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"Hrmm, I'm trying to break some procrastination habits by getting this paper done 2 days early and I still haven't started. Right now I have nothing to do, but I still would rather play Solitaire or check my facebook than start this thing. lol"

This is what I posted on my FB status about an hour ago and since then I've written a fancy sentence on a once blank document that hasn't been named or saved yet. So far so good! lol not. But I've decided I have plenty of time to do it tomorrow when I'm REALLY bored at workstudy tomorrow evening. I pray I actually do it then. Or maybe even before! Then I can at least say I've written the paper a day early. :)

hehe, I'm really tempted to watch another episode of Kimi No Todoke before I go to bed. It's exactly like the manga, too, which means I'll be reading the rest when I'm done with the anime. lol

Yesterday I was supposed to have explained more about my future job, but yeah, it didn't happen. (ΘεΘ;)

My worries are eased now though because I was called by the hiring manager Friday morning saying I'd start my training on Tuesday after class. I'll have 24 training hours. :D I'm excited about starting, but I'm sure I'll get tired of it after a few weeks. hehe

And I need some khaki pants for work. I don't wear regular pants anymore. I almost always wear skinnies if they're ever long pants, so I googled where I'd find khaki skinnies. lol I'll be going to Target tomorrow.

Didn't do too much this weekend. Gwyn and I went out a few times, mostly to just eat somewhere. We did go to Northlake Mall yesterday, and that was enjoyable, as always. But dang, it's too cold!!! I don't even want to leave the apartment, man! It's supposed to snow again Tuesday, and Gwyn and I both are already done with seeing snow, lol.

We got more junk food at Walmart. I also got some more pens and paper for class, some poster board to tack up on a bare wall in my room for some more flare, and a desk calendar for organizing my life! haha.

I wanted to fill up the poster boards with doodles and nonsense, so I bought some sharpies too. Isn't that exciting?!

It's almost the end of the academic year and Gwyn and I still haven't figured out where we're gonna live over the summer. I have a job now so I'm totally staying in Charlotte this summer. But, of course, I won't have City View to live in during that time, so I need to start seriously finding a place and having one soon so I won't be stuck when the time comes, ya know?

And there's this lottery the school's doing for 3rd and 4th years students who would like to have a spot in City View next year, and there's a $50 fee to have your name randomly selected. That's a waste of money if you're not even guaranteed a spot. I don't want to live there next year anyway. :/

Apartments are really cheap near UNCC, so getting one may be easier than I'm thinking, but I still kinda want to rent a house if we get enough roommates. I say "but" alot. ugh.

Anyway, I'm gonna go now. I need to go to bed soon. :D

Peace for now! <3

- Raeven
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(I don't understand gif making. I put text on this gif and it freaks out on me, so it's pretty glitchy looking, but you get the gist, right? ;D)
This gif would've been more exciting if I'd posted it the day after I posted my last entry, which was when the live-changing moment happened!!!

XDDDDDDDD I'm too sleepy to explain much, but I will tomorrow. Just know that I FINALLY HAVE A JOB. MY FIRST REAL JOB EVER. At a Food Lion grocery store. In the bakery. As a cake decorator. *0*

<3 <3 I haven't gotten a call back yet since I went there, for my schedule and when I start training and stuff, but she said I had the job, and she can't take back what she said, right? Especially after we shook hands right??? :/ I just can't wait to start. I need to make money, yo ! ! ! !

I hope she calls me tomorrow.

Until then!

be blessed. ♥

- Raeven
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I should've posted a few days ago, cuz quite a bit's gone down. :p

2011's starting off very well:

♦ I'm actively job searching
♦ I'm really enjoying Gwyn living here with me. She's my excuse for going everywhere. :p
♦ I get to hang out with Rachel on Thursdays (and some random nights)- to noraebang.
♦ I communicate with ahjusshis.

This year is the first of many that I've made friends with a man more than a decade my senior, without it being creepy and uncomfortable. Well I guess there's really only one. His name's Jaemin and he's the bartender at the noraebang we go to on Thursdays. He only works on Wednesdays and Thursdays, so that's when we've been going lately. He's told us it's pretty popular on the weekends, but I'm a little hesitant about going on those days since he won't be there. It's less awkward when he's there because he talks to us, and he's funny. I like him because he doesn't try anything with us. So far, he's a the impression of a sweet man whose only surprised that we know so much about Korea. And if he never liked us, he's doing a fine job acting like he enjoys our company. So in return, Gwyn and I'd like to bake something for him and the lady who cooks in the back. lol

The last Thursday we went, the one before the most recent, a group of peeps came in for a birthday party. After getting a room, they migrated to the front to use the free karaoke machine and drink and stuff. Long story short: bday girl's brother Sam was drunk and interested in us and asked for our numbers, ended up only wanting Rachel, before sending creepy desperate texts to Gwyn first, and ultimately sending even creepier texts AND FB messages to Rachel. He's convinced he loves her, lol.

Anyway, Jaemin already didn't like him because he was a Korean who couldn't write and read his own language. Because he was americanized. lol So when Rachel told him how creepy Sam ended up being, he said he'd beat the ssshhh--- out of him, call him motherfather(not in those words) and you know, kick his buns badly.

Side-note: Elderly people are precious <3 Most times.

Wow, I got sidetracked. Could've been finished with this hours ago but I'm sitting in Amelie's and attractive people keep pouring in. Then I started listening to music and instantly wanted to edit the rap song me and Donny did. I may have ADD guys. :3

So um, now I'm gonna make this even shorter. On that same Thursday night, another OLDEROLDER ahjusshi started talking to us, and it was all fine and dandy talk until he got drunk. O_O Um, he was like, petting Gwyn and I, then he petted me more, and Gwyn saved me with a glanced at Jae who said something to the man politely in Korean and he magically backed off. He gets major points for that, yall.

Today, we met up with Rachel in Conchord Mills Mall to see Black Swan. Went for a showing at 1:15. It was VERY well done, but also very disturbing, dark, CREEPY. Some parts were pretty sexy, and others were painful to watch(for me). I was waiting for some bones to break.


I hope it wins some awards. I think the leading actress did phenomenal *.* phenomenal. GUH. I felt all of her pain.

Yesterday, Gwyn and I made whoopies. Multi-colored heart shaped whoopie pies. Some were just made of white cake and vanilla buttercream, the others were chocolate with peanut butter buttercream. THOSE WERE BOSSIN.




There's a cupcake competition coming up and I think I wanna sign up. If I'm allowed, I want to make two entries. One for appearance - the rainbow cupcakes, and one for taste - choc cupcakes w/ the pb icing. <3 Possibleh.

And that is all! Peacebeans!

be blessed.

- Raeven
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I caught another cold. This usually doesn't happen to me so close to the other one I had back in November, even though the one in November was a weak one (Again, I rarely ever get sick). This one's a little stronger. It actually came with a fever, and I'm at work right now, shiverin my buns off. I'm a little warmer now cuz I put my jacket on, but yeah, I'm not looking forward to the walk home.

You know when you're not feeling well and you have a fever of any level and your skin's just sensitive? Like, you don't want your skin to rub up on the clothes you're wearing or anything? That's how I feel now. And my body's a little richetty. My head's swimming, and my voice is low. :P

Hehe, the one cool thing I like when I have a cold though is that while my voice is smoky from being sore, it makes me sing better. At least, that's what I think in the shower. I wish my singing voice was like this everyday! :D

I went to all my classes today except for Macroeconomics, my last class in the evening, overslept during my nap between classes and was late for the Psychology test. But overall, the day was better than I thought it would be. I thought I wouldn't want to get out of bed this morning, but after taking a shower, I was fine for most of the day though my face hurt --maybe sinuses?). Gwyn and I caught this thing together. She caught it first, then I picked it up just yesterday. keke.

I don't know how well I did on the test, but I'm not too worried. I've been doing good so far, gettin A's on my quizzes. One thing that surprised me though, was that even though I was 15 minutes late, literally rushed out of my apartment to get there, coming into a classroom to everyone stopping their tests to stare at me for a second, I had no anxiety. That's a first in a very long time! A couple years ago, I picked up this restlessness in organized crowded places. I didn't feel comfortable in the classroom or any other kinds of gatherings where you had to sit down and focus attention on an authority in front of you. Actually, the one thing I worried about on my first days of academic classes were that I may end up with a seat in the front, close to the front, or dead center, away from a door I can slip away to if I needed to.

Every day, at some point of the alotted time in the classroom (if I'm feeling uncomfortable, which is most of the time in these situations), I'd get so restless and anxious that it was hard to concentrate and I thought everyone was looking at me, that they thought I was crazy. It's far-fetched, but I've programmed myself to think this way for too long. Now I'm trying to program it back, but it's not gonna happen all at once. I'm not going to settle with saying that being around people makes me anxious. It's an easy excuse shy people can get away with, but it's not going to be me.

But anyway, yes, I was surprised. Maybe the fact that I just woke up, was a little hazy in the head, and I was too strung on being there in enough time for the test(that my professor hadn't kicked me out for being so late) to care. All the other times I've been put in pressing situations like that I've freaked out inside. But this time it didn't . So now I ask myself why can't I not care like I did today? Why don't I just tell myself my education's more important than how I'm looking in the classroom or anywhee else? I'm gonna practice that. I'm gonna focus on that and see what happens. :D (hmph!)

Rachel came over and picked Gwyn and I up to go out somewhere a few hours ago. We went to Amelie's and played card games and talked. It was very enjoyable! xD They dropped me off at the library when I had to go to work and hit the movies. They're seeing Tangled right now. I wanted to see that!;_;

After I got dropped off was when my body decided to be a meanie. So now I'm feeling like a grandpa all old and crippled in his rocking chair (envision this with me, folks) Oh, and I lost my key card again. lol I called Amelie's and they didn't see it, so maybe I left it back home. PPPPRRREAZZZZEEE BE BACK HOME!


P.S. - The girl who works with me on my shifts always has her guy friend talking to her in deep convo across the desk for hours! He's alot like me in alot of ways. He thinks about relationships like me, actually wants a friend before a gf. I've been nosy with their convos, but they gladly let me in, so I've been talking with them, killing time.

At one point, my coworker left to get her things and he said the guy I checked out dvds to was flirting with me:

me: "lol, I know, but ermurgh (sideways glance) - I wasn't interested.
him: "probably wanted you to watch those movies with him."
me: "Yeah, no, not gonna happen keke"
*cackles together*
me: "Yeah, I'm kinda picky. My friends have started to say that about me."
him: "but that's good. You know what you want and you shouldn't settle for less"
*I nod nod nod*
him: "Don't let your friends say that about you because they've probably moved to fast with past relationships"
*screech* *clear throat*
me: "oh no, the friends I do have are very close to me, they know me. When they said I was picky, they meant it in a good way"
*then he nods, approves*
him: "oh ok, well then that's very good!"

It was a really nice convo. I APPROVE OF GUYS LIKE THIS! But I'm not really attracted to this one. >.> I mean, we can totally talk in the future, and I say whatever happens (with any guy I talk to),happens. If it's meant to be, fine. But yeah, we just talked. :) And what I love most is that he wasn't flirting at all, just wanted to talk. I LOVE THAT.

So bai for now! A mission for a part time profession is underway for Gwyn and I tomorrow. WE WILL BOTH COME OUT OF IT IN TRIUMPH AND VICTORY!!!

lovebeans. I'm out. <3333333

OH YEAH. TVXQ's Keep Your Head Down. It was THA BOSS. BOSSIN IT UP AND SERVIN IT TO JYJ. Whatever the media says about it, I know it was for JYJ and I'm glad they did it. It'll hopefully knock some gay out of Yoochun and make me love him a little again. Or it'll just make him cower in a corner and a cling to Jaejoong wondering what trash they've made Kanye West rap to and why Homin came out singing like the gourmet biscuits they've always been while JYJ has two of the best singers and sound like a sad outdated can of Pilsbury dough.

Kay, now I'm really out. xD

- Raeven
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I had to do it.
I had to reformat my computer. -__-
But I hadn't failed in the process like I've previously done the last few times I had to reinstall. I actually backed up everything I needed.
Thank GOD!my laptop was functional enough for backing up to be possible, otherwise I would have been shaking and crying in the corner of my room, making dents and scratches in the walls, and scaring my peers at work with my more-prominant-than-usual eyebags and coon circles.

But now I'm refreshed! I was off today, so I got up when I wanted and continued the reinstallation, vacuumed the apartment, got chinese food with Shan. Today was pretty glorius.

It became even more so when we got back. Definitely not because there was a surprise apt. inspection and my room was locked out (it's part of their procedure to lock your room door after inspection when you're not at home, for unknown reasons >.>), but because when I went to the front desk to get someone to let me back into my room, I found out my package had come in.

That's right folks! The Pinkage wig I ordered off of Ebay on October 17th came in today! I don't think I mentioned it at all, but yeah. That's what I did.
I tried it on and it's GAHJUSS!!! It's thick and luscious, and totally worth my money. It's too fun to wear, and you can do so much with it!


I must post pics of my wearing it. Trust me, I took too many :p. It shipped out on Oct. 18th and came in on Nov. 1st. So actually, whoever was working the mail at the front desk, never put a slip in my mailbox telling me the package came in, so it came in earlier than I thought. :pppp

---HAHAHA! I'm in the library again. Working. And two guys come in while another's leaving out. They do their man-shakes and then one guys says to guyleavingout, "how's your face lookin'?" And then he touches his face like a girl would do, pretty intimate, but quick. Quick enough for the awkward gayness/kindaness to be ignored. I guess the quickness of it, and the way the other two reacted to it(which was no to react at all), just made the moment BROMANCE.

Good stuff. Nigahiga turned hot on me! Jay's always been hot. keke <3

Fall term's almost over already, which means my internship's coming to a close, thank God. I've enjoyed the experience, and I'm glad it hasn't scared me away from the profession. I can see myself doing something similar to this in the future, but my weakness is most definitely customer service. I choke when I talk to customers. If I don't choke, my voice is too quiet for the customer to hear. It's gotten a teensy bit better. Teensy. I'd rather be in the back, but if I must be in the front, just don't expect me to speak. I'll be your busy worker. :3

My friend Nesha got accepted for a co-op internship in Pennslyvania, at a ski resort. She's a culinary major. They'll provide housing for her, and they'll probably pay her $9/hr. T.T This just reminded how easy my opportunity to go somewhere else for a term was, while being taken care of, at that. *sigggghhhhh* But what can I do. My senior year also requires another internship, and I may just study abroad for that one. If not, I'm going going somewhere way across the US. I'm itching to do that.

I want to bake for the holidays. You know, the good ol' traditional Southern desserts for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I think it'll be a nice thank you gift for Tisha and Mrs. Sonia to give them a few cakes to go with their dinner. Maybe an almond pound cake, red velvet cake, and a carrot cake. KJ wants a pecan pie, but I told him he has to supply the moolah! :DD Next week should be fun.

Welp, tomorrow fur shur. :)

Goodnight, all, and be blessed! <33

- Raeven
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I'm back in Charlotte now! xD I've been back since yesterday actually.
The train ride up was enjoyable other than the unrelenting AC that seemed to blow my way on full blast. omg, I froze my butt off. They provide nothing but pillows on a train. No blankets. It's what they need. o.o.

So I'm staying at Tisha's house again like I did last year. She and her family have helped me out alot. xD And her little son Xavier's seriously the brightest boy I've ever known! The kid just shouldn't know or say the things he does at his age. It's amazing. I want a son like him. :D

I've been chillin for most of today. I woke up late(nothing new there) and took my time getting dressed to go out. I went to an auto place to replace the windshield wiper blades on my car. The guy who helped me pick them out was gay, and it's nothing new these days, but I just thought it was interesting that a gay guy worked at an auto parts store. >.> Maybe it's just me. lol He was super sweet. :)

Yesterday, after I went to Mrs. Sonia's house to get my car, I drove downtown to City View to visit Cyril(the only one I know whose moved in), and was glomped in the hall by another guy friend (who disappeared somewhere soon after). Cyril was on the phone with Yaz, standing out in the balcony, and when he let me through the slide door, I coulda fallen off the balcony. The view was AMAZING! I'm soooooo jealous! I told him I'd be at his balcony so much, they can pretty much just call it mine. :p I want itttt! ! ! ! ! ! You can see the whole freaking city! ughhhhhhhh it's delicioussssss.

We talked to Yaz on speaker phone for a while about how we're gonna cook up a storm at our apartment. Cyril and Ten said they'd be there to eat our food, and blah blah. It was a good time. xDD Cyril walked me back to the parking deck down the block, because I can't park in City View as a visitor, and because it was dark and late and I sure as heck am not walking alone. :T

Parking in City View is full. It filled up as fast as a dbsk concert would. I was too late, so I'm thinking about paying for monthly parking in the public parking lot across the street instead of paying the same price for the parking deck a whole block down. Way inconvenient.

But that's all for now. I got sidetracked while writing this, big time. I should have been finished with this thing like 3 hours ago. I even had photoshop open to make more icons. But now I just want to turn off my laptop and go to sleep. lol I got epically distracted. haha.

Saturday's gonna be hectic. I'll tell you about it tomorrow. :D

peace! <3

- Raeven

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Keke, I'm gonna dump a HUGE POOP off my hustle and bustle tomorrow. It'll be epically overwhelming and hectic. You may not be able to handle it. It's just that crazeh. It'll explain my unorganized college schedule, friend DJURAMAH, and so much more jazz. I can't wait for this academic year to end, so I can go home and sleep normally and eat abundantly without having to worry about moneyz, and just hangin with friends. AND OF COURSE, SEE 2PM!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 I'm going to profess my love to Taecyeon, and we are going to be married. *nod* His heart will fall for mine. It's the truth. 

But then again, maybe I don't want to be married to a famous person. T.T But I do want to marry him, just not his fame. keke

OMO, F(X) IS MY SECRET LOVE. I love them. I love their personalities, their closeness, and their voices, and their dance skills, and their style. I just love them. Everything they release, I like, and that's pretty rare for me. I almost cried when their tracks were released on Youtube, and when I saw the teaser for their new mv. THEY'RE SO COOL! xD 

Of the VERY FEW girl groups that I tolerate, 2NE1 and f(x) are THE FAVES of mine. <3333 The ones I admire in some kind of way. They gots the style. They make good music, they have talent, and they have swag. 

Now, back to the unrelenting strain of my homework. Peace out, doods. I've missed LJ homework *kisses*. It's literally had me running to the library and kept me isolated in my room. 

Dumb Baking Science; insane Menu Planning; tedious Leadership; slow Sanitation. T____________________________T END NOWWWWWWW. 

be blessed. <3 

- Raeven 
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 Okay, let's just hope that with this connection, I can post pics. *sucks teeth* Now it's not showing a connection. *SIGH* I don't feel like leaving my room. . . Oh, now it's back. Please go through!!!!!

But wait, LOOKIT SANDO! UP THERE! IN MY ICON! Isn't he dorb?! ! ! ! Awww, I wanna marry him. T.T He's doin that sign he always does with his fingers. Such long, perfect fingers. <3 CUTIE TIMES A THOUSAND TO INFINITY! TAKE THAT PEEPS, TAKE THAT!!!!!

Olivia and I have rearranged our room for the fourth time now, and after church I got tired of the arrangement already. lol I didn't bother her about it, since our last change had only been a few weeks ago. Instead, I just organized my desk corner and moved it away from the window. Before, it was tucked in a corner, right behind our bunk bed, so it was like a hiding place, haha. No one ever realized I was sitting over there because they couldn't see me. keke. I liked the privacy, but the clutter was KILLING ME. I have to much stuff, I've realized. I like to keep everything. I even keep the Forever 21 bags I come back with after shopping. Why do I need them? I don't know, but I keep them hung up on one of the pillars of my bunk bed and leave them there. Finally threw away a buncha crap today, including the beloved Forever 21 bags. :B

I went to church this morning with Nesha and we had a pleasant time. While I was chillin in my room, I ate a Salsaritas' chicken taco salad. Then Bussie(a veryyyyyyyy omg-country-Georgia dood came knocking on my door. I'd forgotten that I'd promised him a ride to Gamestop and I'd already gotten comfortable in my pj pants. I closed the door on him, go dressed and took him. He went to go sell a heap of stuff he didn't play anymore so he could buy a used DS lite. He got a pink one for $80. Now I want one. I think I'm going to ask for one for my birthday. I've wanted one for a while, ever since I played Cooking Mama on it. And yesterday, while I was at Tracey's place getting my hair done, my little cousin Charlie had this ADORABLE baby game. I INSTANTLY wanted it. :3

Other than get my hair done and go to church, that's all I went out for this weekend. I'm planning to do all my homework tomorrow (no class) and do hopefully do some other things I've wanted desperately to accomplish, like finish chapter 16 of Maria and my book project, and do finish chapter 3 of the one I'm doing based on Jaywoo (JWU) <--it's just for fun. Trying to see if I can actually follow through with something and finish it.

Oh, and last night, Cyril, Portia, Yazmin, and I watched Avatar on my computer in the study room. It was super fun. We didn't get done with that thing till 4 in the morning! xD 

Okay, so I wanted to do a spam last time, but the connection's not promising, so I'm gonna try again today. :D 

Pics under the cut, yo! )
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It's been a long time! Spring term is beginning tomorrow! And I have academic classes for the first time this year. It's pretty exciting. I don't have to get up super early except on Wednesdays, I don't have to wear my chef outfit except on Wednesdays, and I don't have classes at all on Mondays. 

My classes this term: 

Baking Science (same hours as lab classes: 7am-1pm) on Wed. 
Leadership (NONONO - insert Jokwon here - ) on Tuesdays and Thursdays 
Food & Beverage Cost Control - on Tues. and Thurs. 
Sanitation on Tues. 

I don't know what to expect, but hopefully, it's just a repeat of CCS, if not easier. I heard there's alot of writing and craziness in Baking Science and that Cost Control class doesn't help it at all, but I'm just hoping it's something like Mrs. Carter's workload. I can deal with that if I had to. 

Over Spring Break, I practically had the campus to myself. The first few days made me stir crazy with the loneliness. I talked to myself more than normal. And I think I was emotionally vulnerable, but I was fine after the break started to come to an end. Ariel, Olivia, and Alexis(another Alexis. We call this one Sandycheeks <3) went to stay in Lake Norman for three days in a Marriot hotel. They invited me to stay with them for free, but I just stayed in my dorm. I wanted to get things done, but I didn't do anything, really. lol I was supposed to work on the book, but I sat around with the file open.  NOTHING WAS DONE. I took over the whole common room for two nights and watched tv in there, played sims. It was great. But I didn't even keep up with Rosetta Stone. I got it to learn Korean. And I AM going to learn it. I'm currently on Unit 2, and so far, so good. I know some colors, I can ask "What is this?"; I can count to 6, and read some words, so it's coming along. I enjoy doing it. It's fun. That must mean I'm obsessed with Korea. I am. lol 

I'm gonna dye my hair. It's happening Wednesday. I'm afraid, because it's gonna be lighter and louder, but my biggest worry is if it doesn't compliment my skin. I'm going with a red. The red Tyra Banks sported a few times. 

Yeah. That's all I want to say today. That, and I've made an observation. Stasha, Gwyn, and I are attractive singles. Like, we've been single all our lives! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE! Find us, perfect boys! My goodness. >.>;;; Yes, I'm frustrated. We're getting old! pffft.

Anyways. Oh yeah. While I was alone last week, I sang a song by James Fauntleroy and made my voice chipmunk. It sounds all Disney at the end, but I think it's pretty cute. lol And I improvised on like, two words, because James Fauntleroy doesn't seem to have lyrics for any of his songs, so. . . bear with me. I had fun doing it, so I think I'm gonna do it often. heehee! <3 Listen prease! 


be blessed. 

- Raeven
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 So practical was today, and I didn't get a great final grade on it, because I forgot some paper thing for all the stuff I made, but I got a 97 on my paper. 

But even though I was confident on the written exam, I still got a 74 on it. pfft. And I got an awesome comment from Chef Pehoski (who sounds ALOT like Mr. Cieslak omg! Wait, is that how you spell his name?! I forgot already! Sometimes I almost think it's him whenever the chef speaks lol) 

He said my paper was excellent, that it was very thorough. The only reason I got a 97 was because I didn't put any pictures in the paper. The paper was about pies, by the way. lol 

Here's what me and my group's tartlettes look like together. We each had to make 6 by ourselves for the practical, and when it's graded, we pick the best ones to put on a marble slab and serve them to a classroom. 

Mine are the four on the far right. :D 

All of these are made from straight up scratch, all the way down to the whipped topping on the mini turtle pies. Everything had to be done in this one class, 6 hours (which flies by way too fast on practical day). 
But yeah, that's what I made. I didn't think I was going to finish everything, but miraculously, I did. I'm tellin' you, almost every day labs feels like those Food Network challenge episodes. A little of me enjoys working under pressure, cuz then I work faster, but communicating with people who get edgy and hostile when they're working under pressure isn't really pleasant. 

A possible-fight-very-heated-argument went down in my room just a half hour ago between Olivia and Cyril. Cyril has a very bad temper. He said he's had to work on it since he was young, and he's been excellent with keeping it in, because I totally didn't know how mad he could get until now. It was pretty scary, but I understand why he did it. Olivia's pretty stubborn, and Cyril's a natural hothead. Both from New York. Not a good mix. 

We were all enjoying Lion King when this all happened too. But it was built up from other things Olivia had supposedly been bothering Cyril with, so. . . But anyway, after Yazmin warded him off and Stephon took him out of the room, I left to go talk to them while Stephon talked some sense into Olivia. Now it's peaceful for tonight, and I respect Stephon even more for speaking so maturely to her. He really knows how to word things, something I've always wished I could do. It's rather charming. 

I bought Smallville Season 1 today! I bought it for $25 at a local cd store. I want to collect them all, so I can watch them again. It's always been my favorite series, and so many amazing memories came from it when Stasha and I were obsessed with it, so yeah. Thursday, I'm hostin a marathon for it. keke. It's gonna be awesome. Tom Welling looked his best on the earlier seasons because he was younger and less buff then. Now he looks all plain and mature. Just doesn't have the same effect on me. lol But man, I sure love me some Michael Rosenbaum! :D

I need to go to bed now. As soon as I get my laundry out. 


be blessed. <3 

- Raeven
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 There's a time for noise and a time for migrating somewhere other than my room so I can do things I like to do alone (meaning just me and Olivia), like read and sleep. I can't do that when people are here distracting me from it. It's always awkward when people are in your room, where you live--the same place where your underwear is and ALL of your belongings. Usually, I don't have an issue with company, but when it's midnight on a weekday and you have to wake up at 6:00am to get up for class, when you don't want to get up period, it starts to get old. I haven't caught up on sleep yet, and I won't if this goes on. And it isn't like the crew's a quiet bunch. They're all loud. Except Ariel; she can tolerate silence, so she actually keeps it sometimes. I understand I have a group of rowdy, loud friends, but I'm not in the mood for it at this time of night. 

I needed to rant. The fact that Dana has to sleep through most of this every night shouldn't be fair, especially when it's late and the noise is still going. The walls are pretty thin here. But anyway, In conclusion, I'm not used to all this noise, and tonight, it's annoying me. 

Another note: I need to renew my fafsa, man!!! 

And I downloaded the first part of SBS's Gayo Daejun 2009, but it isn't HD enough(quite blurry to me actually). Does anyone remember where they DLed theres?!!!!! >.< 

ILU peeps! <3 

be blessed. 

- Raeven 
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 I got one single hour of sleep on Monday, all because I stayed up talking with Olivia and Ariel's brother. He had to catch a flight in the morning, so he slept on our floor. Passed out at 4 something and got up at 6, so two hours. 

Last night, I slept for four hours, then took a 30 min nap after class before work-study. And I was planning to go to bed at 12 now, but we have company, so that probably won't happen. I wish I was able to not care who was in my room and sleep shamelessly, but it's harrrd! 

>.< Oh well. 

Peace out doods! <3 

be blessed. 

- Raeven
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Yep. I was the one spazzin about Ninja Assasin yesterday. I finally got to see it, and a bunch of buddies formed a group and my pal Alexis hosted it. It was GREAT. A BEAUTIFUL WONDERFUL DAY. Rain surprised me with his acting, and his English really wasn't even that bad. And MY GOODNESS, the fighting skills were amazing. He's really good. And I can't believe the transformation he went through during training for this movie. I watch all the behind the scenes clips on Youtube. They had before and after pics of his body. It's crazy. They said he trains exceptionally well.

In my opinion, Rain can do frenzied-angry-man very well. Other than the really cheesy annoyingly poetic lines the childhood-friend-first love-girl kept saying, the story was good. It did too make since, and it wasn't a mess of just fighting and pointlessness. I liked it alot. But again, that's my opinion. I saw it for Rain. <3 I really hope he's in more movies. Maybe this'll be his big break.

All my friends loved it. They, mostly the guys, were all pumped about after it was over. They're blood-hungry anyway, so they didn't really care about storylines.

* It's snowing in New York. hehe, and Nesha told me her dad said it was snowing in Georgia. If it's snowing in frikkin Georgia, which is SOUTH of here, why isn't there anything goin on in NC?! I think it's cuz I'm here. Too much Florida in me. lol

But it is freezing here right now. I know this because my hands feel like I've stuck them in the freezer when I'm outside, and I can see my breath when I'm not even trying to see it.

* I rode a city bus for the first time yesterday. When we all met up in the quad so we could go to the movies, we caught the 3:00 bus to Conchord Mills. It was a long ride cuz there was major traffic right when we got there. We could have even got off the bus then and walk the rest of the way, but it was too cold for all that.

* We hung around the food court and snacked on food before the movie. There were 8 of us. I got Dairy Queen. hehe.

* Then we went to buy the tickets. The movie wasn't until 5:55, so we goofed around until then. The bathrooms in that theatre's like. . . it's extravagant! You could host a VIP party in there or something! <3

* Then it was time for the movie. (THERE ARE ALOT OF ASIANS IN THE MALL. It's not fair though, because all the ones I saw were with their asian ladies. That annoys the heck outta me. But anyway, I saw alot of cute ones, with good style!

* Then, as we were all kinda high off the movie, we roamed the mall, settling back into the food court. Stephon had his parent's Suburban, so we didn't have worry about missing the bus, BLESS HIS HEART!

But it was so strange. When we were in the food court, and we'd finished or food, there were security guards standing by. They finally approached us and told us we couldn't sit in the food court unless we were eating. They said we couldn't do it on the weekends. What kinda crap is that?! I've never heard of that one. That's not even a rule back at home! I don't even see any security guards back in Melbourne Square. But maybe it's because Charlotte's a "big city"?

* We left the mall when it closed, which was at 9, like all the other malls.

* Then a party magically happened in my room and it turned dirty. I was not involved. lol But I did dj for like, two seconds. Stasha saw it because I webcammed with her.

* Sunday was uneventful except for church this morning; that was good. xD Then I stayed in my room all the rest of the day. Had Papa Johns.

I need to go to bed. So Bai!


be blessed.

- Raeven
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I breezed through the rest of fall term, flew home for Thanksgiving break, and came back yesterday, started labs again today, without updating squat on this journal. WOE IS ME! This is my laziness in full force people. I haven't even unpacked my clothes yet.

The night before I left back for school, I went over to Gwyn's just to say bye and retrieve my Hotel Africa manhwas from her, but I ended up staying for a good hour talking with her. It was sooooo nice, omgah! All the good stuff happens when you're close to leaving, I swear. It happens every time for me. We talked about alot of things, about our futures, boys, complicated-feeling-edness, SHINee. . . just stuff. I love times like that. They're special. <3

Stasha got a webcam while we were in Pensecola for Thanksgiving. We went to Best Buy on Black Friday, but the webcams weren't on sale, really. We got a logitech one for $20. I WANTED to get Smallville Season 6, because they had all the seasons for only $10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (those things are worth $50-60 a season *gasp*), but I couldn't find it on the shelf. It stopped at season 5. And Stasha was already in that boa of a line, so I couldn't spend too much time roaming the place till I found it. When we left the store, Stasha told me she saw a whole stinkin bin of Smallville dvd sets. I could have died. We didn't get any Smallville, sadly, so I'm stuck with hunting them down on the internet and using up hard drive space. Oh well. It was my intention anyway.

I took my first taxi on November 20th 2009, ladies and gents! It was THRILLING! I called for one the night before and didn't even know how to ask for one. lol I was like, "Ah em, uh-how---what are your hours?", then the arab guy was like "hehe, m'am, our service is 24 hours," so I was like "Oh! Okay, well. . . " and I told him I needed a ride to the airport at 4:30am the next morning and he asked for my address, and that was it. I got up at 3:30am, so I'd have time to take a shower and figure out what last minute stuff I'd need and then he called my cell telling me he was parked downstairs. He was like, 8 minutes early. That made me happy. I'd heard stories from Nesha and Erin about their cab experiences and both told me theirs were always late. They told me to call a few of them and catch the first one that arrived. I just risked calling one. So I figure I'd give him business next time I need a ride super early in the morning. It was a pretty fancy cab too, with leather seats and tinted windows and such. I thought those were the ones that were most expensive, but apparently, they're the same price as all the other ones in Charlotte. I was highly impressed. :D

When I got home, I didn't get to take a nap at all. Gwyn and I went straight to Tampa to pick up Kriss and we talked the whole way there, catching up, listening to toons, you know, the good stuff. Then, Kriss, Gwyn, and I got Taco Bell, then took Kriss home, stayed at Kriss' for about 30 minutes, then Gwyn picked up Stasha, we reunited there, and she took me to my mom's. I was at my mom's for a good two hours. We had a good chat. She had to take Stasha back to the school at 5:30, so I waited for her to take her up there, then I went home to get ready for Stasha's school's football game at 7:30.

Omg, I was already spacey from being so tired. I got a pretty prominent headache by the time the game was over. And we didn't even go straight home after the game. Since the team one, nana took us to get ice cream at Sonic, then she had to take Stasha's friend home. *sigh* The day was crazily long. But it was well worth it. I had such an awesome day that day. First taxi ride, first football game. xD And Stasha's really not that bad in cheerleading! She and Chengzhi look dorb in their uniforms, doin' they're little moves. It was fun to watch. And the game was intense!!! I had alot of fun.

My bedroom's frikkin magical! That new bed I have. . . I miss it already. Only got to sleep in it for about 5 days. That wasn't enough. :p

* Went to Steak and Shake with Maria, Kara, Chase, Emily Walker, and Ronnie last Tuesday. We caught up and cracked jokes. I LOVE get togethers like that.

* Went to Cassie's thanksgiving party on Tuesday also. That was warm and toasteh fun. <3 The turkey and ham was splendid, but I felt a little awkward for the first hour we were there. Felt kinda out of place, mostly because I hadn't seen the crew in a while, and also because I'm so not in CCS anymore. That must've been it. Surrounded by a bunch a' youngins'. lol With the exception of Gwyn and maybe Andrew, I guess. lol It was still fun, though. Cassie's an awesome friend.

* The trip to Pensecola was very nice. Everyone came this year--everyone back home, that is. Chris, Scooter, Mom, Nana, Papa, Stasha, Dede, Me, Auntie Wyler, and Tyler. My mom, Chris, and Scooter, hadn't been showing up for the last few Thanksgivings we've spent in P-cola, so alot of the fam was very happy to see them.

* I'd been in a fairly crappy mood that whole trip, mostly because of my selfish want to sulk and be moody. I really don't know why I felt so impatient on the drive; maybe riding in vehicles with family did that to a person anyway, but I just got annoyed so easily on that whole trip, pretty much. Maybe it was because I was sleepy? No idea. I don't wanna say it's hormones, because I really can't identify hormones in the first place. I put myself in denial over alot of things like that. >.< I don't know when I'm gonna stop doing that.

* So many babies in the family now! :3 Makes me so happy! I got to hold four of them. <3333333 So squishy, smooth, soft, bubbly! I kind of daydreamed about having kids a few times while I was there. But give me a break--there are NO babies whatsoever in the fam that resides in boring old Palm Bay. If we want to see babies, it's going to be coming from the next gen., which is me, Stasha, and Dede. >____<;; not happening any time soon. So you can imagine my excitement when I lay eyes on babies I'm obligated to hold and love on, because they're part of the famileh! :DD Man, I love babies.

* I haven't written much in the past few weeks, like I should have been. I promised a chapter to Maria on break, and I totally haven't even much started on it. It's depressing. But since she hasn't asked, I'm gonna take the opportunity to try and finish it so I can surprise her. Haven't done that yet. 107,000 words total, though! That's a novel already!!!! <333 Oh man, you don't know how good that feels.

* Well, anyway, it's nice to be back in Charlotte. I found myself missing friends and my room. My dorm bed is actually very comfortable. I want to buy a duvet cover for my comforter at Ikea. They have a very nice selection. It's gotten way colder, cold enough to make my hands feel like I've stuff them in a freezer for long enough, enough to make my face feel uncomfortable and well, cold.

* I was very glad to find that the same students I've been seeing for the past three months are now mixed with a batch of newer students who've moved in for the winter term. There have been much more cuter boys roaming around, and *whispers* more gays. The first guy me and Olivia met--when we were leaving out of the taxi from the airport-- was a cute gay guy in the elevator. I was so bummed. He was adorable, and a waste of boy. My hopes of getting a boyfriend have broadened though.

*Hey hey! I was totally unaware of the new asian guy sitting in front of me in the cafe tonight. OH MAN, I was talking to Portia and absently looked away when a guy caught my attention when he stood. When he turned around, I almost freaked out. His eyes were so hot! He had those sporty kinda intense asian eyes, the narrow ones anime artists usually put on evil or mysterious characters--that kind. But he doesn't look that talkative or friendly, so I don't know if I'm ever gonna talk to him. But that's alright. If this batch isn't all that, maybe Spring term'll be even better!! keke. I'm so desperate. lol

* Okay, I need to sleep now. More tomorrow, hopefully. Peace!!! xD

be blessed. <3

- Raeven
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Can't go to bed until I make a quick entry. I have to make it daily! I have to! Or at least try. If I did this earlier today, I would have finally posted pictures of what I've been doing in class! But I honestly have been busy today. Last minute, though, I did my laundry, hung up my uniforms, tidied up my side of the room, and quickly did my homework. I had to do a sketch of what I want to do my chocolate centerpiece on. It's making me nervous. I think I may have picked a pretty complicated thing to do, with my level of experience, at least. I don't know why I put too much on my plate, but yeah. . . I pray it turns out right when it's time for practical. That'll be the last two days of the week I come back after break.

I want to bring my knife kit with me home for thanksgiving break, but I don't know how I'm going to get it on the plane with me. The only way I can think of it being possible is if I boxed up the bag and had it tossed on with my luggage. I'm going to call the airport to find out, because I have to take it with me, otherwise I'm not baking jack!

My dad's buying my ticket for November 20th, at some time at 6 in the morning (theres not many times to choose from, apparently), so I'm going to have to get up super early and catch the shuttle that leaves from the Starbucks across the street every 30 minutes. Man, it's gonna be cold. -__-

I called my mom today after class. I hadn't talked to her in a couple of weeks. I wanted to tell her I'd learned that if she ate good chocolate everyday, it would help her teeth, and shrink her stomach. The more chocolate liqueur in the chocolate, the better it is for you. So eat chocolate peeps!

She wanted to know how I was and all that jazz, asked about my friends. Somehow, we ended up talking about my dad's side of the family and it was really interesting. I learned things I hadn't known before, like that my grandpa was a very important man (was into politics and stuff), shook hands with former president Ronald Reagan! :D Just interesting facts like that. She also told me that she loved my grandmother's ex-husband because he used to give my mom and dad a huge wad of cash when I was a baby. Cash like $300-500 cash! His name's George. hehe, George. I met him when I went to St. Thomas for a cruise, when we stopped in Antigua. He's a very sweet man, and I think it's precious to see my grand-Lydia catching up with him like best friends do.

So yeah, I've been having really good convos with my mom lately. It's relieving when I get off the phone with her. I think the distance is helping with that alot. <3

I talk to Stasha almost every other day. Either that or every weekend. I rarely call her. She calls me. And gives me updates. lol xD And Dede hasn't even asked about me! She hasn't called once! Well then, she's not getting any gifts from me any time soon. pshh.

Okay. I need to go to bed. Omg, yes I do.


And be blessed please! <33

- Raeven


Nov. 11th, 2009 05:22 pm
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 As usual, I'm sitting around in work-study right now. hehe. I get paid tomorrow, thank God. I've been browsing around Yesstyle just now, and I've bookmarked a few more things I want. I've also been thinking about a gift for Gwyn's b-day. December's just around the corner and this time, I'm gonna be ready! xD

It rained all night last night, and I slept BEAUTIFULLY. Except for the last hour. I kept waking up after that for some reason. Ah well. . . 

Yesterday, I was going to talk about how rainy and cold it was, and how it took me forever to get warmed up. How I had to take Olivia to the epicentre to get a prescription filled at CVS (because she caught a cold a few days ago) and how I got lost as I roamed the streets to avoid paying for parking while waiting for her. *inhale* And how much I HATE the one-way  streets because it leads you more astray from the street you're trying to get back on. How I left the place in my flip flops because I really don't care about my feet, and how I got back with an empty tank of gas and only $13 on my card. How I wanted to go to Dairy Queen on such a day instead of getting gas because getting out of the car for gas sounded less appealing than getting out of the car to purchase ice cream. I'm so screwed up. keke. 

Well, I ended up getting the gas AND the ice cream. So I probably have like, $5 on my card right now. But only till tomorrow. Yay! 

I've been craving the Sims, lately. But every time I play it, it crashes on me mid-play. I think it's just a hack interfering. So I'm just going to have to delete the hack. pfft. 

One person in our three-person group missed class today, so the two of us had to do alot of chocolate tempering and re-scaling and jazz. It was a little stressful because we were falling behind, but Chef Gronert had mercy on us. I could tell. I think he's pretty cool. He's funny. Says we should be eating more chocolate daily. He actually questions why we haven't been eating from the chocolate racks all throughout class. He asks us this everyday! I can tell it bothers him. We laugh at him for saying it. 

He also tells us to talk to the chocolate, so it'll work for us better. To love it, yadda yadda. And when we laugh, he frowns and goes, "I'm serious. . ."  He's got a strong German accent, but not as strong as Chef Peemoeller's. He's always complimenting Europe's chocolate and bashing America's. But I can't blame him. And he HATES Hershey's. Since he talks alot anyway, once Hershey's in in the subject, he'll go on and on and on. -____- I fight to stay awake in his class. Same with the previous classes. I even had coffee this morning. Didn't help that much. Don't you hate it when you're still awake, but the minute you exhale, you start swaying? HEY! I THINK THAT MEANS I WAS SLEEPING WITH MY EYES OPEN THEN, RIGHT?! I always wondered what that was like. Well, if that's it, then I've been doing it everyday. I can't wait to go home, so I don't have to worry about waking up super early, and in a soft bed! *__* <--- see that face? That's a longing face right there. Actually, my bed's quite comfy, but I'm too restless at night to enjoy it most of the time. With school on the brain and such. 

I started watching Smallville again online. Started the day before yesterday. Oh, and it was GOOD. I looked at the fansites I used to obsess over, and it was so weird. I have no giddy excitement when I look at it anymore. It's such a good series, but it isn't my favorite thing. Not after kpop took over. It didn't stand a chance. lol 

Oh man, and I looked at Tom Welling, and I felt nothing. And it didn't even bother me. What a shame. I used to be so "in love" with him. It was definitely infatuation. Now I think he's to big and brawny. Not my type. Plus, I barely knew what his personality off camera was, unlike the kpop-stars, so that turned me off. 

Well, anyway, I'm in the middle of season six and there's 9 seasons now! It needs to end! I mean, where else can they take it? Lex Luthor's been out of the picture apparently since season 8 or something, and I thought he was a huge part of the story? I loved Michael Rosenbaum; his acting's the best! >.< I'm gonna watch it all. :D

I've felt unproductive lately, so I'm trying to get rid of some unhealthy habits. First, I've stopped drinking soda since Monday. I'm gonna see how far I go until I allow myself at least one or two sodas a month or something. I can do it. I gotta do something about all the sweets too. I try enough of it in class, and I'm always getting ice cream on random weekdays and weekends. And I'm gonna start picking days to go to the gym. 

I spend too much time on the computer. Way too much time. And I sit in front of it even when I don't know what to do with it. I just need to organize my time better. 

t took me this morning to finally figure out why it's been raining so much yesterday. Because of the tropical storm/hurricane! I didn't even ask anyone back home if the weather's atrocious over there! No tornadoes/pulled up roofs/power outages right?! Answer meh! 

I've gotta buy a new hoodie. A heavy-duty one. The two I have aren't cutting it. Not in this cold. haha. :3 

I'm gonna go play sims now. ;D


And be blessed. <3

- Raeven
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Since I'm in work-study, I have no excuse to update my lj, RIGHT?! Right.

A lot has happened, and nothing much has happened. It depends on how you look at it. xD I've been keeping my life quite eventful, and I think it stays that way because of the 9-day class thing anyway. Keeps things exciting. I still need to spam on the latest pics, but I'm not near my external hard drive right now, so I can't do that.

* I've been to Dairy Queen like, 20 times since I've been living in Charlotte. Cyril, Yaz, Olivia and I hit up that place usually on the weekends, and we always barely make it before closing. I can't get tired of that ice cream. I'm in love with the Blizzards.

* It's been freezing up here! In the 30's and 40's and such! And I'm still getting ice cream?! Oh yas.

* Yazmin says I'm getting a butt. I don't think so. My butt is non-existent.  If she's saying that, I need to start going to the gym, though. I will not be subject to the Freshman 15, or whatever they call it.  

* I've been to church three Sundays so far, in a row. I took Nesha with me yesterday and she liked it. It;s my cousin Tracey's church. It's small, but it's still good. I'm happeh with myself. hehe I got myself up and went all by mehself. 

* I enjoy going to the Tribe of David meetings. I've made a whole lotta friends there, and they're so loving and sweet. <3 

*(Gwyn, I didn't send your letter today, cuz I took a nap after class, and then it was time for work-study. I thought I was gonna get money from fam today, but I didn't, so I'm a little low on the bucks till Thursday. >.<;;)

* I started Chocolates class today. Our chef's a German guy, and he's a frikkin Master Pastry Chef. O.O;; At first, I was terrified of him. He follows ALL the rules, so he's really strict and won't allow any tardiness. And I have a STRONG feeling that he's gonna grade hard. >.< Well, at least I can be happy about my last grade. 

But he still has a sense of humor, and it isn't like he doesn't smile. So I think it'll be okay. But I'm already getting tired of chocolate, and that's not good! I don't want to feel crappy each time I think about it! It's not fair! 

That's still how I feel about our buttercream icings. We made so much of it in Intro to Cakes that I don't even wanna think about it. I won't even touch the cakes in the cafe for dessert because I think it's just leftover cake from our classes. lol I really think this is one of the consequences of being a culinary student. Cyril says in culinary school, you lose weight because you get tired of the food you make. hehe It's SO true. 

* I plan a Krispy Kreme quest this weekend. hehe The closest one is 11 miles away. Isn't that somethin'?!  

* I went to Starbucks today and got a rice crispy treat. The place was empty for once, and the guy and girl working at the cashier looked like they'd be fun to work with. Made me want to work there. ^ ^ A classmate told me the Harris Teeter grocery stores hire often, so I think I'm going to try and get a job there next year. 

* I know how to make ice cream now! :DDDDDDDDD 

Eh, that's all. I shall update tomorrow. I gotta be daily now! 

<3 be blessed

- Raeven
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Long time no talk, right?! I know. And it's saddening.

I've been on a music quest lately. I was in the mood for some Indie bands, so I DLed a whole bunch from this comm called k-inde. <3 I'm addicted to a few songs by this awesome band called MoT. I stumbled upon them when I was listening to a station on Last FM. It was a song called Lucky that had me hooked. But when I went looking for them, I couldn't find a discography to DL for nothing! 

But I found them eventually.  Oh man,I love his voice! He sounds very similar to Nell. xD 

This weekend was family weekend, so it was super busy on the campus for a while. I took Olivia  to the airport on Friday, so I had the room to myself. It was a VERY relaxing weekend. I mean, I enjoy my roommate and all, but just the peace of having the room to myself made me sleep so good those mornings. 

On Saturday, I searched on my GPS for a Taco Bell, but I picked one that was about 15 miles away, all because I wanted to go for a drive. I picked my favorite road: Providence, and followed it all the way to a place called Pineville, which is out of Charlotte. I drove all the way out of Charlotte. xD And I found a new mall! This one, unlike the others, had a JC Penney. <333 Oh man, driving with jammin toons IS THE BEST on these streets! OMGAH!!! IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL HERE! The trees are changing and the houses are so old fashioned and oemgah, just beautiful. I think I wanna spend money on gas and explore to somewhere every weekend. 

I really enjoy my work-study, btw. The only real work I did was last week, which was just cutting papers and such. I just listened to my itunes and did it. I write the best when I'm there, sitting around. So I look forward to it. And I finally get paid on Thursday. XD

I only have like $4 in the bank right now. So I have to survive on that until Thursday. It shouldn't be too hard, since I only spend money on the weekends anyway. On the weekdays, I have the meal plan, and I don't need to drive anywhere, so I'm good. 

Love is in the frikkin air. I just know it. And I'm a little jealous. But whatever. I'm just being impatient and lonely. Makes me really miss my friends back home too, because there really isn't anyone as awesome as SNNN'ap. <33 

I'm in the middle of watching a bunch o dramas. I really like Momo Love (it looks ultra cute. Taiwanese.), Heading to the Ground (with Yunho, ooooooo!!!!!!! <3333333333 he's so cute and funny in this!), IRIS (which I haven't started yet), and You're Beautiful (has Hongki in it and has sparkled a whole lot of interest from me) 

Well, I'm gonna go. I have class tomorrow, of course. pfft. And I need to get my laundry now. hehe. If they're still warm, I can possibly get away with ironing tonight! keke. ;D


be blessed. <3

- Raeven
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Oh what a stressful but happy day! 

I have a pretty big homework assignment due on Wednesday and I haven't started. It was the same assignment as my first class, so it's nothing new, I just wished I did it as each day passed so I wouldn't have to do it all at once on the last day. Eh. Pro-crast-in-a-tion.  

( Yazmin's deprived of clubbing. ) - she says. 

Anyways, OMG and Cyril attacked her!! He's an animal. And barked. >.< 

I don't know how me and Olivia's room ends up being a party, but it does. lol Somehow. 

I drove to the mall at night. On the highway. AT NIGHT. FOR 7.6 MILES. It was alright though. I didn't encounter any stupidmean drivers. Northlake Mall is the greatest!!!!!!  It has Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Hollister, Journey's, Hot Topic, and other cool places. 

Class was a crazy one; I had to scale my ingredients out like, 4 times! Made scones. And tomorrow, I'm making Challah dough. 

I got some writing done in work study today, but not much. More than this weekend though, which was only about 2 pages. Haven't even finished chapter 12 yet. And I was supposed to have it done last Wednesday. But that's okay. It's getting there. 

* Sorry, this entry's all broken up because I'm superdistracted right now. keke

And now I'm in my room with Cyril,  Yazmin, and Olivia. 

It's amusing. But yeah, I'm gonna go noaz. 
 OMGOD SHINEEE!!!! That's all I have to say bout that. Oh yas. There's been so much awesome kpop updates lately. It's put me on overload!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XDDD

be blessed. <3

- Raeven
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Elllo peepels. I'm all registered for next term and it feels super great, especially when you're a transfer student with 24 credit hours already in the system and gets to register early for classes. Everyone is freaking out, having sleepovers so they can get up at 4 in the morning in time to add their classes by 6am. xD For culinary students, there are two times you can go to class: 7am--1pm or 1:45pm-7pm. I have AM labs, and I like it that way because I have the rest of the day to myself while others are just beginning theirs. Alot of peeps have realized that AM labs are better. I have my AM labs for next term, so I have no stresses right now. Feels really good.

I talked to Gwyn on Skype last night. It was an impulse thing cuz I had friends over and I wanted them to meet her. It was Yazmin, Cyril, and Olivia. Cyril, though perverted and potty-mouthed, and a total bad influence, he's also fun to be around. He's super funny and terribly honest. But alot of times, he just needs to shut up. haha

Anyway, he thought Gwyn was cool, and that's all that counts. hehe. Yazmin talked to her about Inuyasha and discussed movies for like 10 seconds, then I spazzed for a while, and said goodbye. It was nice. haha.

I also talked to Stasha a few times this week. She told me about Nate, the guy she kinda likes, and it was very enjoyable to listen to. haha. He's a good kid. I approve. I just think the whole fact that he's short--making him way shorter than Stasha-- is a little awkward. lol  <3

Ok, wow, I need to write now. So behind. 

12/21 of ACHANIS

Tomorrow then! xD


be blessed. 

- Raeven


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