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I finally somehow got the gist of icon making. My biggest problems were size proportions and stuff. And I discovered the wonderfulness of psd files! Thanks to Gwynbean. I have her to thank for the Photoshop program too. I actually think it's more convenient and better-looking than the other one I had. :D

I spent too long on these earlier today, when I should have been cleaning my room and packing for uni. I leave tomorrow on a train at 7pm. hee! And just when I've gotten addicted to icon making! T.T Now I have something to look forward to while I'm on the train at least. I pretty much have everything I need packed, and things that aren't packed are organized and easily packable. I'm going back alone, so I've been trying desperately to save all the money I have for back-to-school shopping. If I don't spend too much on food on the train, I should end up with at least $480. I wanna buy make-up, plates and kitchen necessities(from ikea), clothes, groceries & toiletries. In my head, I've calculated how much I should spend on each category and it looks like I'll have enough, but it adds up crazy fast once you're shopping. :/ I can do it! Okay,I should go to sleep now. It's funny; lately I've been staying up this late every night. I keep the tv on Disney, so Little Einstein's on when I go to sleep. lol Playhouse Disney's on! That means it's too frikkin late to be up!

Goodnight/Good Morning! xD <3

be blessed.

- Raeven
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SO MUCH to talk about! And I don't even know where to start. Man, I don't even feel like saying everything, but I guess I should try and knock it all out. lol

Here goes: 

* I got a JOB~!!!!! Work study job actually, but hey, it's a job. xDD I started today. 10 hours a week, minimum wage. I work in the Safety and Security office (that's where I was assigned to) and all I'm really expecting to do is sit in the back and wait for someone I can assist. I can listen to my Zune, and even use my laptop, and I'm even encouraged to do my homework there. It's GREAT! I sat around for 4 hours, but I had my Zune and I actually thought up some AMAZINGTASTIC ideas!!! omg, I'm so excited for the book now. I just have to tell Maria about it and see if she likes it. I pretty much thought of a good quarter of the end of the book that we need to fill. If she agrees, I'll have the important build to the climax figured out. Wish me luck! xDD

By the way, I work Monday to Wednesday. Monday: 4-7pm, Tuesday: 4-7pm, Wednesday: 3-7pm. 

*  I started Venoisserie class today. It was the most confuzzling day I've had in class yet. Other than that, MY day wasn't swayed, but it was for others. Some got stressed from the confusion of baker's math and conversion of formulas and stuff. My whole class is all females; 20 girls. It's pretty awesome, and we all clean up after each other. It's nice. But anyway, today one guy was introduced to the class and he was white with looong blonde dreads. He was pretty hot. But later, after there was a miscommunication between the chef and us students, the guy apparently made one too many smart remarks and the next thing I knew, Chef was ushering him out of the class. He'd been kicked out for the rest of the nine days. Now that's tough! 

*  And I can't remember what else to say so I'll get back to you on that. lol I have pictures to post, so yeah. I'll do that REAL SOON! Just not tonight cuz I don't feel like it. Didn't have time. And it's late now. <3

Peace ! 

be blessed. xD

- Raeven
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My second official day of labs was much better than the first. Time even seemed to go by faster. But the homework is starting to pile on. It's not that it's alot; it just seems that way when it's put with ironing the uniform, finding out how much time you think you're gonna need to get ready in the morning, if you can fit in breakfast too yada yada. I woke up right on time this morning, had all my stuff ready from last night and was out the door in an hour. I even had a good half hour of breakfast time before class, which was very good. xD

Now, I have to worry about work-study. If I do do that, I'd have a much busier schedule, but it's not that many hours, so it shouldn't be too bad.

I'm eating ramen noodles right now. hehe.

Something interesting: Alot of peeps like my style. I find it very flattering, but being around Gwyna and Kriss all the time has made it nothing. hehe Thanks guys! I mix and match all the time, and I mess around with my hair (well, not too much; just the front bang part. I like to put it up in a mini ponytail thing). I'm infamous for that, because people actually ask me if I'd go out in public with my hair like that. lol They don't say it in a bad way. I guess they just think it's pretty bold. I'm surprisingly comfortable wearing my leggings and skirts with its expressive colors and what-not, despite my shyness. It's my style, and I thank my best friends for the influence. You know who you are, SNNN'ap. <3

I'm also known for my socks. Gwyn's zwesome shoe-socks caused alot of attention. lol My nana bought me a variety of character-socks for some reason, including spongebob and minnie mouse. I think they were on sale or something. Eh, who cares. I wear them to sleep. xDD

After class (which was about Baguettes again. I'm gonna perfect them!), the day was pretty uneventful. I was gonna go out to eat with friends tonight, but it was getting too late, and with class being early tomorrow morning, I didn't want to go anymore. Instead, I DLed music after I ate lunch, started dozing off, then napped for an hour, I think.

I was on my laptop for most of the day, laying around in my room. Then I migrated to the common room to watch Step Up with my roomies on the big screen. Just got back, actually. And I'm not even completely finished with my homework. I plan to sleep at 1, so in between that time, all that I need to get done will be finished. keke, including this LJ post. :DD

P.S. - While looking for a Chik-fil-a in the area the other night, I drove back to the school without any help for the first time! I think I'm finidng my way around! Not in the heart of the city yet, but out of the city. I can drive to Walmart, Dairy Queen, and Chick-fil-a without the hassle of my gps now. YAY ME! <33 xDD

be blessed.

- Raeven
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I really shouldn't be updating this late, so I'm gonna make this extremely short. Like, extremely. Really, the only reason I think I'm making this post is because I love the sound my laptop keyboard makes as I type, and I just like typing, so. . .

I had my first class today. It was fun, but tiring. I was starving when I got out.

* Ate as soon as I rushed to my room to change out of my uniform after class at a little after 1pm.

* Went straight back to my room and fell asleep on my bed after I went online on my laptop.

* Set my alarm to go off at around three, but didn't get up until around 5. So I took a lonnnng nap. Hehe, Olivia did the same thing when she came in.

* Me and my roommate and suitemates have concluded that Akoya, our good friend/neighbor, officially lives with us. lol She comes in every hour and hangs with us all the time, then she doesn't leave our room until she decides she wants to go to bed. When I woke up from my nap and tapped Olivia to wake her up, Akoya's head popped up from the other side of her bed, out of NOWHERE! I was all, "where did you come from?!" She was sleeping there apparently also. The girl owns at everything. She's so awesome. And she dances amazing. She won the orientation's dance off and on Thursday, she's competing against the other finalists. hehe. She's gonna win. Cuz she's from St. Thomas. It's nothing serious; just a fun game competition thing. I'll tell you how that goes. xD

Okay, I'll talk more later. I really need to get to bed, if I want to wake up by 5 tomorrow. >.<;;



be blessed.

- Raeven
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I woke up later than usual this morning. The bed was verrrryy comfortable then, so I went back to sleep. Olivia thought she had pink-eye because her eye was itchy and pink, but I just told her to go back to sleep and see how it looks when she woke up again.

It was another free day today, pretty much. I had to go to a conditionally-accepted student meeting at 2pm because that's what was on my acceptance letter. Apparently, it's because something on my high school transcript posted a red flag and figured I'd need extra help to survive college work, even though I already have 24 credit hours transferred from BCC, all passed. >.< Oh well. I'll accept what I have. After a year of school, and if I've passed, I'll be considered a fully accepted student like everyone else. I really don't think it makes much of a difference. They just want to see me succeed, they say. Eh.

Anyway, here's my bullet list <3:
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Neenee, Alexis, and I hung out with Polygon (Paul) and Microphone (Mike) today. I'm still in their room actually. I recorded a bit of them, so I'll have to edit this post later. They're awesome. I think we're gonna be an awesome crew for the duration of our school years. xD

I took them to Walmart today; they needed a few things, like Draino for the sink. lol We jammed to girly songs in the car on the way there. And we're planning to play that Apples game. I forgot what it's called. And possibly movies.

I tried on my uniform this afternoon. It looked supergood. Like, I could've cried. Kidding. But it's still really nice to see, since this is supposedlmy dream.

I talked to Kriss today, and she suggested that I do bullets in my journal. And I'm totally for it, because I'm tired of the filler words. So yeah, that's what I'm gonna do from now on. Probably. <3

be blessed! <3

- Raeven
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"Yeah, boys do that too. They go straight to the girl who broke up with her boyfriend." 
boy - "Yeah, to cheer them up." 
girl - "So my cousin introduces himself to the girl, invites her to his house on the same day, they go in his room, to "cheer her up."?
boy - "She comes out of the room with a smile on her face, doesn't she?!" 
(craziness ensues)

I'm in the common room right now, watching Tyler Perry plays with a group of friends and other dormmates. And this was just said. It was hilarious, but perverted.

Today, I needed to go to Walmart to get a few things and Nesha, Alexis, Olivia, Yasmin, and Akoya went with me. We got lost again. >.< We left the campus at around 2pm and didn't get back until 7. I got my temporary debit card from Bank of America today, and when we finally got a parking space on the side of the street, a taxi van came up in front of us and parked, then backed up into my car! But it was just a little hit; nothing scratched of dented, so all is well. BUT, the van just drove off and didn't even wave his hand or SOMETHING to say sorry! Rudeness of the city, I guess.

Yasmin and I both got Walmart cupcakes. lol We both love them alot. Isn't that zwesome!?!?! <33 There was also apparently a huge footbal game today. The Bank of America stadium is right near our school., so when we went to park back in the parking lot, it was used to park the fans, so we had to park across the street. >[

But yeah. Today was fun. I got a New Moon poster at Walmart. To decorate my room. Little by litte, those walls are gonna be filled UP. xDD

My papa called today, just to say hi. Isn't he dorb?! (awwww), and so did nana, to say goodnight. <33 She's gonna send me my hardrive, that I tardedly forgot, and my Yesstyle clothes. And I also talked to Gwyn for a good while. We talked while I walked in the halls. I was wearing socks and slipped when I ran down it. Hit my elbow, but it isn't broken, so it's ok. lol It was super nice. xD

So that was pretty much my day. I really want to make it a routine to watch tv in the common room at night. It's fun hangin around with peeps and laughin and stuff. keke. It's nice.

And that's it for today. Peace!

be blessed. <3

- Raeven 
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Today, I went to the beach with Maria, Thalia, Abby, Gabby, Liah, Maria's cousin and his baby, Kara, and Liah's friend. I picked up Abby and Kara and we headed to the beach to meet up with the others. We got there at around 1 something. The water was VERY nice. I don't go to the beach much (well, I haven't for years, but this year's different) and I was surprised at the clearness of the water. It may have smelled like it's usual fishy smell, but it was actually inviting. Too bad I didn't plan to swim, or get my hair wet and messed up, so I just let my legs get wet. I had on some pretty short shorts.

The sand burned my feet, so I sat under Abby's umbrella for most of the time, watched people, watched my friends swim, then tried not to act lonely so I roamed my phone and raided the snack bag Thalia brought. I wasn't lonely, and though I was the only one sitting out on the sand and not swimming, the others felt bad and kept asking me if I wanted to borrow a bathing suit and swim with them. They felt bad, but I was fine with just sitting alone. I can do those things without needing attention. Gosh, sometimes I wish I didn't make people think I'm being anti-social. I don't know, I like company, but I'm also totally fine with being by myself.

Anyways, we were having a good ol' time at the beach until the lifeguard started blowin his whistle, bringing out the yellow flag and warning people of the storm that was rolling in. It was then that we started to notice the thunder and the lightning ahead. I was ready to hop in the car (lightning freaks me out), but everyone was taking their time getting out of the water.

But soon enough, everyone made left the water and packed up. It was around 3 when we left to Maria's house. We were gonna go to Toys-r-us, just because we were bored, and play with the toys they had out on the aisles. I was following Maria, and she passed the place, so me and Kara were like, "what the crazz", and just followed her some more before calling her. Instead, we went to papa john's. Liah's friend's mom worked there, so we got a good discount on two pizzas. Then we went to Maria's house, eat the pizza(of course), then played two or three rounds of "Have You Ever" or whatever they call that game. I've never played it, but I won the first round keke. That was nice.

After that, I took Kara, Abby, and Thalia home.

Played the sims when I got home after lazing around the house. Then I went to Walmart in Chris' Hummer to get some cookie dough. I thought I'd make something for Kriss' friend and us to much on while we ride. xD Kriss, Stasha, and I are picking up Kriss' friend tomorrow. I'm super excited!! Stasha and I are going to go to her house at around noon to watch stuff before we head to Orlando's airport. I'm taking my car, which is in desperate need of a tune-up, but I pray it'll be good and take us where we need to go without any issues.

On another note, I learned a few uplifting things from Kara and Abby about college an dorm life. Though they didn't know about their roommates, they didn't have too much issues with them, and ultimately became friends. Kara said the roomate she became good friends with had moved out because she was staying with her boyfriend. Kara was disappointed, but she had the dorm room to herself for the rest of the semester. xD Now, I'm not saying I want this to happen, but if it did, I'd be pretty happeh.

ALright, it's 2:43am right now and I can't keep  my eyes open. Peace! <3 Tomorrow.

be blessed.

- Raeven

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I sat in my bed all day today, writing chapter seven of Achanis (me and Maria's book). Sometimes it's a pain, because I procrastinate and wait until the last day to write a whole entire chapter. Then, I don't get satisfied with it and feel I can do better. In the last few entries, I said we were on chapter seven already. Well, technically were we, but I hadn't finished adding my touches to it.

This is how Maria and I work: 

Usually on a Monday or Tuesday, we meet to talk about the story. We have a very crude timeline we go by, broke it up into a tentative 21 chapters. Since this is originally Maria's story, she writes ahead, then I take what she has and put all the details and fluff in it. She's good at dialogue and base and I'm good at the writing and fluff. It all balances. I like it. ^_^ We've made a goal to have the whole manuscript done my the time I go off to school (I think I've said this before, but oh well), so for that to happen, I'll have to have a chapter complete by the end of each week. Chapter 7 was supposed to be done by last Sunday, but it's longer than expected and I'm still writing it. poop. I'm always the slacker. Maria's already almost done with 8, spitting out 7 pages (single-spaced) in a whole day. She's crazy. xD

Then, when I finish a chapter, I print it out and put it on a cd and go to Maria's. She reads it, and we talk about ideas. Then she gives me what she has for the next chapter and the loop goes on. It kinda feels nice because it's a productive activity. I love writing. <3

Hopefully, though, I can dedicate maybe two days to the story so I won't have to worry about it for the rest of the week. I must KILL my procrastination!

Other than that, I've been worrying about school. I don't know about dorms. I already have trouble sleeping in the same room as people to begin with. I don't want to be uncomfortable where I'm going to be living.

City View Towers is full. I was too late to reserve a place, so I have to stay in a dorm. But I am excited about making new friends and stuff. I don't know. I guess I'm just gonna have to see for myself and accept it. ^^

I've been wanting to play Sims 2 for a good while now, and I think I will once I finish this chapter. pfft. xD So I'mma goez.


be blessed.

- Raeven
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I don't understand why I can't wake up when I need to anymore. If I had class today, I'd be up 2 hours early. Now, when I set the alarm on my cell phone (which is the only alarm I rely on), I MAY wake up to that, but then I go back to sleep and wake up 2 hours later! *SIGH* I'm glad I don't have anything to wake up for right now, but I still want to get up early so I'm not starting things late, ya know??

Sleep is addictive, making waking up from it the devil. :/

Yesterday, I made a red velvet cake all from scratch! I'm so proud! I was worried it wouldn't come out right and the batter wouldn't be as red as it was supposed to. I followed everything from Paula Dean's Grandma's recipe from Foodnetwork.com, so I was a little comforted by that. The cake smelled good when it was cooling, so I was convinced that it would taste good too.


: cocoa powder
: vinegar
: buttermilk

Yeahp, I didn't know that. Now I know what I'm tasting when I eat it! lol Ever since I first tasted red velvet cake, I didn't like it. I couldn't understand the taste, so I shyed away from it. To me, the cake was just some plain cake with red dye in it, and something else that I couldn't put a finger on. But now I can! I like it a little. The taste is growing on me, but I nibble mostly. ^_^

I was paid 10 bucks to make it for Aaron's mom. Aaron was a kid I knew from both of my previous math classes while in BCC. We text each other about random things. (I went to his house to play video games once, but I didn't tell anyone because I was too embarrassed. AND I didn't want to get scolded because I knew that if I told any of my friends, they'd think it sounded shady) But I don't know how to explain it. When you know someone's not going to come onto you, your guard goes down. I was confident that he wasn't the dangerous type, so I didn't think much of it, and he's kinda scrawny, so I could beat him up if he DID try to attack me. But we're just friends. He hasn't texted me any flirtatious things since I met him, so I'm not worried about it. I'm still cautious, just not paranoid about it. And I'm most definitely not gonna do stupid things like that while I'm away for college. I'll most likely be with family then. ^_^

But anyway, I found out that the cake tasted good, so I'm at ease. I didn't want to get paid for a yucky cake. So it was a success! xD

After I dropped the cake off, Stasha and I headed to Gwyn's house cuz we were going to the movies together to see Star Trek. <3 It was reallllly good. OMG, the characters were super awesome. I knew nothing about the story, but now I want to know more. Makes me want to read the books and junk. Almost. Gwyn had already seent the movie, but she wanted to see it with us. I REALLY enjoyed it. I always look for corniness, but this one had none, which is excellent. And Gwyn got me liking Spock, though I think I would've liked him anyway. hehee! hmm, the main character was hot too. And omo, Tyler Perry was even in there!!! That was unexpected but cool. haha!

Okay, well I better go now. I have a deadline to make by Sunday, but I haven't started on it yet, so yeah. . . >.<;; I better get to it.

And hey! I got the Plus account! It's a free upgrade that I was totally late on lol, but it allows me to have 15 userpics, so I'm very happy! It SO beats the meazly 6 I had before. xDDD


be blessed. <3

- Raeven
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Don't you hate them? I can't sleep, so I'm on the comp. until the time hits at least 4am. The same like, 1 minute dream seems to repeat itself over and over, changing slightly but not too much. It's the most annoying, unsettling thing! I get it often and I can't sleep when they happen because it's repetitive and uncomfortable. I can't really explain the feeling.

Maybe it's just cuz I'm not used to going to bed so early! I went to sleep at around 11 tonight, which hasn't been a common occurrence at all lately. I woke up at a little before 1 in the morning, giving up on sleep.

So, I think I'm going to watch Boys Over Flowers until I'm sleepy again or listen to Pandora. ^_^

I got back from Charlotte today. We our family friend, Mrs. Sonia's house at around 7am and didn't get home until 7 at night. >.< But oh well, it was a nice drive. I enjoy traveling. In a car. Not on a plane. But cruises are fine. xD I have to ask my grandmother when that cruise is gonna be!!

Like I said before, North Carolina is beautiful. And JWU's right in the city, downtown, so I can see the skyscrapers right over my head!

And it looks like I'm gonna be living in a dorm, which I'm totally fine with; I just don't know what I'm gonna do if Maria decides to move up with me. But she's very independent, so I don't think she'll mind renting a room from someone, because she's done it before. At least for a year, then we can get an apartment together. ^_^

And I also think I'm leaning towards a bachelor's degree. Apparently, I can get one in Charlotte, but it'll be for Baking and Pastry Arts and Food Service Management, which'll be PERFECT because I can have some education on business and help Gwyn out! I'm really excited. :3 But also nervous.

I really love my cousins. They're so funny and awesome. lawl. My mom's cousins grew up together, so I listened to their past stories and it was hilarious! Again, I learned something about my mom that I didn't know. Since she, Chris, Scooter, nana, and papa, traveled alot and were living in Germany because of papa being in the military, they didn't visit Ohio or Pensecola often. Tracey, Monique, and Tim are siblings and my mom's first cousins (I think that makes me, stasha, and dede their second cousins, idk how that goes). My mom was like, "remember when I came to visit you, Tracey and you guys were still in school?" so then the story began. My mom, when she was in high school, I think, had tagged along with Tracey to some big gathering of her fellow school students. My mom's really pretty, and being that she was from Florida (someone not from Ohio, lol) she got alot of attention. Some of the girl schoolmates were jealous of her and the mean ones went right up to her, thinking she was vulnerable and weak, startted beating her up. They were all shocked when she started fighting back. kekeke. My mom's a tomboy, man, despite her clothes. She is definitely not afraid to fight, and she's good at it from what I've heard.


All the stories she told us about her, Scooter, and Chris's adventures are so funny! They climbed trees and yadda yadda. My fam's interesting, very close, HUGE, and loving. Mine consists of the Hollyfields (my papa's side), the McCorveys (my nana's side), and the Browns (my dad's side).

Anyway, I'm gonna go now, since I think I've talked about all I wante to say for today. xD I'm going to the beach with Kara and Allison later today. <3 It should be nice. I'm just hoping none of the sea breeze messes up my hair. >.<

be blessed <3

- Raeven


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OMG, North Carolina is teh beauty! And the houses are huge, and you can get them for cheap. I'm at a family friend's house right now and their house is humungous!!!!! xD 0.0 And the hills and the roads. Everything's so green! This is what I'm talkin' about, man. *sigh* I'm really excited about living here, especially since I have family here too. Me, my mom, nana, and Stasha went to visit JWU at a Open House today and it was super awesome. The lab room's I'm gonna be in will be right where passerbys can see you working. I took pics of pretty much everything, so I'll post them later. xD And they had a cooking demonstration at the presentation and guess what they made??!! Bulgogi and Kimchi!!!! It was reaaallly good. I want to make it one day. <33

I'm gonna go though, cuz Stasha wants to use this comp, to check stuff. So I'll post when I get back home, which will be tomorrow, on Mother's Day. ^_^ Happy Mother's Day, mom and nana! <33

be blessed!

- Raeven


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