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I'm not even gonna update my journal, as much as it sooooo needs to be. Nope, I forgot to thank Rachel for the lj gift she gave to me, so, THANK YOU, RACHEL FOR THE GOPHER! xD <3

I have very few lj gifts, you see. The cookies and milk I often see on other people's journals get me a little excited and sometimes a little jealous. I wonder if people actually pay for gifts and give them to people, and if they do, then  it's pretty special, so when I got this pomeranian puppy from krissaur and this gopher from jonghyung, I felt pretty stinkin special!

So thank you again for the lj gifts! <3

P.S.: My gopher's mischievous. It frikkin moved. I went back to my profile window and that gopher fluttered. It thought I wasn't lookin, but I caught it. Rachel, you sent me a bewitched gopher.

AND there's lj games now?! I spotted a sims one too. I'll probably be on that thing later tonight. lol
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I should've posted a few days ago, cuz quite a bit's gone down. :p

2011's starting off very well:

♦ I'm actively job searching
♦ I'm really enjoying Gwyn living here with me. She's my excuse for going everywhere. :p
♦ I get to hang out with Rachel on Thursdays (and some random nights)- to noraebang.
♦ I communicate with ahjusshis.

This year is the first of many that I've made friends with a man more than a decade my senior, without it being creepy and uncomfortable. Well I guess there's really only one. His name's Jaemin and he's the bartender at the noraebang we go to on Thursdays. He only works on Wednesdays and Thursdays, so that's when we've been going lately. He's told us it's pretty popular on the weekends, but I'm a little hesitant about going on those days since he won't be there. It's less awkward when he's there because he talks to us, and he's funny. I like him because he doesn't try anything with us. So far, he's a the impression of a sweet man whose only surprised that we know so much about Korea. And if he never liked us, he's doing a fine job acting like he enjoys our company. So in return, Gwyn and I'd like to bake something for him and the lady who cooks in the back. lol

The last Thursday we went, the one before the most recent, a group of peeps came in for a birthday party. After getting a room, they migrated to the front to use the free karaoke machine and drink and stuff. Long story short: bday girl's brother Sam was drunk and interested in us and asked for our numbers, ended up only wanting Rachel, before sending creepy desperate texts to Gwyn first, and ultimately sending even creepier texts AND FB messages to Rachel. He's convinced he loves her, lol.

Anyway, Jaemin already didn't like him because he was a Korean who couldn't write and read his own language. Because he was americanized. lol So when Rachel told him how creepy Sam ended up being, he said he'd beat the ssshhh--- out of him, call him motherfather(not in those words) and you know, kick his buns badly.

Side-note: Elderly people are precious <3 Most times.

Wow, I got sidetracked. Could've been finished with this hours ago but I'm sitting in Amelie's and attractive people keep pouring in. Then I started listening to music and instantly wanted to edit the rap song me and Donny did. I may have ADD guys. :3

So um, now I'm gonna make this even shorter. On that same Thursday night, another OLDEROLDER ahjusshi started talking to us, and it was all fine and dandy talk until he got drunk. O_O Um, he was like, petting Gwyn and I, then he petted me more, and Gwyn saved me with a glanced at Jae who said something to the man politely in Korean and he magically backed off. He gets major points for that, yall.

Today, we met up with Rachel in Conchord Mills Mall to see Black Swan. Went for a showing at 1:15. It was VERY well done, but also very disturbing, dark, CREEPY. Some parts were pretty sexy, and others were painful to watch(for me). I was waiting for some bones to break.


I hope it wins some awards. I think the leading actress did phenomenal *.* phenomenal. GUH. I felt all of her pain.

Yesterday, Gwyn and I made whoopies. Multi-colored heart shaped whoopie pies. Some were just made of white cake and vanilla buttercream, the others were chocolate with peanut butter buttercream. THOSE WERE BOSSIN.




There's a cupcake competition coming up and I think I wanna sign up. If I'm allowed, I want to make two entries. One for appearance - the rainbow cupcakes, and one for taste - choc cupcakes w/ the pb icing. <3 Possibleh.

And that is all! Peacebeans!

be blessed.

- Raeven
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I caught another cold. This usually doesn't happen to me so close to the other one I had back in November, even though the one in November was a weak one (Again, I rarely ever get sick). This one's a little stronger. It actually came with a fever, and I'm at work right now, shiverin my buns off. I'm a little warmer now cuz I put my jacket on, but yeah, I'm not looking forward to the walk home.

You know when you're not feeling well and you have a fever of any level and your skin's just sensitive? Like, you don't want your skin to rub up on the clothes you're wearing or anything? That's how I feel now. And my body's a little richetty. My head's swimming, and my voice is low. :P

Hehe, the one cool thing I like when I have a cold though is that while my voice is smoky from being sore, it makes me sing better. At least, that's what I think in the shower. I wish my singing voice was like this everyday! :D

I went to all my classes today except for Macroeconomics, my last class in the evening, overslept during my nap between classes and was late for the Psychology test. But overall, the day was better than I thought it would be. I thought I wouldn't want to get out of bed this morning, but after taking a shower, I was fine for most of the day though my face hurt --maybe sinuses?). Gwyn and I caught this thing together. She caught it first, then I picked it up just yesterday. keke.

I don't know how well I did on the test, but I'm not too worried. I've been doing good so far, gettin A's on my quizzes. One thing that surprised me though, was that even though I was 15 minutes late, literally rushed out of my apartment to get there, coming into a classroom to everyone stopping their tests to stare at me for a second, I had no anxiety. That's a first in a very long time! A couple years ago, I picked up this restlessness in organized crowded places. I didn't feel comfortable in the classroom or any other kinds of gatherings where you had to sit down and focus attention on an authority in front of you. Actually, the one thing I worried about on my first days of academic classes were that I may end up with a seat in the front, close to the front, or dead center, away from a door I can slip away to if I needed to.

Every day, at some point of the alotted time in the classroom (if I'm feeling uncomfortable, which is most of the time in these situations), I'd get so restless and anxious that it was hard to concentrate and I thought everyone was looking at me, that they thought I was crazy. It's far-fetched, but I've programmed myself to think this way for too long. Now I'm trying to program it back, but it's not gonna happen all at once. I'm not going to settle with saying that being around people makes me anxious. It's an easy excuse shy people can get away with, but it's not going to be me.

But anyway, yes, I was surprised. Maybe the fact that I just woke up, was a little hazy in the head, and I was too strung on being there in enough time for the test(that my professor hadn't kicked me out for being so late) to care. All the other times I've been put in pressing situations like that I've freaked out inside. But this time it didn't . So now I ask myself why can't I not care like I did today? Why don't I just tell myself my education's more important than how I'm looking in the classroom or anywhee else? I'm gonna practice that. I'm gonna focus on that and see what happens. :D (hmph!)

Rachel came over and picked Gwyn and I up to go out somewhere a few hours ago. We went to Amelie's and played card games and talked. It was very enjoyable! xD They dropped me off at the library when I had to go to work and hit the movies. They're seeing Tangled right now. I wanted to see that!;_;

After I got dropped off was when my body decided to be a meanie. So now I'm feeling like a grandpa all old and crippled in his rocking chair (envision this with me, folks) Oh, and I lost my key card again. lol I called Amelie's and they didn't see it, so maybe I left it back home. PPPPRRREAZZZZEEE BE BACK HOME!


P.S. - The girl who works with me on my shifts always has her guy friend talking to her in deep convo across the desk for hours! He's alot like me in alot of ways. He thinks about relationships like me, actually wants a friend before a gf. I've been nosy with their convos, but they gladly let me in, so I've been talking with them, killing time.

At one point, my coworker left to get her things and he said the guy I checked out dvds to was flirting with me:

me: "lol, I know, but ermurgh (sideways glance) - I wasn't interested.
him: "probably wanted you to watch those movies with him."
me: "Yeah, no, not gonna happen keke"
*cackles together*
me: "Yeah, I'm kinda picky. My friends have started to say that about me."
him: "but that's good. You know what you want and you shouldn't settle for less"
*I nod nod nod*
him: "Don't let your friends say that about you because they've probably moved to fast with past relationships"
*screech* *clear throat*
me: "oh no, the friends I do have are very close to me, they know me. When they said I was picky, they meant it in a good way"
*then he nods, approves*
him: "oh ok, well then that's very good!"

It was a really nice convo. I APPROVE OF GUYS LIKE THIS! But I'm not really attracted to this one. >.> I mean, we can totally talk in the future, and I say whatever happens (with any guy I talk to),happens. If it's meant to be, fine. But yeah, we just talked. :) And what I love most is that he wasn't flirting at all, just wanted to talk. I LOVE THAT.

So bai for now! A mission for a part time profession is underway for Gwyn and I tomorrow. WE WILL BOTH COME OUT OF IT IN TRIUMPH AND VICTORY!!!

lovebeans. I'm out. <3333333

OH YEAH. TVXQ's Keep Your Head Down. It was THA BOSS. BOSSIN IT UP AND SERVIN IT TO JYJ. Whatever the media says about it, I know it was for JYJ and I'm glad they did it. It'll hopefully knock some gay out of Yoochun and make me love him a little again. Or it'll just make him cower in a corner and a cling to Jaejoong wondering what trash they've made Kanye West rap to and why Homin came out singing like the gourmet biscuits they've always been while JYJ has two of the best singers and sound like a sad outdated can of Pilsbury dough.

Kay, now I'm really out. xD

- Raeven
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I just changed my layout, and all by myself! haha, I looked up all these tutorials for different things, found a pretty plain layout code on an lj comm and messed around with the css code box. Wasn't as bad as I thought! Now I won't try to pester friends about hacking into my account to change my layout for me.

I feel like I should backtrack on what I've been doing with my life. That'll have to wait yet again, hopefully until only tomorrow. I'm undergoing some revamping of everything. hehe, I'm bored with all my online accounts. I just feel like I've been too mediocre with stuff, so it's time to learn some new skills and be consistent. It's probably going to end up being one of my resolutions for the new year.

I really cherish this journal. Every day that passes, I'm reminded that I'm neglecting to update this thing. It could be so simple, yet I'm too lazy to upload a few pictures and share my thoughts. Most times I need new things to motivate me.

If I get tired of my itunes playlist, I'll avoid using my computer altogether sometimes.
When I get bored with my lj layout, I neglect posting.
When my room's disorganized and messy, it affects my motivation to do homework.
(it's how I roll :/)

It's weird, because I never used to like change much. I loved routine. In some aspects, I still do, but I think alot of it changed because of how I live now. Since college, I don't really have a permanent home. I lived in a dorm last year; live in an apartment owned by the university now; and I plan to get a house with Gwyn next year. My current schedule back in Charlotte's ever-changing and busy, and spontaneous. Never thought I'd like that, but right now I do.

I've put my plans on getting a job in full swing. My work-study job in the library isn't doing much of anything. As a full-time college student with a 20hr/2 wk job, I'm eligible for a max of $200 in food stamps each month. That really comes in handy when living with 3 other roomies who are as short of money as I am.

I actually took my sweet old time on a resume based on my culinary experiences and gave them to a few bakeries. One of them was an authentic French bakery in a hipster part of Charlotte called Amelie's Bakery. I ADORED the place. It was the only original bakery I'd ever physically visited aside from the awesome ones you see in magazines and cookbooks. Unfortunately, the place looked over staffed, and the dress of the staff was very informal and laid back. It was a turn off. I don't really want to work there anymore.

I tried a bread bakery and another ritzy one uptown, but no callback yet. Gave up on the bakeries and applied for a cookware store in South Park mall, where an insanely beautiful creature named James worked. Apparently, they'd already hired two more people just that morning. Uh-huh, yeah, I'm gonna believe that one. >.>

Applied at Best Buy and Target the other day, called and was told to check again after January (*heavy sigh*), and applied for 4 locations at Harris Teeter online. I'm calling them tomorrow. PLEASE GOD LET ME HAVE THIS ONE ;_;

So yeah, uh huh, Gwyn came back with me to Charlotte after Thanksgiving break. Things went well and she's staying with me for the rest of this academic year, I believe xD. We both want to get jobs and save up for the future ahead. Hopefully, by this summer I'll have a job, which'll be just the excuse to stay in Charlotte and put in a deposit for a house for rent. Houses for rent are ridiculously reasonable in NC. It's crazy. A 4-bedroom house split between four people would be as less as $250 a person. And it may include some scrumptious hardwood floors! *0*

So basically, I have big plans, even bigger dreams. Though I've been in my room all day today, even got up super late, I'm very happy with life right now. Maybe it's also because it seems the kpop realm is doing so many boombastic things to me I just want to shake, cry, thrash, and crash.

♦ I mean, dbsk's technically back (with just Changmin and Yunho), but still. I just saw the teasers for their comeback in Jan. 5 and I can't even. . .


(no really, it is, lol)

When I watched the teaser, I heard the familiarity of the dbsk I always loved and miss, and if I think about how all of 5 of them could've been in this, I really could cry. I don't think people understand when I tell them about a Korean pop sensation called Dong Bang Shin Ki. These boys freakin impacted my whole life! I was so proud of them; loved how close they were. Seeing them broken up like this really hurts. Even after things have been kind of resolved between JYJ and Homin, I don't think it's hitting me until now, until after homin's coming back with all these fierce and powerful photoshoots, and all these fierce and powerful teasers, and this fierce and powerful song.

DBSK was my first love ♥ My first boyfriend. The boyfriend who died unexpectedly and left me with alot of questions and bittersweet memories, then came back as a friendly ghost to stay by my side, while in the back of my mind, I'm knowing it won't be the same.

But what bothers me most is not knowing what they're feeling about all of this. If I knew they were all happy, I wouldn't care whether they split or not. That's all I want to know. :3

♦ And then GD&TOP popped up with their jammin album and mv. And Knock Out's gonna be the next mv.

♦ And Big Bang's gonna have an album released soon, whenever that is

♦ And 2PM's still hotsaucing it with everything they do

♦ And I 2NE1's on fire with all their mv releases this year (all of them eyepoppin and bootybumpin)

♦ And I feel like Taeyang's gonna blow up in America soon. That's my prediction. That anticipation has me bubbling up like a heavily carbonated soda, man

Wow, I need to go to bed. It's 4am.
On Monday, Gwyn picked Stasha and me up to stay the night. We watched Inception. I saw it for the first time, and it was crazy. I lived it. SO VERY GREAT. And crazy. <3 We also went to McDonalds for a good hour, talkin it up about everything. Well, mostly boys. And it got on some pretty deep levels, some sexy levels. lol
The next morning, we got up and dressed to go to the mall.

Gwyn chillin on a bench outside the mall before the old creeper sitting across from us
asked for her age and if she had a boyfriend. I mean, really man? Ugh. I'm glad we were there to rescue her!! jk jk, I'm sure she'd have been perfectly fine without us. :p

Rockin' the Pinkage wigs. <333333

a few more pics & the rest of meh entry here ♥ )
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I'm back in Charlotte now! xD I've been back since yesterday actually.
The train ride up was enjoyable other than the unrelenting AC that seemed to blow my way on full blast. omg, I froze my butt off. They provide nothing but pillows on a train. No blankets. It's what they need. o.o.

So I'm staying at Tisha's house again like I did last year. She and her family have helped me out alot. xD And her little son Xavier's seriously the brightest boy I've ever known! The kid just shouldn't know or say the things he does at his age. It's amazing. I want a son like him. :D

I've been chillin for most of today. I woke up late(nothing new there) and took my time getting dressed to go out. I went to an auto place to replace the windshield wiper blades on my car. The guy who helped me pick them out was gay, and it's nothing new these days, but I just thought it was interesting that a gay guy worked at an auto parts store. >.> Maybe it's just me. lol He was super sweet. :)

Yesterday, after I went to Mrs. Sonia's house to get my car, I drove downtown to City View to visit Cyril(the only one I know whose moved in), and was glomped in the hall by another guy friend (who disappeared somewhere soon after). Cyril was on the phone with Yaz, standing out in the balcony, and when he let me through the slide door, I coulda fallen off the balcony. The view was AMAZING! I'm soooooo jealous! I told him I'd be at his balcony so much, they can pretty much just call it mine. :p I want itttt! ! ! ! ! ! You can see the whole freaking city! ughhhhhhhh it's delicioussssss.

We talked to Yaz on speaker phone for a while about how we're gonna cook up a storm at our apartment. Cyril and Ten said they'd be there to eat our food, and blah blah. It was a good time. xDD Cyril walked me back to the parking deck down the block, because I can't park in City View as a visitor, and because it was dark and late and I sure as heck am not walking alone. :T

Parking in City View is full. It filled up as fast as a dbsk concert would. I was too late, so I'm thinking about paying for monthly parking in the public parking lot across the street instead of paying the same price for the parking deck a whole block down. Way inconvenient.

But that's all for now. I got sidetracked while writing this, big time. I should have been finished with this thing like 3 hours ago. I even had photoshop open to make more icons. But now I just want to turn off my laptop and go to sleep. lol I got epically distracted. haha.

Saturday's gonna be hectic. I'll tell you about it tomorrow. :D

peace! <3

- Raeven

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 Okay, let's just hope that with this connection, I can post pics. *sucks teeth* Now it's not showing a connection. *SIGH* I don't feel like leaving my room. . . Oh, now it's back. Please go through!!!!!

But wait, LOOKIT SANDO! UP THERE! IN MY ICON! Isn't he dorb?! ! ! ! Awww, I wanna marry him. T.T He's doin that sign he always does with his fingers. Such long, perfect fingers. <3 CUTIE TIMES A THOUSAND TO INFINITY! TAKE THAT PEEPS, TAKE THAT!!!!!

Olivia and I have rearranged our room for the fourth time now, and after church I got tired of the arrangement already. lol I didn't bother her about it, since our last change had only been a few weeks ago. Instead, I just organized my desk corner and moved it away from the window. Before, it was tucked in a corner, right behind our bunk bed, so it was like a hiding place, haha. No one ever realized I was sitting over there because they couldn't see me. keke. I liked the privacy, but the clutter was KILLING ME. I have to much stuff, I've realized. I like to keep everything. I even keep the Forever 21 bags I come back with after shopping. Why do I need them? I don't know, but I keep them hung up on one of the pillars of my bunk bed and leave them there. Finally threw away a buncha crap today, including the beloved Forever 21 bags. :B

I went to church this morning with Nesha and we had a pleasant time. While I was chillin in my room, I ate a Salsaritas' chicken taco salad. Then Bussie(a veryyyyyyyy omg-country-Georgia dood came knocking on my door. I'd forgotten that I'd promised him a ride to Gamestop and I'd already gotten comfortable in my pj pants. I closed the door on him, go dressed and took him. He went to go sell a heap of stuff he didn't play anymore so he could buy a used DS lite. He got a pink one for $80. Now I want one. I think I'm going to ask for one for my birthday. I've wanted one for a while, ever since I played Cooking Mama on it. And yesterday, while I was at Tracey's place getting my hair done, my little cousin Charlie had this ADORABLE baby game. I INSTANTLY wanted it. :3

Other than get my hair done and go to church, that's all I went out for this weekend. I'm planning to do all my homework tomorrow (no class) and do hopefully do some other things I've wanted desperately to accomplish, like finish chapter 16 of Maria and my book project, and do finish chapter 3 of the one I'm doing based on Jaywoo (JWU) <--it's just for fun. Trying to see if I can actually follow through with something and finish it.

Oh, and last night, Cyril, Portia, Yazmin, and I watched Avatar on my computer in the study room. It was super fun. We didn't get done with that thing till 4 in the morning! xD 

Okay, so I wanted to do a spam last time, but the connection's not promising, so I'm gonna try again today. :D 

Pics under the cut, yo! )
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 So practical was today, and I didn't get a great final grade on it, because I forgot some paper thing for all the stuff I made, but I got a 97 on my paper. 

But even though I was confident on the written exam, I still got a 74 on it. pfft. And I got an awesome comment from Chef Pehoski (who sounds ALOT like Mr. Cieslak omg! Wait, is that how you spell his name?! I forgot already! Sometimes I almost think it's him whenever the chef speaks lol) 

He said my paper was excellent, that it was very thorough. The only reason I got a 97 was because I didn't put any pictures in the paper. The paper was about pies, by the way. lol 

Here's what me and my group's tartlettes look like together. We each had to make 6 by ourselves for the practical, and when it's graded, we pick the best ones to put on a marble slab and serve them to a classroom. 

Mine are the four on the far right. :D 

All of these are made from straight up scratch, all the way down to the whipped topping on the mini turtle pies. Everything had to be done in this one class, 6 hours (which flies by way too fast on practical day). 
But yeah, that's what I made. I didn't think I was going to finish everything, but miraculously, I did. I'm tellin' you, almost every day labs feels like those Food Network challenge episodes. A little of me enjoys working under pressure, cuz then I work faster, but communicating with people who get edgy and hostile when they're working under pressure isn't really pleasant. 

A possible-fight-very-heated-argument went down in my room just a half hour ago between Olivia and Cyril. Cyril has a very bad temper. He said he's had to work on it since he was young, and he's been excellent with keeping it in, because I totally didn't know how mad he could get until now. It was pretty scary, but I understand why he did it. Olivia's pretty stubborn, and Cyril's a natural hothead. Both from New York. Not a good mix. 

We were all enjoying Lion King when this all happened too. But it was built up from other things Olivia had supposedly been bothering Cyril with, so. . . But anyway, after Yazmin warded him off and Stephon took him out of the room, I left to go talk to them while Stephon talked some sense into Olivia. Now it's peaceful for tonight, and I respect Stephon even more for speaking so maturely to her. He really knows how to word things, something I've always wished I could do. It's rather charming. 

I bought Smallville Season 1 today! I bought it for $25 at a local cd store. I want to collect them all, so I can watch them again. It's always been my favorite series, and so many amazing memories came from it when Stasha and I were obsessed with it, so yeah. Thursday, I'm hostin a marathon for it. keke. It's gonna be awesome. Tom Welling looked his best on the earlier seasons because he was younger and less buff then. Now he looks all plain and mature. Just doesn't have the same effect on me. lol But man, I sure love me some Michael Rosenbaum! :D

I need to go to bed now. As soon as I get my laundry out. 


be blessed. <3 

- Raeven
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 They're the most advanced looking things we've made in this class in my opinion. Practical's tomorrow. I have to do a fruit pie, 3 mini specialty pies (turtle pie), and 3 tartlettes. I shall show you them! They're so preety! 

The tart on the left's called Swiss Apple Flan. I didn't taste it, but it sure smelled good! I didn't really have time to have a piece (I was too concerned with getting stuff done). It's mainly just custard, apple slices, and crust, all baked together in a tart. The crust for all of these is called Short dough, and it's pretty much a cookie recipe. Tastes like a butter cookie, and omgah, those tartlettes are yummy! Well, I know what I want to do for meh besties when I come back home. ;D <3 

The ones in the middle with the fruits on top are lemon tartlettes. A thin line of raspberry was piped on the bottom in the middle of the crust, and lemon curd was poured in as the filling. Lemon curd is da bomb! We were aloud to decorate these with any kind of fruit we wanted, so I just picked some strawberries, raspberries, kiwis, and blueberries, sliced them up and made designs out of them. And then brushed with apricot glaze for shine, with chopped almonds dressed on the sides. But in my opinion (and my group's), we could have totally gone without the almonds. Chef Pehoski had a specific request for how he wanted each tartlette to look, so we were still limited. 

The almond tartlettes (on the far right) has a thin piping of apricot marmalade in the center and an almond filling (like a batter) is piped in as the filling. It's baked until the filling is baked, then topped with powdered sugar and garnished with a cute little toasted almond slice. :3 

Today was a pretty relaxed day despite the hectic lab day in class. Dishes were EVERYWHERE in the dishroom, and no one was claiming to wash them because they were all busy themselves, so they piled up at an overwhelming rate at the end of the day. I was the last in my group to get things done for that day, but I'm  confident that I'll have everything finished on time. *sigh* Practical days are crazy. AND there's a written exam before any of that good stuff. This is what I have to expect for all of my classes on the 8th and 9th day. >.<;;;;;

After class, I changed clothes, got my package from nana, which had my Zune in it, and drove to a Best Buy to finally get my two front speakers put in. I only had it done though because nana didn't know I didn't have working heat in my car. When my sound system gets put in the right way, my air's supposed to magically work again, and it does now. It's. . . HEA VEN LY. And so is the sound. But it isn't as magical as Gwyn's of course. haha. Even though hers is beginning to fart sometimes, it doesn't even compare to mine. Hers makes mine look like an ailing chihuahua or something. keke, and hers would be the beast. keke 

I got a great deal on the whole thing too. Best Buy has great service. The guy who serviced my car was extremely patient. He put up with all the crap Cedric did to the system. Screwed it up big time, apparently. haha, this would be the second time I've taken my car to Best Buy and both times they've said, "friends don't let friends install stereo systems," lol. Never again. When I was expecting to pay $200 for the whole thing, I only had to pay $90 and with that he put a deck on my dashboard thing so my cd player doesn't look raggedy, made a temporary fix to my front door handle so I can get in through the driver seat again, fixed my heat! I am one happy gal. <3 He said he could install a new door handle if I bought the part for it. It'd be much cheaper than a regular mechanic would charge. I'm totally doing that, so I'll have to tell my dad about it. 

I've been missing home a little. I really want to go to bn with Gwyn and hang at her house some more, and I wanna laugh with Stasha about all the inside jokes we have, and go to the movies with buds, and go to Denny's, and sleep in my room, and eat nana's food. It's not a homesick feeling, just a . . . I don't know, a reminiscent one. A nostalgic one. A comfort. 

I've made alot of great friends here, but the ones at home are so much more special to me. <33 

be blessed. 

- Raeven
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 There's a time for noise and a time for migrating somewhere other than my room so I can do things I like to do alone (meaning just me and Olivia), like read and sleep. I can't do that when people are here distracting me from it. It's always awkward when people are in your room, where you live--the same place where your underwear is and ALL of your belongings. Usually, I don't have an issue with company, but when it's midnight on a weekday and you have to wake up at 6:00am to get up for class, when you don't want to get up period, it starts to get old. I haven't caught up on sleep yet, and I won't if this goes on. And it isn't like the crew's a quiet bunch. They're all loud. Except Ariel; she can tolerate silence, so she actually keeps it sometimes. I understand I have a group of rowdy, loud friends, but I'm not in the mood for it at this time of night. 

I needed to rant. The fact that Dana has to sleep through most of this every night shouldn't be fair, especially when it's late and the noise is still going. The walls are pretty thin here. But anyway, In conclusion, I'm not used to all this noise, and tonight, it's annoying me. 

Another note: I need to renew my fafsa, man!!! 

And I downloaded the first part of SBS's Gayo Daejun 2009, but it isn't HD enough(quite blurry to me actually). Does anyone remember where they DLed theres?!!!!! >.< 

ILU peeps! <3 

be blessed. 

- Raeven 
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 keke, I'm back in Charlotte now, at Tisha's house (a family friend), after leaving the airport at 4:30pm, going to Mrs. Sonya's house, picking her up for some errands, then stopping at Mcdonalds and Blockbuster, before finally settling at her house. I've been to her house before, back when I was visiting the school. It was when I was explaining how green the grass was up north and jazz. Anyway, they're really sweet. Tisha's really funny, her two kids are awesome (especially Xavier. He's ADORABLE. Five years old of smart. It amazes me how well kids communicate these days). Xavier and I played some Wii, and now I'm on my lappie. ^ ^ 

This morning was hectic--my fault, because I didn't completely pack the other night. So I misplaced my Zune right when I was rushing to leave and had to leave it in the house, wherever it was. Do you know how deprived I felt?! My Zune is like the other side of me! But I sucked it up, because it was my fault. 

Everyone My nana was freaking out about the possible craze of the security process at the airport because of the whole bomb scare Christmas Day. I knew it wouldn't be much of anything, but she wanted me there like 3 hours early. She even made me call the airline I was going on just to make sure. I was on hold for too long, so I didn't find out. I was confident. 

But then, I was starting to worry when it was almost 12 and we were still in the house. Chris had to take me too the airport and so his Hummer lugged half through Emerson when nana called saying I left my jacket. The $60 Hollister jacket I got for Christmas. Chris fumed, I scowled at him. He has a rotten temper-thing sometimes. He likes to mutter ALL the time. It's short-lived, but man, it's highly annoying. Really full of himself, but what can I say, he really does help out alot. 

Anyway, Stasha came along too, so after traffic spread out, the tension dissipated and all was well. Got to the airport at around 1pm, and I was all checked in by 1:30. I even took my time too, so security was nothing. I was able to pick my own seat when I checked in, so I chose the window seat at the emergency doors, assuming they'd be in the front of the plane, where I'd feel most comfortable, but they were actually at the middle of the plane, right under the wings. The wings are callin' me I tell you! I somehow manage to get a seat by the wing alot, almost every time. 

But something happened that I was kinda dreaming for for every flight I'd been taking. I always wanted to sit next to a fairly cute guy and talk to him. And it happened! I think he was interested in me because he kept looking my way. I actually stood near him at the gate, waiting for the boarding call, but I had no idea he'd be sitting next to me. He looked a little intimidating though, because he has a really thin face with a very distinctive nose(that I liked), and some very VERY long eyelashes under preety darkbrowngreen eyes. He was lanky and pale, but covered in freckles. keke. Anyway, he's like a skater kid, and we talked the whole flight. I was a little embarrassed because I freaked out during take off and landing, but he was really nice. He was actually the one who tried to engage convo with me. Asked me what music I liked. You know what I told him. I told him I listen to everything, except Country. First I liked hip hop and RnB, then got into rock and everything else later because of friends and such. He said he was the opposite. He started with rock, then his friends got him into rap and stuff, and he never turned back. 

At one point, he said he'd give me one of his ipod shuffles(he had 3 of them), but one of his friends stole one and gave it to him. That was sketchy. So I don't really know about him. The ipods weren't in his bag; they were in his suitcase, so he couldn't give me one, but I was grateful either way. Hey, if he was gonna offer me one, I was gonna take it. lol 

When we landed, I exchanged numbers with him and he walked with me to baggage claim, then we went our separate ways. It was nice, I mean, I was a little regrettful about the number thing, but again, how are friends made if you never take initiative right? Either way, I'll keep my eye on him, if he ever texts me, that is. It he ends up too creepy in future, I'll just ignore his texts until he stops. Like the two others I've had before (one from BCC, another named Donovan at Jaywoo. >.< Thank GOODNESS he stopped texting me. THANK GOD he gave up.)

Oh, and Christopher(the filipino kid I think I talked about before) had asked me to the Winter Formal at uni during Christmas Break and I said yeah(why not) I probably wouldn't have gotten asked if he hadn't. I was touched overall. I didn't know he had it on his mind. :D 

p.s. - OMG, I stayed up till almost 5 last night looking through U-kiss tags on Omonatheydidnt. I can't WAIT for their reality show to come out omgah!!!! And whatever you haters say, the fact that Alexander is full of hot and dorb will forever remain in my thoughts, with UNWAVERING STRENGTH! 8<
And another thing: I think from now on, I'm really gonna look forward to the Gayo Daejun ceremonies every year. This year's one enchanted me! <3 That, and I want to indulge over live perfs. like Gwyn and Kriss does, now that I've gotten over being embarrassed of their possible voice flaws from too much flailing around. xD Korea's pop culture really is amazing. *sigh* so sparkly! 

Man! The night I find more of that perverted HILARIOUS photoshopped JaeHo comic that Stasha, Gwyn, and I read together happened to be the last night I'd be at home! I know she isn't into dibisque anymore, but the memories of the happy days are always inviting. I forgot the name of the site I found the author of it at, but Gwyn, if you want it, ask me about it. It's sooooooo funny. And up to date now, so there's surprise guests who appear. lol xDDDD The site has other superfunny goodies on it, but it's centered around gay >.>;;. 

Okay now, I've got some writing to do, so peace! And oh yeah! HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2010 IS HERE!!!!!! (New Years Eve and New Years day was awesome by the way. It was amazing, actually. We partied and danced, enjoyed various awesome remixes, and watched Gayo Daejun. And I got a gift from Kriss that was SO ADORABLE! I'll have to take a picture of the giant Nimbles plushy she and Gwyn got me AND the spatu----I LEFT IT OMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, so I need nana to send that to me along with the other gifts I couldn't take with me. She got me a cute colorful spatula for flippin' and stuff, and some tastic paper clips(never seen any like the ones she gave me). <3 ILU GUYS!

be blessed. <3

- Raeven
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The other day--monday, I believe--Stasha and I went to Vero Beach in nana's van to attack the outlet malls. It wasn't as special as we'd imagined, but there were major sales everywhere. The best sale was at an actual mall at Rave. Rave had a whole-store blowout sale or something, so everything was 40-70% off. I went ballistic on the mufflers cuz they were all half-off and whatnot. 
Stasha: Aw, Hollister again? Man, that place smells!
Random man who walks past: Smells like wet gerbils in there. 
Stasha: >.>;;
Raeven: *boisterious laugh*

* Made my first purchase at Hollister, too! They were still expensive, but I really like their long sleeve tops and hoodies. I didn't get a hoodie, but I DID get a scarf thing that kinda resembles what Yoochun wears on his head sometimes. It was funny-- I wasn't even sure I wanted to buy it until Stasha made that comment about it, then I was like,. "I'm buyin it! xDD" 

* Today, nana freaked out because I didn't own a heavy jacket, so she gave me her card to go buy one at JCPennys. I got one at Hollister instead. I didn't know what kinda stuff they put in their clothes, but it's amazingly comfortable! I got a long puffy jacket for $60 on clearance. It's originally $140, so that's a good enough deal, right? 

Then I got some boots. She ordered me to get a pair. hehe. Good thing I wanted some too. I had to pay for those though, but they were only $30 at Traffic. 

* This Christmas was pretty amazing. Dinner was on point. I made two successful carrot cakes from scratch, and everyone loved it, EVEN I! And some bangin' pie crust for 4 sweet potato pies. I got money for clothes and a dooney & burke giraffe print tote bag from nana, some pjs, a frikkin amazing waffle maker from none other than Dede (the girl's a genius. I didn't even know she knew I wanted one so bad. I'm totally smuggling that into the dorm xDDD), and a mini scale from my mom (for scaling out ingredients when baking. It's supercool! <3). It was a great Christmas. Maybe even the best one yet. I just felt the love of the family this year. I really liked how we came together. Even though we opened gifts at like, 7pm. That's definitely a first. lol 

* I haven't even done any new years resolutions. And I have quite a few this year, for once.
The number UNO is to go to the gym at least once a week. That's the minimum.
Numero Dos is to post pictures on my posts.
Numero Tres: update my lj daily.
Numero Cuatro: work on my people skills (because apparently, my mother says, I've let people take advantage of me. I agree with her to an extent, but I mostly just want to be less of a push over.
Cinco: Learn some Korean. More the baby words I know today. 
Seis: Expand my vocabulary. Learn a new adjective/noun/verb
Siete: Finish a book (preferably me and Maria's keke. Which is the only one at the moment. hehe)
Ocho: Leave the country. Preferably South Korea.
Nueve: Get a boyfriend. lol Even though that's beyond my control. (waiting on God for this one. hehe) xD
Diez: Have a real stinkin' job. I mean, a REAL job. Not the work-study one I have now. That's not a job. 
Once: Read m Bible more. (I barely know any of the stories and can connect any names together with them. And I'd like to study it anywhay. It's about time.) 
Doce: Change someone's life. (However that'll happen, and whenever this happens, I'll cross this one out) 

* I saw Avatar!!!!!!!!!!! It's my new favorite movie. HANDS DOWN. <33333333 Just piped with amazingness. That's all I have to say. 

* Tomorrow's Gwyn's epic New Years Party and I can't wait. I wonder what she has in store for it. hehe Whatever it is, it's gonna be shweet. xDD She got me a bootiful christmas present too. I love her gifts. I use everything she gives me. It's just that good. xDD And I'm excited to give Kriss' gift too. I hope she'll like it. lol, they're mostly things I'd get excited about, but I'm praying we're on the same level. keke. ILU Kriss! I finally get to see you! <33

Okay, now I'm gonna go. I've been wanting to play the sims all day. Stasha's finally off. haha. PEACE! Have an awesome New Years guys! God willing, nothing extremely terrible will befall any of us this year. 2010 sure sounds fantastic. hehe 

<33 be blessed. 
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 Wahhhh, I feel like I'm neglecting my friendddssss. I miss them, they miss me, and the only time I've seen or talked to them was on the same day I got home. Sometimes, being busy sucks. I wish I didn't have so many priorities to get done while I'm on my short vacay home. But I can't say it was all because I was being lazy. Well, the first two days were. I kinda just wanted to stay home and you know, be home, then I went with fam to the mall to go Christmas shopping.

On the 19th, I went to a Christmas/Birthday party for a childhood friend. Her name's Tyra. She and a number of other friends who attended, had gone to elementary school with me for more than six years in a row. It was really awesome seeing them again. I mean, they were literally my first real friends; I grew up with them. So I couldn't miss that party. It was fun. Stasha came with me and even she enjoyed it. Omg, everyone in that little class are in college, some are even married, some are out of the country. It makes me squee! 

But anyway, I just wanted to say that. And update. hehe. I went to the dentist today, and THANK GOD, this whole crown thing is officially done. I still have other things to get done, but the big thing's done. And you don't know how relieved I am right now. It feels kinda weird having it there, but I guess that's expected.  After Thursday, I'll be free to my friends! ^ ^ 

Last night, I stayed up till 2 searching for manhwa scans. keke. And I found a comm on LJ primarily for that called manhwadreams (or something) and they still haven't accepted my request to join! They apparently have a huge collection, so I'm like checkin' that thing every half hour for access. lol  I gotta go to the store in a few to get ingredients for Maria's cake. This is what I'm hoping to accomplish by tomorrow. hehe 
I haven't gotten everything for it yet, and I hope I have enough money to use for it,but yeah. I'm pretty confident I can do this without the use of fondant to cover it. :D  But hey, I'm gonna go. My comp's acting slow, and I can't see what I've typed fast enough for my liking. Until next time! <3 be blessed.  (man, I'm sleepy!) - Raeven
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Yep. I was the one spazzin about Ninja Assasin yesterday. I finally got to see it, and a bunch of buddies formed a group and my pal Alexis hosted it. It was GREAT. A BEAUTIFUL WONDERFUL DAY. Rain surprised me with his acting, and his English really wasn't even that bad. And MY GOODNESS, the fighting skills were amazing. He's really good. And I can't believe the transformation he went through during training for this movie. I watch all the behind the scenes clips on Youtube. They had before and after pics of his body. It's crazy. They said he trains exceptionally well.

In my opinion, Rain can do frenzied-angry-man very well. Other than the really cheesy annoyingly poetic lines the childhood-friend-first love-girl kept saying, the story was good. It did too make since, and it wasn't a mess of just fighting and pointlessness. I liked it alot. But again, that's my opinion. I saw it for Rain. <3 I really hope he's in more movies. Maybe this'll be his big break.

All my friends loved it. They, mostly the guys, were all pumped about after it was over. They're blood-hungry anyway, so they didn't really care about storylines.

* It's snowing in New York. hehe, and Nesha told me her dad said it was snowing in Georgia. If it's snowing in frikkin Georgia, which is SOUTH of here, why isn't there anything goin on in NC?! I think it's cuz I'm here. Too much Florida in me. lol

But it is freezing here right now. I know this because my hands feel like I've stuck them in the freezer when I'm outside, and I can see my breath when I'm not even trying to see it.

* I rode a city bus for the first time yesterday. When we all met up in the quad so we could go to the movies, we caught the 3:00 bus to Conchord Mills. It was a long ride cuz there was major traffic right when we got there. We could have even got off the bus then and walk the rest of the way, but it was too cold for all that.

* We hung around the food court and snacked on food before the movie. There were 8 of us. I got Dairy Queen. hehe.

* Then we went to buy the tickets. The movie wasn't until 5:55, so we goofed around until then. The bathrooms in that theatre's like. . . it's extravagant! You could host a VIP party in there or something! <3

* Then it was time for the movie. (THERE ARE ALOT OF ASIANS IN THE MALL. It's not fair though, because all the ones I saw were with their asian ladies. That annoys the heck outta me. But anyway, I saw alot of cute ones, with good style!

* Then, as we were all kinda high off the movie, we roamed the mall, settling back into the food court. Stephon had his parent's Suburban, so we didn't have worry about missing the bus, BLESS HIS HEART!

But it was so strange. When we were in the food court, and we'd finished or food, there were security guards standing by. They finally approached us and told us we couldn't sit in the food court unless we were eating. They said we couldn't do it on the weekends. What kinda crap is that?! I've never heard of that one. That's not even a rule back at home! I don't even see any security guards back in Melbourne Square. But maybe it's because Charlotte's a "big city"?

* We left the mall when it closed, which was at 9, like all the other malls.

* Then a party magically happened in my room and it turned dirty. I was not involved. lol But I did dj for like, two seconds. Stasha saw it because I webcammed with her.

* Sunday was uneventful except for church this morning; that was good. xD Then I stayed in my room all the rest of the day. Had Papa Johns.

I need to go to bed. So Bai!


be blessed.

- Raeven
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I breezed through the rest of fall term, flew home for Thanksgiving break, and came back yesterday, started labs again today, without updating squat on this journal. WOE IS ME! This is my laziness in full force people. I haven't even unpacked my clothes yet.

The night before I left back for school, I went over to Gwyn's just to say bye and retrieve my Hotel Africa manhwas from her, but I ended up staying for a good hour talking with her. It was sooooo nice, omgah! All the good stuff happens when you're close to leaving, I swear. It happens every time for me. We talked about alot of things, about our futures, boys, complicated-feeling-edness, SHINee. . . just stuff. I love times like that. They're special. <3

Stasha got a webcam while we were in Pensecola for Thanksgiving. We went to Best Buy on Black Friday, but the webcams weren't on sale, really. We got a logitech one for $20. I WANTED to get Smallville Season 6, because they had all the seasons for only $10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (those things are worth $50-60 a season *gasp*), but I couldn't find it on the shelf. It stopped at season 5. And Stasha was already in that boa of a line, so I couldn't spend too much time roaming the place till I found it. When we left the store, Stasha told me she saw a whole stinkin bin of Smallville dvd sets. I could have died. We didn't get any Smallville, sadly, so I'm stuck with hunting them down on the internet and using up hard drive space. Oh well. It was my intention anyway.

I took my first taxi on November 20th 2009, ladies and gents! It was THRILLING! I called for one the night before and didn't even know how to ask for one. lol I was like, "Ah em, uh-how---what are your hours?", then the arab guy was like "hehe, m'am, our service is 24 hours," so I was like "Oh! Okay, well. . . " and I told him I needed a ride to the airport at 4:30am the next morning and he asked for my address, and that was it. I got up at 3:30am, so I'd have time to take a shower and figure out what last minute stuff I'd need and then he called my cell telling me he was parked downstairs. He was like, 8 minutes early. That made me happy. I'd heard stories from Nesha and Erin about their cab experiences and both told me theirs were always late. They told me to call a few of them and catch the first one that arrived. I just risked calling one. So I figure I'd give him business next time I need a ride super early in the morning. It was a pretty fancy cab too, with leather seats and tinted windows and such. I thought those were the ones that were most expensive, but apparently, they're the same price as all the other ones in Charlotte. I was highly impressed. :D

When I got home, I didn't get to take a nap at all. Gwyn and I went straight to Tampa to pick up Kriss and we talked the whole way there, catching up, listening to toons, you know, the good stuff. Then, Kriss, Gwyn, and I got Taco Bell, then took Kriss home, stayed at Kriss' for about 30 minutes, then Gwyn picked up Stasha, we reunited there, and she took me to my mom's. I was at my mom's for a good two hours. We had a good chat. She had to take Stasha back to the school at 5:30, so I waited for her to take her up there, then I went home to get ready for Stasha's school's football game at 7:30.

Omg, I was already spacey from being so tired. I got a pretty prominent headache by the time the game was over. And we didn't even go straight home after the game. Since the team one, nana took us to get ice cream at Sonic, then she had to take Stasha's friend home. *sigh* The day was crazily long. But it was well worth it. I had such an awesome day that day. First taxi ride, first football game. xD And Stasha's really not that bad in cheerleading! She and Chengzhi look dorb in their uniforms, doin' they're little moves. It was fun to watch. And the game was intense!!! I had alot of fun.

My bedroom's frikkin magical! That new bed I have. . . I miss it already. Only got to sleep in it for about 5 days. That wasn't enough. :p

* Went to Steak and Shake with Maria, Kara, Chase, Emily Walker, and Ronnie last Tuesday. We caught up and cracked jokes. I LOVE get togethers like that.

* Went to Cassie's thanksgiving party on Tuesday also. That was warm and toasteh fun. <3 The turkey and ham was splendid, but I felt a little awkward for the first hour we were there. Felt kinda out of place, mostly because I hadn't seen the crew in a while, and also because I'm so not in CCS anymore. That must've been it. Surrounded by a bunch a' youngins'. lol With the exception of Gwyn and maybe Andrew, I guess. lol It was still fun, though. Cassie's an awesome friend.

* The trip to Pensecola was very nice. Everyone came this year--everyone back home, that is. Chris, Scooter, Mom, Nana, Papa, Stasha, Dede, Me, Auntie Wyler, and Tyler. My mom, Chris, and Scooter, hadn't been showing up for the last few Thanksgivings we've spent in P-cola, so alot of the fam was very happy to see them.

* I'd been in a fairly crappy mood that whole trip, mostly because of my selfish want to sulk and be moody. I really don't know why I felt so impatient on the drive; maybe riding in vehicles with family did that to a person anyway, but I just got annoyed so easily on that whole trip, pretty much. Maybe it was because I was sleepy? No idea. I don't wanna say it's hormones, because I really can't identify hormones in the first place. I put myself in denial over alot of things like that. >.< I don't know when I'm gonna stop doing that.

* So many babies in the family now! :3 Makes me so happy! I got to hold four of them. <3333333 So squishy, smooth, soft, bubbly! I kind of daydreamed about having kids a few times while I was there. But give me a break--there are NO babies whatsoever in the fam that resides in boring old Palm Bay. If we want to see babies, it's going to be coming from the next gen., which is me, Stasha, and Dede. >____<;; not happening any time soon. So you can imagine my excitement when I lay eyes on babies I'm obligated to hold and love on, because they're part of the famileh! :DD Man, I love babies.

* I haven't written much in the past few weeks, like I should have been. I promised a chapter to Maria on break, and I totally haven't even much started on it. It's depressing. But since she hasn't asked, I'm gonna take the opportunity to try and finish it so I can surprise her. Haven't done that yet. 107,000 words total, though! That's a novel already!!!! <333 Oh man, you don't know how good that feels.

* Well, anyway, it's nice to be back in Charlotte. I found myself missing friends and my room. My dorm bed is actually very comfortable. I want to buy a duvet cover for my comforter at Ikea. They have a very nice selection. It's gotten way colder, cold enough to make my hands feel like I've stuff them in a freezer for long enough, enough to make my face feel uncomfortable and well, cold.

* I was very glad to find that the same students I've been seeing for the past three months are now mixed with a batch of newer students who've moved in for the winter term. There have been much more cuter boys roaming around, and *whispers* more gays. The first guy me and Olivia met--when we were leaving out of the taxi from the airport-- was a cute gay guy in the elevator. I was so bummed. He was adorable, and a waste of boy. My hopes of getting a boyfriend have broadened though.

*Hey hey! I was totally unaware of the new asian guy sitting in front of me in the cafe tonight. OH MAN, I was talking to Portia and absently looked away when a guy caught my attention when he stood. When he turned around, I almost freaked out. His eyes were so hot! He had those sporty kinda intense asian eyes, the narrow ones anime artists usually put on evil or mysterious characters--that kind. But he doesn't look that talkative or friendly, so I don't know if I'm ever gonna talk to him. But that's alright. If this batch isn't all that, maybe Spring term'll be even better!! keke. I'm so desperate. lol

* Okay, I need to sleep now. More tomorrow, hopefully. Peace!!! xD

be blessed. <3

- Raeven
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Since I'm in work-study, I have no excuse to update my lj, RIGHT?! Right.

A lot has happened, and nothing much has happened. It depends on how you look at it. xD I've been keeping my life quite eventful, and I think it stays that way because of the 9-day class thing anyway. Keeps things exciting. I still need to spam on the latest pics, but I'm not near my external hard drive right now, so I can't do that.

* I've been to Dairy Queen like, 20 times since I've been living in Charlotte. Cyril, Yaz, Olivia and I hit up that place usually on the weekends, and we always barely make it before closing. I can't get tired of that ice cream. I'm in love with the Blizzards.

* It's been freezing up here! In the 30's and 40's and such! And I'm still getting ice cream?! Oh yas.

* Yazmin says I'm getting a butt. I don't think so. My butt is non-existent.  If she's saying that, I need to start going to the gym, though. I will not be subject to the Freshman 15, or whatever they call it.  

* I've been to church three Sundays so far, in a row. I took Nesha with me yesterday and she liked it. It;s my cousin Tracey's church. It's small, but it's still good. I'm happeh with myself. hehe I got myself up and went all by mehself. 

* I enjoy going to the Tribe of David meetings. I've made a whole lotta friends there, and they're so loving and sweet. <3 

*(Gwyn, I didn't send your letter today, cuz I took a nap after class, and then it was time for work-study. I thought I was gonna get money from fam today, but I didn't, so I'm a little low on the bucks till Thursday. >.<;;)

* I started Chocolates class today. Our chef's a German guy, and he's a frikkin Master Pastry Chef. O.O;; At first, I was terrified of him. He follows ALL the rules, so he's really strict and won't allow any tardiness. And I have a STRONG feeling that he's gonna grade hard. >.< Well, at least I can be happy about my last grade. 

But he still has a sense of humor, and it isn't like he doesn't smile. So I think it'll be okay. But I'm already getting tired of chocolate, and that's not good! I don't want to feel crappy each time I think about it! It's not fair! 

That's still how I feel about our buttercream icings. We made so much of it in Intro to Cakes that I don't even wanna think about it. I won't even touch the cakes in the cafe for dessert because I think it's just leftover cake from our classes. lol I really think this is one of the consequences of being a culinary student. Cyril says in culinary school, you lose weight because you get tired of the food you make. hehe It's SO true. 

* I plan a Krispy Kreme quest this weekend. hehe The closest one is 11 miles away. Isn't that somethin'?!  

* I went to Starbucks today and got a rice crispy treat. The place was empty for once, and the guy and girl working at the cashier looked like they'd be fun to work with. Made me want to work there. ^ ^ A classmate told me the Harris Teeter grocery stores hire often, so I think I'm going to try and get a job there next year. 

* I know how to make ice cream now! :DDDDDDDDD 

Eh, that's all. I shall update tomorrow. I gotta be daily now! 

<3 be blessed

- Raeven
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Oh what a stressful but happy day! 

I have a pretty big homework assignment due on Wednesday and I haven't started. It was the same assignment as my first class, so it's nothing new, I just wished I did it as each day passed so I wouldn't have to do it all at once on the last day. Eh. Pro-crast-in-a-tion.  

( Yazmin's deprived of clubbing. ) - she says. 

Anyways, OMG and Cyril attacked her!! He's an animal. And barked. >.< 

I don't know how me and Olivia's room ends up being a party, but it does. lol Somehow. 

I drove to the mall at night. On the highway. AT NIGHT. FOR 7.6 MILES. It was alright though. I didn't encounter any stupidmean drivers. Northlake Mall is the greatest!!!!!!  It has Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Hollister, Journey's, Hot Topic, and other cool places. 

Class was a crazy one; I had to scale my ingredients out like, 4 times! Made scones. And tomorrow, I'm making Challah dough. 

I got some writing done in work study today, but not much. More than this weekend though, which was only about 2 pages. Haven't even finished chapter 12 yet. And I was supposed to have it done last Wednesday. But that's okay. It's getting there. 

* Sorry, this entry's all broken up because I'm superdistracted right now. keke

And now I'm in my room with Cyril,  Yazmin, and Olivia. 

It's amusing. But yeah, I'm gonna go noaz. 
 OMGOD SHINEEE!!!! That's all I have to say bout that. Oh yas. There's been so much awesome kpop updates lately. It's put me on overload!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XDDD

be blessed. <3

- Raeven
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Elllo peepels. I'm all registered for next term and it feels super great, especially when you're a transfer student with 24 credit hours already in the system and gets to register early for classes. Everyone is freaking out, having sleepovers so they can get up at 4 in the morning in time to add their classes by 6am. xD For culinary students, there are two times you can go to class: 7am--1pm or 1:45pm-7pm. I have AM labs, and I like it that way because I have the rest of the day to myself while others are just beginning theirs. Alot of peeps have realized that AM labs are better. I have my AM labs for next term, so I have no stresses right now. Feels really good.

I talked to Gwyn on Skype last night. It was an impulse thing cuz I had friends over and I wanted them to meet her. It was Yazmin, Cyril, and Olivia. Cyril, though perverted and potty-mouthed, and a total bad influence, he's also fun to be around. He's super funny and terribly honest. But alot of times, he just needs to shut up. haha

Anyway, he thought Gwyn was cool, and that's all that counts. hehe. Yazmin talked to her about Inuyasha and discussed movies for like 10 seconds, then I spazzed for a while, and said goodbye. It was nice. haha.

I also talked to Stasha a few times this week. She told me about Nate, the guy she kinda likes, and it was very enjoyable to listen to. haha. He's a good kid. I approve. I just think the whole fact that he's short--making him way shorter than Stasha-- is a little awkward. lol  <3

Ok, wow, I need to write now. So behind. 

12/21 of ACHANIS

Tomorrow then! xD


be blessed. 

- Raeven
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Today's the end of my awesome four day weekend. XD A lot of people went home, including Ariel and Olivia, so I had the room to myself. I hung out with Yasmine, Portia (her roommate), and Cyril for most of the time.


  • I've been waking up early every morning this weekend and that makes me feel accomplished. XD

  • I rented the movie Mirrors on Friday and Yasmin, Portia, and I watched it late that night. Cyril came in the common room drunk at the end of the movie and we made fun of him. Lol He acts really cute when he's drunk. Like a little kid, literally. Yeah, Cyril likes to drink (but he surprisingly hasn't for a month). He went out with friends and they went to Alley Cat and celebrated a friend's birthday. It was pretty funny.

  • On Saturday, we went on a journey to find a Krispy Kreme, and it apparently doesn't exist. T.T I used my gps and drove there, yet the place physically wasn't. It was VERY disappointing.

  • There was supposed to be an Italian festival downtown on Saturday, but when we went to walk there, it wasn't there either! I was looking forward to the Italian ice and the pizza toss show and the food! But it was alright because we met two people from on campus and they walked with is. We hung out with them all day and went to Wild Wings. We shared two wing platters and tried all kinds of flavors. I think the Thai one was my favorite.

  • Gwyn, I've found a place that has bubble tea!!!!!!!

  • Last night, Yasmin and Cyril came to my room to watch things with me. Originally it was just supposed to be me and Yasmin, but Cyril came in and stayed. We watched Boys Before Flowers and she really likes it. And omg, Cyril liked it too! He actually found it interesting. Lol He's like, “Am I gay if I like this show?” hahah! We've been going back and forth. Yasmin wanted us to watch the anime Ghost Hunt, so we'd watch one episode of each. We're on episode 5 of BOF and 5 of Ghost Hunt. This makes me so happy! Cyril and Yasmin are actually hardcore anime fan's dood! Cryil is so up to date with Naruto, it's scary. He's actually reading the latest chapter of it now. Now I kinda want to get up to date with it. So much stuff happened! Lol

  • Other than waking up early and such, I haven't done anything productive this weekend. I was supposed to get my hair done, clean my room, finish a chapter, and do my laundry and I did none of it. >.<;; I just had fun. <3

  • I realllly dressed up on saturday. I loved the outfit. I got a cute snoopy t-shirt on sale. Bought it because it was only $4. I wore that with my black miniskirt, wore the sheer beige skirt under it, then I wore the checkered suspenders with the striped socks Gwyn gave me. I bought pink glasses from Claire's this weekend, so I wore those on top of the headband I bought from Yesstyle. I took pics, so I'm gonna find the best pic and post it. Hehe

  • I made croissants and danish on Thursday. It was sooooo yummy. Omg, sooooo good.

  • And that's pretty much all. ^ ^




Be blessed.


- Raeven

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Nights in the common room are fun. ^ ^ But the group of guys I hang out with are such jerks sometimes. lol I wanted to play Halo 3 with them and Yasmine and Alexis, but instead, they started a new game of Madden 09. >.< You can never win with them.

* I started Intro to Cakes class last Tuesday. xD The first day was a little hectic, and messy. lol But today was much better, but still messy. I'm surprised by how little I get on my uniform, thanks to my apron. <3

*We made convenience chocolate cake yesterday, which is just cake mix cake. It was so darn fluffy! Today, we made a scratch batter for carrot cake, then we iced the chocolate cakes and boxed them. They usually store whatever we make into a temp-controlled store room for a later time. So they don't throw away everything, thank God. Really, all the stuff they throw away is unnecessary. You could feed a starving country with the amount they throw away. 

But I finally figured out why they do it. And it's a stupid reason too. It was allowed a few years ago, but when a group of kids left their food in their cars for a few days and ate it, they sued the school for getting sick. Isn't that so RETARDED?! They ruined it for everyone. Who's stupid enough to eat three day old food in a car?!!!

* I caught a cold. >.<;; but it isn't serious. I got a scratchy throat two days ago and it developed into a weak cold. I have a runny nose and a pathetic little cough. I felt a small fever today, and I was ridiculously sleepy all day, but I took a nap, took some medicine an hour ago. I'll be alright. ^ ^ As long as I don't miss class. I freaked out on the first day and went to Walgreens and bought a $7 cough drop thing that's supposed to shorten the duration of a cold. 

* I haven't seen Paul and Mike in a while, but I've passed them up alot. I enjoy their cute smiles and hugs. hehe I see Jamie alot too, but we don't talk much anymore. I think it's cuz we all have our own schedules and stuff. But I still think we have the potential to go out to eat on weekends and stuff. 

* I went to my cousin Tracey's salon last weekend. Me, Olivia, and Cyril went. Cyril went because he had to go to the bank and I told him I'd take him. He said he'd go with us early that frikkin morning to the salon, just so he could go the bank. It was that important to him. lol I've been hanging out with him, Yasmin, Alexis, and more peeps lately. It's fun. I get ALOT of laughs from them. Cyril and Yasmin are childhood friends and they happened to apply at the same uni, so they act like rival siblings all the time. It's so CUTE! They're friendship's like the one s I wish I had with a guy. They mess with each other, but you can just tell that they truly love each other. He leans on her shoulder, and in the common room, when we watch horror movies late at night, he'll fall asleep with his head on her lap. It's just adorable!!!!!!!

By the way, I'm totally giving Tracey more business. All of my buds want their hair done by her now, since Olivia and I came back from her salon. She makes your hair feel so good! xD

* I have pics of alot of stuff I did over the week. I must post them. 

* I'm starting to really find my way around the streets. I found a Books a Million closer to the campus, and without having to tackle the highway. <3 I have a favorite road that takes me EVERYWHERE, and it's beautiful. 

* I watched a scrimmage flag football game of the school at this park a walking distance from the school. IT'S SO GREEN AND PREETY!!! omg, I have a place to write now! omg, Gwyn, Kriss, Stasha,  this place is so picnic worthy!!!!

* I'm in two clubs: Tribe of David (a club where Christians can come together <3), and Baking and Pastry club (because I can't get enough of it. lol)

And that's about it. 

And that's all for now! xDD Until next time! 

be blessed. <3

- Raeven

p.s. - I finally played the sims today! And I made a hot sim. :D
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I really shouldn't be updating this late, so I'm gonna make this extremely short. Like, extremely. Really, the only reason I think I'm making this post is because I love the sound my laptop keyboard makes as I type, and I just like typing, so. . .

I had my first class today. It was fun, but tiring. I was starving when I got out.

* Ate as soon as I rushed to my room to change out of my uniform after class at a little after 1pm.

* Went straight back to my room and fell asleep on my bed after I went online on my laptop.

* Set my alarm to go off at around three, but didn't get up until around 5. So I took a lonnnng nap. Hehe, Olivia did the same thing when she came in.

* Me and my roommate and suitemates have concluded that Akoya, our good friend/neighbor, officially lives with us. lol She comes in every hour and hangs with us all the time, then she doesn't leave our room until she decides she wants to go to bed. When I woke up from my nap and tapped Olivia to wake her up, Akoya's head popped up from the other side of her bed, out of NOWHERE! I was all, "where did you come from?!" She was sleeping there apparently also. The girl owns at everything. She's so awesome. And she dances amazing. She won the orientation's dance off and on Thursday, she's competing against the other finalists. hehe. She's gonna win. Cuz she's from St. Thomas. It's nothing serious; just a fun game competition thing. I'll tell you how that goes. xD

Okay, I'll talk more later. I really need to get to bed, if I want to wake up by 5 tomorrow. >.<;;



be blessed.

- Raeven


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