a routine. Since I'm such a Sims 2 lover, I want to post a pic a day, or each time I post.

Cuz I'm a freak for this game. <3 :D

Hmmm, now lemme find one.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
This is my fave sim Bennet's little brother, William Boden. He's been a kid for the longest time in my game and now he's finally a teen. He's so pretty! keke I think I want to make him heir of his family, cuz Bennet doesn't look like a sim who cares about makin' babies.

Okay, I hope to be back soon. I'm gonna be super busy tomorrow with crazy stuff. >.<


be blessed. <3

- Raeven
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Because of the beach. Woahz, I just heard thunder, then rain. It's friggin raining RIGHT NAO! Hwar! I hope the power doesn't go out. Yet.

Gwyn, Kriss, and I went to Daytona Beach today. I stayed the night at Gwyn's the night before. It was a blast! I met Aiya, another fellow kpop fan and lolita, and she's super cool! I talked to her quite a bit and she showed us around, including the beach. Before the beach, we went to this coolbeans arcade and played DDR, then it started pouring rain so we took shelter in the parking garage until it kinda stopped. Then we hung out in ANOTHER parking lot by the beach and listened to more music in Gwyn's car while we waited for the rain to stop. It was great.

Aiya brought her laptop (so did Kriss) and we then went to Starbucks and watched Idol World thing  with Suju there. It was very entertaining and relaxing. I enjoyed it.

After that we finally went to the beach, where you can take your car inside! I think that's pretty sweet. It wasn't crowded at all because of the sudden shower, and the sand was all packed and flat so it was nice to sit on over a picnic blanket. We ate fruits and peanut butter sandwiches and listened to music and walked along the water and danced and screamed and talked. It was great. xD I think it should be a tradition. ^_^ 

We left at around 5:00 from the beach and headed back home. Aiya came back with us to stay with Kriss, so we hanged at Kriss' for a couple of hours and watched stuff. Now I want Aiya's Youtube channel because of the crazeh funny cool stuff she has on her faves. lol It was really nice meeting her.

And now I'm home. Kara and Maria and Allison invited me to go see Up at midnight tonight, but I just stayed home. I'm too sleepy. I'm all warm and drowsy from being out and on the beach. And it feels good. I REALLY think I'm gonna be sleeping good tonight. I hope I do. It'll be terribly sad if I don't. :3

My car's been sitting in the group home driveway for a whole day waiting to have a new sound system installed in it and it didn't even happen. The guy was busy with important stuff, so my car's gonna have to wait till Sunday. *huff* I can't be selfish about it so I forced myself to not get mad, though my throat got all tight and junk because I REALLLLY was excited about getting home to test it out . The current sound system in my car is so bad that it farts at me when the sound's too loud. T.T But it's ok. I know it's actually gonna get done, so it's all good. And it isn't my b-day yet, so I can wait.

Well, now I'm gonna go. I gotta do a few more things before I go to sleep, soo. . . I need to get off lj. I'm at the group home tonight (gonna stay overnight with my nana again). It isn't too bad though, cuz it's just like home except I have tasks. And I get paid for it so BONUS!

OH YEAH! I wasnt to call my future (like, ultra future) bakery CAKE|SOUL BAKERY. Because of Seoul. xD That's all I feel like saying. Of course, it's always gonna be subject to change, but that's the name that makes me smile right now, so I'm keepin it until further notice. heehee!

Until next time. Peace! <3

be blessed.

- Raeven
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I don't understand why I can't wake up when I need to anymore. If I had class today, I'd be up 2 hours early. Now, when I set the alarm on my cell phone (which is the only alarm I rely on), I MAY wake up to that, but then I go back to sleep and wake up 2 hours later! *SIGH* I'm glad I don't have anything to wake up for right now, but I still want to get up early so I'm not starting things late, ya know??

Sleep is addictive, making waking up from it the devil. :/

Yesterday, I made a red velvet cake all from scratch! I'm so proud! I was worried it wouldn't come out right and the batter wouldn't be as red as it was supposed to. I followed everything from Paula Dean's Grandma's recipe from Foodnetwork.com, so I was a little comforted by that. The cake smelled good when it was cooling, so I was convinced that it would taste good too.


: cocoa powder
: vinegar
: buttermilk

Yeahp, I didn't know that. Now I know what I'm tasting when I eat it! lol Ever since I first tasted red velvet cake, I didn't like it. I couldn't understand the taste, so I shyed away from it. To me, the cake was just some plain cake with red dye in it, and something else that I couldn't put a finger on. But now I can! I like it a little. The taste is growing on me, but I nibble mostly. ^_^

I was paid 10 bucks to make it for Aaron's mom. Aaron was a kid I knew from both of my previous math classes while in BCC. We text each other about random things. (I went to his house to play video games once, but I didn't tell anyone because I was too embarrassed. AND I didn't want to get scolded because I knew that if I told any of my friends, they'd think it sounded shady) But I don't know how to explain it. When you know someone's not going to come onto you, your guard goes down. I was confident that he wasn't the dangerous type, so I didn't think much of it, and he's kinda scrawny, so I could beat him up if he DID try to attack me. But we're just friends. He hasn't texted me any flirtatious things since I met him, so I'm not worried about it. I'm still cautious, just not paranoid about it. And I'm most definitely not gonna do stupid things like that while I'm away for college. I'll most likely be with family then. ^_^

But anyway, I found out that the cake tasted good, so I'm at ease. I didn't want to get paid for a yucky cake. So it was a success! xD

After I dropped the cake off, Stasha and I headed to Gwyn's house cuz we were going to the movies together to see Star Trek. <3 It was reallllly good. OMG, the characters were super awesome. I knew nothing about the story, but now I want to know more. Makes me want to read the books and junk. Almost. Gwyn had already seent the movie, but she wanted to see it with us. I REALLY enjoyed it. I always look for corniness, but this one had none, which is excellent. And Gwyn got me liking Spock, though I think I would've liked him anyway. hehee! hmm, the main character was hot too. And omo, Tyler Perry was even in there!!! That was unexpected but cool. haha!

Okay, well I better go now. I have a deadline to make by Sunday, but I haven't started on it yet, so yeah. . . >.<;; I better get to it.

And hey! I got the Plus account! It's a free upgrade that I was totally late on lol, but it allows me to have 15 userpics, so I'm very happy! It SO beats the meazly 6 I had before. xDDD


be blessed. <3

- Raeven


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